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Anyone here in Edinburgh area?

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It is possible that my family will be relocating there for a year, beginning after the holidays.  I am seeking info, especially about neighborhoods that are family friendly and walkable - we don't intend to get a car.  Also very interested in school info for my 8yo girl.  Are there any schools for Americans or what local schools are best?  We will want to live near the school so we can walk easily (and I also have a 3yo girl).  My husband will need good access to public transit.   I'd be thrilled if we could get a cottage/house/flat that had a little private fenced yard space for them.  We are used to having lots of space to roam and I think that would help.  Doesn't have to be huge, but just a little space of our own. 


Any info would be appreciated!  I have so many questions, but the schools/neighborhoods/housing situation is the first one we need to sort out.


Thanks for any help!

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Hello, I'm just outside Edinburgh and grew up in the suburbs. I only really know about where I grew up and where I now live in terms of bringing up children. I'm from Balerno which is on the outskirts but the buses are really good so travel is no issue. The schools in Balerno are very good and the area is very child friendly and a great place to live. I think all the houses have gardens and it's a very safe place for children to play. It is also very close to some lovely places for walking, such as the Pentland hills.


Currently I live in Penicuik which is similar to Balerno in many ways but bigger. There is the odd area that isn't quite so nice to live, but in general it's a good town to bring up kids. There are more schools here which are good and the buses are again very good. 


I don't really know about places in the centre of Edinburgh for schools and the like, but Balerno and Penicuik are both great for your needs with easy access to the city centre. Oh, and you can also try Currie, Colinton and Juniper Green which are near Balerno and also very nice, especialIy Colinton. I'm not sure what their schools are like but I think they are good. Also, all the places I've mentioned are great for walking to the shops or schools, so cars aren't necessary. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Thank you Nettle!


I will check out those areas....I am not sure if we are going to consider the suburbs or not.  Right now I am mostly researching city neighborhoods and my husband plans to see them in person when he visits next month.  If we can't find what we want we may branch out from there  :)


Any chance you know anything about Sciennes, Bruntsfield, Morningside or Stockbridge?  These are the neighborhoods I have read a little about and sound appealing.  It is so difficult to figure this out from afar!


Another question - what age do children typically start school?  I noticed that one of the schools I was looking at (Stockbridge) had a 'nursery' school class and it looked as though they were about the age of my little one (she's 3 1/2).  It would be kind of neat if she and my 8yo could go to the same school!  If they do start that young, do they go all day every day or on a reduced schedule?  Also, are uniforms typical?  (just curious about that one, it doesn't matter either way  ;)  )


One more question - do you have suggestions on where online I might be able to browse rental houses/flats?  I've found a couple sites from searching but am not seeing very much out there.  I know it is typical to hire an agent of some sort, but I've read they are very specialized by area and I need to be able to browse more before I can decide what areas look desirable (and affordable).


Thank you so much if you can help at all!  I am excited for this adventure, but have so much research and work to do to prepare  :)

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Those are the nicest areas of Edinburgh, so I imagine the schools will be very good too. They all have a great variety of shops and are really nice places, all of which are very central. There are also parks and green areas around these places which is great for children. They are also the more expensive areas, but if you're renting that shouldn't matter as students rent in these areas too.


Children generally start primary school between 4 and 5, and most schools have nurseries as well so your kids will be able to go to the same school in that sense. When they are still young, primary 1 and 2, they finish school earlier each day; I think half 2. I'm not sure what nursery times are like though. And uniforms are usually worn, especially in those areas.


Also, here are some rental websites; http://www.s1rental.com/renting/search/forrent_search_results.cgi?verylocals=&minprice=0&maxprice=10,000&type=House&bedrooms=&location=5&all=&availability=Any&furnished=&keywords=&whenpropadded=&iuo=iuo&submit=search&p_cid=468&s_kwcid=TC|14547|homes%20edinburgh||S|p|10777344945&gclid=CO7K-YK6-rkCFfMdtAod208AYw


I can't think of any more, but just google house rent Edinburgh or something similar.

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Thanks so much for the info, Nettle - I really appreciate it. 


There really won't be any need for my 3yo to be in school there, but I was just curious.  She goes to 'preschool' here a couple days a week just for 2.5 hours each day and she enjoys it, so we'll just see what is offered.


We plan to target the nice areas for renting so we'll feel safer/more comfortable being in a strange land with our children.  If we were staying longer term we'd probably be more in the suburbs.  My husband plans to take a look around before we commit to any housing, assuming things go though.  Nothing is certain yet.


I found that same website for rentals when searching and have been browsing it, I guess it must be one of the main ones.  Apparently his company will assign someone to help us figure all of that stuff out more easily when the time is closer, so for that I am grateful. 


Thanks again!  :)

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That's good that you'll be getting help with everything. Edinburgh really is a great place to live with so much to do and loads of history; you'll love it :)

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I live in Edinburgh, and know all the areas you mention quite well - but I assume by now you have managed to get yourself sorted?


If not happy to answer any questions you have - or if you're already here, might be able to point you in the right direction.


I have a little girl who will be 3 years old in the summer x

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