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Originally Posted by Mama on Flora View Post

Hooray Serafina!!! What a beautiful baby and look at that hair! Did she show any signs of post-dates (no vernix, wrinkly, etc) or was she just coming on her own perfect time?


Congrats on the speedy and succinct labor! Fingers crossed, I get the same thing (was 3cm, 70% effaced and 0 station at midwife's yesterday, so closer than I thought!)...


Thats how I was except 100% effaced, an hour before she was born, so things could be very quick for you!  Fingers VERY much crossed!!!  


Originally Posted by dakipode View Post

serafina, congratulations! I'm curious as to how your baby's weight was estimated, I've only ever heard that those guesses can be wildly off but yours was pretty darn close! Since our babies were similar in size I'm trying to think back to our belly pics just for comparison's sake. I think you have a much longer torso than I do, I'll have to go look. Congrats again, enjoy your little one!


They really can be wildly off.  They told me I'd have a 5 pound baby with my first and he came out a couple days after the ultrasound which put him at that tiny size and he was 7 pounds.

The dr. measured her 24 hours before she was born via ultrasound and estimated extremely close, 130 grams off, to be precise.    I'm 5'7" and longish legs (so my a bit avg height doesn't come from my torso) and was a slim size 4, maybe 125-130 pounds when I got pregnant, but gained 50 pounds so all my belly pics makes me look like I've never been slim!  :rotflmao Anyway, the dr. saw me and guessed by looking that she would be average in size, specifically said he did not think she would be huge like my previous 9lb 4oz baby, even after palpitating my belly.  Turns out she was my biggest yet, which the ultrasound pretty much indicated but he didn't guess by looking at me or feeling me.  

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Congratulations serafina!
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Originally Posted by serena76 View Post

Liv is just not sleeping at all through the day, she just nurses all the time then gets over tired and cranky and wants to be held all the time. I have no time to shower or eat or sleep. I'm going crazy😖

We had this the first few days with Sage. Do you swaddle Liv? Swaddling helped us to be able to put him down (although not all the time).
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No we haven't swaddled, I'm going to buy one and try it
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Good luck, serena! Hope you get some sleep soon! DH occasionally tries to swaddle Alden and it seems to help him settle down a bit where he's not so frantic.

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Yes. Swaddling has greatly helped us and especially DH be able to soothe Simón. But we have to swaddle him and then hold him on his side and make a very loud shushing sound. Also DH is usually able to keep him happy for a bit if he's wearing him and moving around. That's usually what he will do so I can take a shower or get in a short nap.
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:energyCongrats to Serafina33!  Your baby is cute as a button!


Mama on Flora - I am thinking of you now!


Someone asked about dressing newborns in Halloween costumes?  River is going as a fox.  We're knitting it because I can't be arsed to sew right now.  I make mention of "we" because I'm parting out portions of the knitting to my grandmother.  A knit lamb's ear hat for DD2, a modified version of the lamb hat for DD1 (I am knitting the horns, but not very quickly) and she's already finished DS's fox outfit in it's entirety.  Pin it to some pants and a onesie and he's done!



I need to remember to go to the pumpkin patch!  I have knit pumpkin hats that need a photo-op for my grandmother too.  Thanks for the reminder!

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Quickly popping in to say my baby was born Oct 1 at 12:37pm! Eleanora "Nora" Lynne decided to come on her own, little angel, my water broke at 1:45am the day I was supposed to be induced and after a few hrs of strong, on top of each other contractions I was 9cm and pushing by 730a. 5 hrs pushing (oof) and she was out, med-free. The last few days have been complete bliss- she is such a beautiful, calm baby. Breastfeeding very well too! We are exhausted of course but oh my what a feeling. I am beyond in love.

I'd love to share the full birth story, maybe once we get into a bit of a routine over here.

Hope you are all doing well.... And Big Congrats Serafina!! What a beautiful girl!!!
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Congrats sarah! Enjoy your daughter!

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Big congrats, Sarah and Serafina! Glad things are going so well.

Aidenn, that fox outfit is soooo cute.
Kinda wish we were still gonna be in the States for Halloween so we could dress Simón up. But hopefully everything is going to work out for us to be able to travel home together. We got Simón's birth certificate yesterday and just submitted his passport application. They told us there shouldn't be any delay because the State Dept and Post Office are still working. We had to lay him on his back on a white background for the photo and he HATES being on his back, so he immediately started screaming. So he's going to have a pretty epic screaming passport photo.
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Congrats to Sarah and Serafina!

Aidenn, I'm so jealous of your knitting skills! That's awesome- I LOVE the fox! I tend to avoid crafting threads because I'm pretty uncrafty and I want to change that but haven't been motivated enough to do anything about it yet. Lame, eh?

Lilmamita, I can imagine that passport photo and it's pretty dang funny smile.gif
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I think I might be the only September mama who hasn't has her babe yet! Ugh. Lots of contractions last night, bloody show this am, but not much else to write home about. Hoping it happens in the next few days! I am so done with this and so, so tired.
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Sarah- congratulations
Mama on flora- hopefully things will happen soon

I tried swaddling liv and she hated it. We caved in and gave her a pacifier and it worked like magic, she was asleep in a minute! Today has been awesome, feeding during the day every 2-3 hours and sleeping in between. I hope it keeps working.
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I hope labor comes soon for you. Being overdue is no fun.
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Originally Posted by Mama on Flora View Post

I think I might be the only September mama who hasn't has her babe yet! Ugh. Lots of contractions last night, bloody show this am, but not much else to write home about. Hoping it happens in the next few days! I am so done with this and so, so tired.


You are almost there!!!  Absolutely all these signs mean that labor is very imminent.  Try to hang in there, I know I know I know how much it sucks.  


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Sarah and Serafina, congratulations!


Mama on Flora - hope it happens soon, it must be so frustrating, specially when you're just reading about babies over here :wink


lilmamita - great to hear about the passport stuff. We got Cailan's SSN yesterday, so we're ready to apply for his passport soon (just need to get the photo done...)

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Congrats sarah!! 5hrs pushing, omg. But you did it without any meds!! Incredible. Glad the breastfeeding is going so well!

lilmamita, oh my he will treasure that first passport pic for sure. When is your flight home?

Serena, one of our helpers left some pacifiers here "just in case". I have adopted the philosophy of "Whatever Works" so if that is what calms Liv down, don't feel bad about it! Btw, Sage sometimes calms down when swaddled and sometimes not. It is totally up to him. Since it works SOMETIMES, we're keeping it in our repertoire!

Mama on Flora- sending labor vibes smile.gif sounds like you're very close now!!

AFM, I have not much to report. The last few days we've been busy trying to get Sage back to the breast after weaning him off the nipple shield, and then having to substitute with finger feeding cause my nipples got sore again. Phasing out the finger feed now too.. It's good to know I'm doing everything right, it's just up to him now to "get it". I feel like he's getting less fussy about it so I say, progress!! I'd love to be through this "phase" by the end of the weekend.. He's going to be two weeks tomorrow.

Oh also, they seemed to have forgotten us in the birth announcements in the newspapers. greensad.gif
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Mama on Flora - hope your wait is over soon!

Chispita - the photo was oh so fun. It involved Simón laying there screaming and me bent over at his ear level desperately trying to shush him (which often soothes him momentarily). Maybe try to get it taken while Cailan is asleep, they told me they didn't need his eyes to be open.

Vc - Simón finally took a pacifier today. The one thing that does seem important is that they have a good latch before you give them the pacifier. Glad it sounds like you are making progress on BFing.

Serena - FWIW, Simón hates it while you are swaddling him, but once he's wrapped all tight and you hold him on his side bouncing him a little, he magically chills out.

AFM - We have been doing pretty well. Simón is nursing way more efficiently and finishes faster, so I'm getting more sleep. I also think his face looks a little chubbier, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he has gained back his birth weight at his checkup with the MW tomorrow. We've also been venturing out of the house a little more and went out to dinner with him last night. He seems to really love going out.

On a kinda icky note, tonight while I soaked in my sitz bath, I passed a rather large piece of what appeared to be some kind of tissue. I was kinda worried so I texted a picture of it to the MW and asked her opinion. She responded that it was a piece of amniotic sac and that it was wonderful my body let it go so easily and not to worry. I'm no longer worried, but I am a little confused about how that remained in there so long after I had a post birth D&C and pitocin for the whole purpose of removing some of it that hadn't come out. Almost makes me feel like the wholetraumatizing experience at the hospital after my lovely homebirth was pointless. Sigh...I guess at least I was able to get the stitches I needed with good anesthesia since they were near my clitoris and probably would have been horribly painful with just lidocaine.
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lilmamita, having some retained placental tissue can definitely lower milk supply (it produces progesterone, which inhibits milk supply). Here's hoping you notice a big uptick in milk after passing that membrane! It _is_ surprising you'd still have that happen after having had a D&C.
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