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lilmamita, having some retained placental tissue can definitely lower milk supply (it produces progesterone, which inhibits milk supply). Here's hoping you notice a big uptick in milk after passing that membrane! It _is_ surprising you'd still have that happen after having had a D&C.
That's what my MW said yesterday. I'm also bleeding way less (barely spotting now) now that it's out. The MW was surprised I didn't feel crappy having retained it for so long post partum but I honestly felt just fine. I sure hope that fixes the supply issue.
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Congrats to Sarah and I hope mama on flora is next? She's gotta be right?

Sad day for me here. Not only are we fretting about making ends meet we find out today that our case worker made an error and we will probably have to pay back some of the assistance we got. Even though it was their error. Duh? That means we won't be getting anymore money there and after calculating from today, we will already be a little short to pay rent next month. Oh and yay no paid family leave because DH is receiving unemployment benefits and I'm a freelancer. No SDI for me either. Would be really nice right now. We could really use it.

Really tho? Can it get worse? It lit a fire under DHs ass for sure but now he can't be choosy at all and has to take whatever job he can find. That's what got us into this mess to begin with. I can't handle another asshole employer who freaks out over sick time and will lay off if any days off are taken. We have a baby and it's inevitable that DH will need time off occasionally! That's just a fact. I can't believe I'm even complaining about this because truly, we are being discriminated against for having kids! It is absurd and ass backwards. Whew. I could go on but I won't.

Next I think my DD weaned officially. It's been like 3 days now. She says she wants the "nom noms" then daddy just ends up getting her to sleep (thank freaking gawd!) and I'm too crazy with a fussy baby to even try anything else. Fussy time is the worst right now. I know it's the 6wk peak. It sucks.

So that's it-- she's done for now (this could all change tomorrow I guess but it's looking solid) and I'm so sad about it. It's the ONLY time I could make for DD1 right now. Any suggestions on what I can do with her while not neglecting my nursing duties with DD2?Anyone else find their older kiddo weaning? I'm happy somewhat because I hated her latch and my nipples are already sore right now. But so sad too. My DH was like "she's over it don't push it" and I want to smack him because it's not something she just "got over" in one day. Duh. She sees the crazy newborn taking all of mamas time and knows she won't get me to herself. Could she really understand? I don't think so!

Anything that costs money is clearly not going to happen and the park or something would be what we all would want to do together. I've sat with her to play and she ignores me usually. Maybe I could try the library? That's free! Hmmm. Suggestions welcome!
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Is there a good story time at your library, Tilly? We did that a lot with DD.
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Tilly, meetup.com or Craigslist? I think CL has a section for parenting or kids events.. If I member right you're in an urban area, so there should be a good amount of free stuff I'm thinking! Good luck!

DF and I are both sleep-deprived and snapping at each other. Realizing, thankfully, at some point and making up again. We need to figure out our schedule for next week when he goes back to work. So far we're making it work with me sleeping a good chunk of the night and him sleeping most of the morning. How are you ladies handling it?
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God, I am so freaking lonely and stir crazy. My mil came over yesterday and while she was here she asked if we'd had any visitors and I realized no- we've had no visitors other than her since baby A was born. Chopped liver.

Then, the wife of one of DP's friends texted and asked if they could come see us and gave out a couple of dates. DP misunderstood me and texted her back to confirm the later date, which is at the end of the month. When he told me I burst into tears- totally unexpectedly- because I was so excited by the prospect of having visitors soon. Even if I'm not very close to them. Bizarre. I was shocked by my own reaction.

How long are you all planning to lay low, if at all?
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I get out as much as possible. I get cabin fever really bad and it makes me sad and grumpy. I never have fun because a toddler and a newborn is exhausting, but I always appreciate leaving the house.

For instance, I took the kids to a street festival tonight. It was a huge fail. Both kids cried the last ten minutes and the whole way home, but I feel better... Even though I'm fried and exhausted.
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I get out all the time too. Today I did crafts at my sisters house. Yesterday I went to a couple stores looking for some things for the girls' Halloween costumes. I get really story crazy if I don't leave the house pretty often.
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We took Ash to a boardgame night last night at a friend's house, and the night before we visited another friend.  When I stay in too much I feel isolated and even a bit depressed.  Today we didn't go anywhere which was fine as I'm still not completely healed yet so I do need a balance.

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I really don't have any friends or family here I can visit, so for me getting out is just the park or the store, and we've done both several times. There is a community moms group here that meets once a week with a facilitator and child care for toddlers, and I've been thinking of going to it. I went once, before A was born. Just not totally comfortable yet getting DS1 out with all the other get my kids to swap who knows what when baby bro is so young and vulnerable.
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I was fine staying in the first week, bonding with baby and healing. But now I like to get out, even if it's just for a walk round the shops. We've had a few visitors and I've been over to my mums house a few times.

AFM I've had a cold since last week but the last few days it's developed into a cough. The only cough medicine I can take is rubbish, it's basically sugar and lemon and does nothing. Every time I manage to get liv off to sleep I cough and startle her awake. It's making me even more tired. Then yesterday I had a particularly hard coughing fit and pulled my stomach, feels like I ripped it open inside. Getting in and out of bed is painful again greensad.gif
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Just got our first round of insurance statements. We're at $950 out of pocket so far. I like getting these first, so I'm prepared once the hospital bills start coming. I'm still waiting on that csection bill... That one is what killed us last time. That's the one I'm still paying.
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Originally Posted by serena76 View Post
Then yesterday I had a particularly hard coughing fit and pulled my stomach, feels like I ripped it open inside. Getting in and out of bed is painful again greensad.gif

Oh you poor mama.  


Originally Posted by CDsMom1031 View Post
 I'm still waiting on that csection bill... That one is what killed us last time. That's the one I'm still paying.
I'm so sorry, that sounds really challenging, financially.
I guess I should count my lucky stars that we don't have to pay for anything regarding birth, and that I'm feeling close to 100% healed, a week post partum.

 Thanks for the wakeup call to not take these things for granted, ladies.  Wish you guys weren't dealing with them either. :Hug

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Any of you mamas who are getting antsy about going out or going stir crazy I really recommend joining (or starting!) a local MOPS group.




They do have are Christian based but as someone who is not a Christian I just ignore the God stuff and I still get a lot out of our meetings. They aren't all preachy or anything, but I know chapters are all different. It's nice for us, because DD gets to go play with kids her age and I get to have time with other moms from all different ages and walks of life. We have brunch and a speaker and social time plus a creative activity. We go twice a month and it's been such a life saver and sanity saver for me. :) 

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I think I've given my cold to liv, she's all sniffly now greensad.gif
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Hey Mamas! I'm back after a long hiatus!! Life got so crazy in the last stretch there that I didn't check in on MDC at all!!! Now I'm trying to get caught up on everyone and read all of your amazing birth stories!!!! Congrats everyone!!!!!


Our little guy arrived on 9/21, a few days after his due date of 9/17. We are overjoyed to finally have him join us! First week was pure bliss, he's a breast feeding little monster! We still don't have much of a 'routine' worked out but hoping to get one soon... I haven't even wrapped my head around writing a birth story yet but should probably do so before much more time passes. Motherhood is amazing isn't it!?!

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Hi Suzie! Congrats! Best get over to the cute baby thread because I want to see him. If you want to share of course! You'll find us mamas here made some really cute babies. wink1.gif

I love the name Gabriel btw!
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Thanks Tilly! I'm heading there now, can't wait to see all the little cuties!

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Welcome back, and congrats, SuzieSmiles!

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Congrats suzie can't wait to see him
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Thanks aidenn and serena! Just posted a few pics to the cute baby thread:D It's great to be back celebrating with all of you:)

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