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Anyone in Upper Valley NH?

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I recently moved from southern NH to upper valley.  I'm a homeschooling mama to 4 boys (ages 7, ~6, 4, & 19 months).  I'm in desperate need to connect with more like minded mamas and make some friends up here :)  Anyone close want to plan a meetup or start chatting?



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Hi There!


We just moved back to your area and are looking for friends, too. I have two boys (5 and 2) and another on the way. Feel free to send me a pm, if you want to chat.

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I'm a Homeschooler of a 5 & 3 yr old...in the area
If you wanna meet up, I would be thrilled.
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Yes! Where is everyone? Are you close to Canaan or more towards Lebanon? Want to plan a park day or a meet up at montshire?
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I am at the montshire every Wednesday afternoon. (My son does young scientist afternoon...highly recommend it) then we play from 3-4.

Montshire books and beyond on the 21st...

Hopstop on the 19th

Our homeschool group meets again on the 18th. The early reader book club theme is horses. I run the book club kinda anarch-y...the theme is to be interpreted as loosely as possible (hippopotamus = water horse, steam train = iron horse, cowboys, Mongols, Pegasus, unicorn, centaur, Hippalectryon...you get the idea) unless it is your favorite thing in the world. You bring in a book that you liked on the theme and discuss your book, we do something theme related. I'm trying to encourage adults to bring books they bring aloud or for their own personal pleasure. (But some weeks we just try to get there ^_^)I also ransack my personal library and bring books in so if you didn't find a book, maybe you can. Oh and the themes are chosen by the kids...which is how we got horses and not Halloween or fall ^_^

Does any of that work?
I'm also trying to get apple picking in...but I fear not this year...

I hope to run into you...
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Lol...you already know me! I'm jenn with the 4 boys (missed coop last time due to no shoes on the 4 yr old!). I am planning on reading days at montshire and coop every other Friday smile.gif
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Dude, you are cool! I totally want to hang out with you more!

^_^ see you soon ^_^
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Hi, I'm in Claremont and have a four year olds, two year old and a newborn. smile.gif
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