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Taking temps

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What do you all think?  I have been reading TCOYF.  For taking your temp it says to take it when you wake in the morning, before you move after at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep.  OK got it!  Well my problem is a haven't slept through the night since being pregnant and then sleeping with my almost 2 yo (no, he is not leaving our bed). Typically I wake 2-3x.  So I have been trying to take my temp when I wake up the second time but that time varies night to night and then like this morning I forgot to take it until the time I had to get up and at that point I had been tossing and turning.  UGH!

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I've been charting using only cervix (mucus *and* position) and symptoms. I tried using BBT but its too difficult because I don't have a regular sleep pattern. Once I learned my personal 'pattern', I could tell you about within a day of when I ovulated. Its easier to use only cervical changes and mucus when you're TTC, after all you're just looking for high/soft/open and egg white mucus. DTD any time it looks like you're moving toward that direction.

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I am just getting into this but I definitely know the kind of CM I am looking for bc I have had it many times.  I tried feeling the cervix position but I honestly can't tell what I am touching up there.  LOL  I don't feel anything like I have heard described.  I feel like I can't reach in there far enough.  Does that make sense?  Any ideas about that?  I will mostly be judging based on CM anyway but I am fascinated by how accurate these charts can be if you do it right but at this point I don't feel like my temps are going to be accurate. I have only been doing this a week and a half and am still waiting for my first AF since my m/c so I don't technically have enough info anyway.  

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This website has pictures women have taken of their cervix. The opening page has no photos but I would say its NSFW (not safe for work). After all, you are looking at pictures from inside a woman's vagina... It does give you an idea of the shape you're looking for though.

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I'd say I'm in the exact same situation as you. Regardless of my sleeping situation I just try to take my temp at the same time every morning. We set a quiet alarm for 7:30 (my son usually sleeps in a little later than this) and if I don't hear it my husband will tap me. if for some reason i don't wake up and I have an occasional wrong temp it's not a big deal.
If my son wakes me up a little while before the alarm I just take my temp a little early. Usually it's not a big deal. I think the temping works best if you are JUST waking up so don't dilly-dally. I've noticed that even if they aren't 100% accurate they are still very consistent and show an discernible pattern. It works for me anyway. Hopefully you can use an alarm and put it on a quiet setting. My son is used to it.
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Also don't beat yourself up. You'll get better at remembering. The idea is to make it a habit I think.
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If you have to be up sooner or sleep through your alarm you can adjust your temp by .1 degree for every half hr difference. So if say I had to be up at 6:30 when I usually am up at 7:30 I would add .2 to my bbt. If I slept through my alarm and woke up at 8 I would deduct .1 points from my temp. Hope this helps. I personally don't bother charting if it's more than an hr and a half difference.
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Originally Posted by WifeofAnt View Post

This website has pictures women have taken of their cervix. The opening page has no photos but I would say its NSFW (not safe for work). After all, you are looking at pictures from inside a woman's vagina... It does give you an idea of the shape you're looking for though.


This is some fascinating stuff!!!  Thanks for sharing!


Thanks everyone for the ideas and input! :thumb 

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So is everyone taking their temp vaginally or orally? I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this starting tomorrow.

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Def orally. I can barely manage to get it in my mouth. I can't imagine the vag logistics! Lol
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Orally. I'm half asleep when I take my temp
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another reason not to stress the BBT: it is only helpful, really, for giving you information over a period of months prior to actually TTC.  when it's actually time, and you're about to ovulate, the only thing your temperature tells you is that you haven't ovulated yet, not how many more days you have to go.  but i, too, have a hard time telling what the heck i'm looking at when it comes to my CM, or what i'm supposed to be feeling.  i can tell when my cervix feels "firm, like the tip of your nose" versus "soft, like your lips", sure, but i really cannot tell when it's high versus low or open versus not.  it always feels open, there's always a teeny little divot that my finger fits perfectly into, every single day.  it's a bit maddening trying to ascertain anything this way!  tried getting my wife to look at my cervix, but we are the pathetic lesbians who cannot work a speculum reliably!  LOL... we were able to see my cervix a few times, but then other times we just could not get it into position.  and the times we succeeded, we had scraped the heck out of my poor cervix so much that it was all red and bleeding.  i was certain we'd be taking daily photos of my cervix, but failed.  then when we went to the fertility clinic, the place where they're storing the sperm we're going to use, and i asked the doctor if he could help us with (1) correctly interpreting cervical mucus and (2) figuring out that speculum business, he was just like, um, no.  they apparently don't bother with these things at fertility clinics, where they default to fertility drugs and much more invasive procedures (they were giving me a bit of a sideways eyeball when i insisted i didn't want to do IUI unless i tried ICI a bit and it didn't work).  i have read both TCOYF and "making babies" (a great pair of books!) as well as two books specifically aimed at lesbians trying to get pregnant.  i still feel like i don't have nearly enough knowledge or guidance.


that said... i felt like those books sorta underplayed the value of the pee sticks.  but the pee sticks are the one thing that can tell you you're having a surge of LH.  assuming your reproduction is working like normal, that should correspond with you being just about to ovulate, and that narrow the window down way better than anything else.  i used BBT for a few months to get an accurate picture of when in my cycle i was ovulating, and compared it to my CM.  but i am always just as uncertain about my CM (is it more eggwhite than creamy, today?) until the day it very unambiguously dries up, at which point i realize it obviously was.  for me, it never gets clear.  i have to just trust that it being stringy is enough, i guess.  after those few months diligently charting (and forcing my poor wifey to have to not do her normal, beloved morning routine of rolling over onto me for snuggles before i'm even awake b/c it skewed my temperature A LOT), i am feeling way less urgent about charting my BBT.  i do it when i remember, starting a few days after my period ends.  when i was still figuring it out, i did it every single day, so i could see the uninterrupted curve and when it changed in relation to everything else that was happening.  but now that i've figured that out, it feels a lot less important.  i know what range of temperatures are normal now, too, for pre-ovulation and post-ovulation, so if i miss a day, it's not as crucial.  and the pee sticks made it so clear and were so reassuring that i'm stressing the whole figuring-out-when a lot less now.  well, that, and my insurance covers the ultrasounds, if i want them, to confirm ovulation prior to insemination.


speaking of which, today i'm going to start testing with the LH sticks.  in theory, my last month of preparatory testing before the real deal!  omg, so excited!  so, sorry if i got a little rambly there, but i feel like my life has revolved around charting, and eating a certain way, and supplementing (iodine, folate, and green tea), and exercising, and everything else to prepare to make a little one!  so i know a little bit how you feel, except that i don't have a little one currently preventing 3 contiguous hrs of sleep.  but on the other hand, vials of sperm are so expensive, i have to be extra sure i know what's happening so i don't throw away that $$.

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