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Originally Posted by pepperedmoth View Post

-All of the plumbing (DONE)
-All of the electric (DONE)
-All of the interior walls (90% done)
-All of the ceilings (80% done)
-All of the floors (25% done)
-All of the windows (done)
-All of the doors (80% done)
-All other interior woodwork (10% done)
-The roof (0% done)
-The insulation (95% done)
-The stairs (0% done)
-All of the appliances (80% done)
-And built additions including a garage and a mudroom (DONE)

uhoh3.gif Has your DH enjoyed the process at least? Good thing you have helpers! What do you think will get done at the rehab party?
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Wow, that's a lot, Pepperedmoth! Whew. I'm glad you have such great friends coming to help! And I hope the house looks glorious when it's done! :D

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Originally Posted by Selissa View Post

that's why i insist on the fuss be about the baby, it doesn't make me uncomfy exactly...but come on just about anyone can gestate. You want to congratulate me on something congratulate me on my knitting skills, my parenting skills, or my rapier wit...these are things that matter to me, that i've worked on. Getting pregnant though...weelllll......


but a fuss for the baby i can handle. my mom did just buy some stuff for the baby. i know what you mean about being overwhelemed, i've never shopped for a girl so i made myself some rules to make it easier to weed things out.


zara's "themes" female superheroes and owls because the boys' school mascot is an owl so they dig them and luckily owls seem to be in right now

color preferences- no pink

clothing type preferences- no bottoms due to cloth diaper butt  and many wool longies/skirties/shorties/etc


that allowed me to quickly look at an item and check things off

is it pink? no

is it owls?

is it useful to me?


I did get one sleep sack that has pink ninja owls on it because i love sleep sacks in the first few months and owls are the theme so aok, otherwise i stuck to laffy taffy purple and teal/aqua. I'd love a wider variety of color options but it looks like it won't be quite so bad once she is hits the T sizes

This is helpful.  I can live with a little pink, but obviously like the other colors better... I was really confused about bottoms because of the cloth diapers.  I remember that being such a problem for the boys.  I'm also assuming she will grow on a similar rate as the boys which may be way off base.  I was thinking winter for 0-3 (about 1 month for the boys), short sleeve with sweaters for 3-6 and summer for 6-9.  But the CD butt scares me.  Part of this is that I am so out of practice.... I think I am just going to wait for things to roll in from my mom and fill it out with socks and such :)  I almost bought a sunhat the other day (I KNOW she'll need a sunhat as my boys are competitive swimmers...), but it was bright pink and chances are her swimsuit won't be.... ahhh.  I haven't really shopped for baby clothes for over 9 years, because our second son just wore hand me downs and whatever my mom sent.


I like your strategy though Selissa, when I get my nerve back...

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Yes! For the first 15 min injust wandered going whahhh... the check list helped so much.

O do wool so I don't use much in terms of bottoms but as I recall if you are using aio's or pockets yoi can usually get buy with regular pants, maybe sized up one size. if using bulkier options osh kosh overalls I recall being super roomy and older style pants. I recall thrifting aggressively for pants in great condition that had the fuller butt.

A friend of mine and her wife just gave birth to their first daughter. They dress her in dresses and babylegs/legwarmers to avoid the diaper butt problem all together. Lol I think that is a pretty brilliant idea
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Any ideas about skirts? Girl moms please weigh in... We do prefolds...so big diaper butt. Should I just buy a size up? In reality she will be in onesies most of the day, but I do leave the house almost daily for the boys activities... Skirts with leg warmers/tights, just pants? What to do? I've never had choices before. With the boys it was onesie with pants or a sleeper. I could do that with her, but I don't want to miss out on the fun of girl clothes either... If only money or space was no object smile.gif
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I'd think a skirt with leggings would be great! Tights sound hard.

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Yeah, I think baby legwarmers are ADORABLE, and seem much easier than tights. Would be fun to knit, too!

And yes, my husband likes doing this sort of thing.....most of the time. The hope is that in the end we'll be able to sell it for SO MUCH MORE than we bought it for that we could pay off our student loans.
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Second on the babylegs. We have about 10 different pairs for my son, have used them every day (except now that he's almost 4 and in a warm climate). I've had the organic and the regular and to be honest, the non-organic hold up better, though the organics are soft! I just checked out the babylegs site, and they have some cute ones for $5, including a really cute newborn girl one (I'm tempted but we don't know the sex yet). Plus, when I first went on, there was this prompt for and additional 20% off! I feel like I'm schilling for the company, but these are seriously my go-to baby gift b/c they are so helpful (my son wore babylegs beneath his pants every day of three winters).



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Pepperedmoth, all that work!! It sounds overwhelming and completely amazing. Inspiring. We bought our house when I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter. While it was move in ready and needed the least amount of work of all the houses we could afford, it does need cosmetic upgrades. I love DIY and wish i could be super handy. But with two kids and a husband who is always working I'm lucky to get one room painted a year! We do need to fix the floors and get carpet on the second floor before this baby is born--it's been on the to-do list since we got here but is a priority because it involves the nursery and after two babies who woke up to EVERY squeak, I need to minimize the insane loudness of our floors, for my own sanity.

My kiddos are such screamers...how will baby ever sleep? Yikes. Thank goodness it'll be spring...maybe instead of baby stuff, we should ask for money from family to help us buy a play set for outside. Those are so so expensive, but could it be a lifesaver?

I doubt I'll be having a shower/sprinkle. I think I'd like a blessing way--I hinted at it last time--but I also really don't like to ask for things for myself. At this point, we are good to go and do not need baby gear/clothes. Maybe some diapers to fill the gap in our cloth stash, since my babies tend to not grow very quickly, so they end up in the medium size for over a year and really wear them out.

Re: babylegs--used them for my older kids and they are great! Off topic, but my three year old is currently wearing them daily because she refuses to wear long pants and it's getting chilly, so a skirt (or shorts) and leg warmers is what she has gone with. (Very adorable and I love the Punky Brewster-ish sense of style she's got, but honestly, the drama that occurred in this home before she discovered this compromise...) I knit a very sweet pair for a friend when her winter babe was born, and I think I'll do that for mine, but use cotton instead of wool.
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So you know how you aren't supposed to ask a woman if she's pregnant?
Well I have a new one, don't tell a pregnant woman she isn't showing! I know people think they are being nice but come on folks do I usually look this big? None of my clothes fit except socks. I've worn my $5 maternity jeans that I got on eBay 3 days in a row.
We just found out we are having a girl. We had a feeling. My son was hoping for a brother but he's trying to be sweet about it which is thoughtful. I feel her moving more everyday, but only one time has it been big movement and luckily I was lying with my husband and he felt it.
I think I should show my dh Pepperedmoths to do list, makes ours look easy peasy!
I hope you are all well. I really enjoy all of your posts.
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Congratulations on a girl!
And yes. I had a friend driven crazy by all the "you don't look that far!" comments - up to the end of her pregnancy. Yay fat phobia ;)

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Congrats on the girl svgmom! Now you can join all of us trying to figure out which cute clothes to buy! I did buy some of the baby legs on sale, they should arrive this week. I took DS6 to BRU because I had a coupon and we had the most fabulous time looking at all of the clothes. I, of course, bought nothing. Still overwhelmed. Actually, that's not true- we bought her a pair of clearance sunglasses. I made DS a promise that we will get her some cute leopard print stuff smile.gif. Selissa, I saw a ton of cute owl stuff and thought of you!

I'm one of those who doesn't show either. greensad.gif. I've gained so much weight though, I know everyone at the gym probably thinks I'm just eating too much. They probably won't realize I'm pregnant until I'm 35 weeks or so! Very frustrating. Can't everyone just practice, "you look wonderful/lovely/radiant!" It makes us feel so good. That's all I ever say nowadays...
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on the flip side of the coin... it's really irritating to constantly have people say, 'your belly is SO BIG! Are you SURE there is only one in there?' (ugh. insert eye roll)..... lol. I guess the grass is always greener, huh? lol. I try to not worry or even think about what anyone else thinks. Our bodies all change very differently. 

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yup that's so annoying. I carry so big people are always asking me if i am sure that's how far along i am, if i am sure i am not having twins. Well yes i am sure, i was charting and i've had an ultrasound. But thanks for making such a fuss over my hugeness, i totally don't feel like a walrus on tip toe already. *rolls eyes*


it should just be a part of normal manners that you don't comment on a woman's size ever, but especially a pregnant woman. I tell my children this. lol I tell the mr that. blargle. just don't do it.

Edited by Selissa - 10/9/13 at 9:22am
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I feel huge. People don't comment much, though, but I am a bit of a recluse and when I do go out I stick to routine things, like our homeschool park days. When I go to church, that's when I get the most comments. Baby kicks a lot, and we felt it from the outside last week. Just once. I haven't caught it again yet. Baby must have been in just the right position. 


I need a baby shower, even though this is my 5th, but I don't think I'll ask for one. I don't even know who would plan one for me. No family nearby. We got rid of everything. Our church does baby showers, but they are small and just for show, and generally after the baby is born on the day of the Baptism. (around 40 days old) My homeschool group wants to do something, but now I am not the only one due in my month- there are two others due days away from me! It's kind of amazing. So I'm focusing on collecting things second hand and making things. 


Re: not showing, in a similar vein, I remember (esp. with my first and second) really disliking how people (other women, mostly) would dismiss my pregnancy when I wasn't past say 28 weeks. At LLL or out and about, at mom's groups and so on, they would just be like "Oh, not very far along then." as if I wasn't actually pregnant until I reached a certain point. Certainly when I was 36, 38, 40 weeks, I didn't treat newly expecting women that way. You're either pregnant or you're not, and no matter where you're at it's exciting!


For cloth diaper butt, I want to sew a bunch of these in a few sizes: 

They are from Growing up Sew Liberated:  http://www.amazon.com/Growing-Up-Sew-Liberated-Handmade/dp/1596681624

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I am coming back to this thread to say that in the last week or so, i have totally morphed into a total wreck, i swing wildly from being so happy i feel like i am going to explode to being inexplicably sad about anything at all. it is driving me insane. i need my emotional stability back

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OMG Selissa... me too. I'm driving my BF insane :/ 

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Selissa, I'm buying that book! It looks fantastic. 


SO twelve people showed up for our work day! The whole roof was ripped off and replaced in one day, plus the mudroom was sheetrocked, plus lots of odds and ends were accomplished.


Now my in-laws are here visiting . . . they are very helpful, but always make me feel a little awkward. My MIL INSISTS on washing, drying, folding my laundry. It's very sweet, but it makes me feel incompetent, and embarrassed as she's going through my underwear. 


. . . don't know what to do about that . . . 

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Pepperedmoth - When we visit my inlaws, I take enough clothes for everyone for every day. That's what you do when you go somewhere right? Yes, except that my MIL insists on washing clothes every day that we are there. She goes around to everyone's bags/rooms and gets all of the dirty clothes. Then she washes them, usually all together with no regard for whites, reds, blacks, etc. Drives me up a wall!!!!!!! And then lets them sit in the dryer forever and everything is wrinkly, coupled with her "folding" which is like mash it together and make it into a sort-of-square and call it good. UGH!!!! Right there with ya on this one!! 



Oh and THEN DH gets pissy when I rewash everything when we get home. Grr... 

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I would very respectfully tell her that you know she is wanting to do it to be helpful, but it isn't something you want her to do. Period. And then suggest something else. :)

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