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Hmmm. I will do that if she tries cleaning anything with a toothbrush again (TRUE STORY), but don't think it will work for the laundry as my husband LOVES that she does it when she visits. My best bet might be to do it pre-emptively. 

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Or hide your underwear!! ;)
Being a parent is so weird. I'm very interested in how I might be as a mother-in-law. 

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Lol, pepperedmoth, my MIL likes to help out to, whatever she can do! And that often includes the laundry. And I sit back and enjoy it! I seriously take any help I can get, and actually learned I like the way she folds underwear, lol! My suggestion is try to let go and let her do it, and, if that doesn't work for you, then maybe just collect your own dirty laundry in a separate hidden place so that she only does the rest! And OMG, holy crap, an entire roof??? That is impressive!! We have a slate roof and just had it "tuned up" which was good. Now just have a few more things on the list, like new carpet upstairs, and new windows and sealing in basement. We have a very leaky house!
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I had my anatomy scan today and got dual confirmation that it is a girl, so I announced on Facebook :)  I AM SO GLAD we went for the private gender scan first!  Today was so cold and impersonal, she never even let me see the baby on the screen!  Just printed a couple of grainy images and told me she thinks it's a girl.  I had such a wonderful experience at my private scan...  Anyways, she appears to be developing normally, so that is a relief... :)

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Yay! For a healthy baby girl smile.gif I was shocked because at mine they had this little side car viewer so I could not bother her while she was taking measurements. Pretty ingenious and easily resolved the issue of her being to busy to talk to me. The one thing I've liked about my ib experience lol
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I would very respectfully tell her that you know she is wanting to do it to be helpful, but it isn't something you want her to do. Period. And then suggest something else. :)

Oh if only it was this simple. If you tell her that, it gets worse both in the laundry department and in the "how she acts" department. Trust me, I have tried.

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Congrats gizzyntaz! Girls are awesome - I have two of them! :) 


Selissa, my OB has that sort of thing too. There is the main machine and screen that the tech looks at and then there is another screen mounted on the wall that the patients get to look at the whole scan long. Love that! And I feel really bad for anyone who doesn't get that same pleasure! 


AFM, everyone is telling me I'm not showing and I know it depends on the clothes I'm wearing but how can they not see this belly? To me I have popped but I guess to the world I have not :) 

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Hi everyone! 


This is my second pregnancy :) I am 18 weeks and already I am ready for March to get here! I am soooo sick still that i just cant stand it anymore. Everyday I wake up and hope that today i will feel better and not have to deal with the nausea and headaches but everyday i wake up disappointed. I know that i should be so happy right now and i feel so guilty that i am so miserable! Everyone keeps telling me that it will pass but i just want to scream at them " you have no clue what i am going through so shut up!". I flip out on my husband daily and i think he is a little scared of me right now. Ugh i cant wait to feel better and just get to a point where i can enjoy this pregnancy. On a positive note, i have been feeling the baby move and i love it! Reminds me that all this hard work is totally worth it! I am also looking forward to finding out if we are have a little boy or little girl. Like I said this is my second pregnancy. I have a 3 year old son :) so it would be really exciting to add a little girl to our family. 


Thanks for listening :)



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hi ladies! I'm 19w6d, I had my 2nd trimester ultrasound yesterday and we're having a girl!! yay! my DH and I couldn't be happier. they said she looks great, so that brought a ton of relief too!
we went out to celebrate, and we both got food poisoning!!! ugh, up with dia through the night! it was awful, but it passed quickly. I got freaked out about hurting the baby, but from what I've read it's prolonged fevers and dehydration that hurt the baby, right??
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yay, here she is! I haven't felt a ton of movement.... but small flutters here and there, mostly in the middle of the night....
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the only thing they mentioned was that the placenta was low in my uterus... they didn't say I had placenta previa, but just that it's low, and if it doesn't move higher if might not be able to deliver vaginally..... I read about it a bit, and they say that it usually moves on it's own. does anyone else know about it?
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Congrats on the girl, Holliet!  Sorry about the food poisoning.  Baby should be fine :)  I don't know about the placenta, but I do know that they move as you get bigger, so I wouldn't worry too much until you are much closer...

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Congratulations!! They do move up as your uterus grows, so don't worry too much.

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with ds1  i had that, technically it's placenta previa, or at least that's what my doctor told me but in most cases it's not squarely over the cervix so it moves up as the uterus grows and its no problem. mine wasn't it was moved by 6 or so months and i had a problem free homebirth

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If this happens, do they do another u/s later to check where placenta has moved to or how do they know you are "fixed"?


I, of course, have imagined all sorts of crazy things turning up at my u/s and that is a question I have. 


@holliet Congrats on the girl! Yay!! Super excited for you!

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yes they do in fact do more periodic u/s till they see it fixed or its not going to

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Jess I am sorry that you are still feeling sick. That's no fun.
Holliet that's a great pic! Don't let the docs worry you, lots of change still to come.
As for us since we had our anatomy scan and things were all good our next step is to decide on a home birth or not.
Small gifts- at work our health insurance renews in Dec so it's not affected by Affordable Care yet and so my plan will continue to be great and mostly covered by my employer. A home birth wouldn't be covered. My home birth with my ds was great and I would like to have that same kind of birth experience and welcoming for this baby. Also the hospitals are not really close. I am pretty sure my ob/gyn would frown on a home birth.
Anyone continue with an ob/gyn and then have a home birth? I know I shouldn't but I worry about the doctor being upset with me but I am.
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I am not so patiently waiting to see what insurance will be offered to us through my husband's new job.  We found out we were expecting three days after he was laid-off from his old company.  We have only had one appointment so far and are scheduling the an ultrasound as soon as we know it kicks in. 

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We had our ultrasound!


I was so sure I didn't want to find out, especially at the beginning of this pregnancy, before I had hyperemesis. Then, I was sick. I threw up 20 times a day for weeks. I was so miserable and couldn't feel any happiness about the pregnancy. Well, I have been better for awhile and now, at 20 weeks, I had my anatomy scan. Baby is perfect in every way! This is our fifth baby and will be welcomed by 3 brothers and one sister and....




Baby has a hiccup. 



More images here: https://plus.google.com/photos/105287325829057414677/albums/5934655774038943297


My daughter is over the Moon! We all are. I am so happy. And it was so nice to see all is well in there. 

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Congratulations, tabitha!! :D

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