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Isa, here are the questions we asked providers during first interviews:


-What's your experience with twin clients? How many of them deliver vaginally? Planned c-sections versus emergency?

-What positions do you require the babies to be in for a vaginal birth? If baby B is breech, will you attempt an internal version, or a breech delivery?

-Will you allow me to deliver in Labor and Delivery, or do all twin births happen in the OR? Under what conditions might we deliver in L&D?

-Do you require an epidural during labor for your twin patients? Do you require continuous monitoring? An IV?

-Will I be able to labor in the birth tub before delivery? Eat? Drink? Move around as needed?

-How many people are on call for births? What are each of their philosophies on twin births?

-What do you consider "full term" for twins? Assuming a healthy pregnancy, how long will I be allowed to carry the babies?

-What is your schedule for ultrasounds, non-stress tests, and other monitoring throughout my pregnancy?


I will tell you that we blew through 3 OB practices in our town before giving up and going one town over to work with midwives at the other hospital. Many of the OBs I talked to would not consider letting me go past 38 weeks, insisted on delivering in the OR, insisted on an epidural (just in case!), and wanted a huge amount of monitoring. The midwives we ended up with were backed up by OBs, had lots of experience with high-risk pregnancies, but were a lot calmer about everything. I went into labor on my own at 38.5 weeks. I was lucky enough to have both babies head down, so they let me labor and deliver in L&D. I was able to labor in the tub for several hours (though they would not let me birth there). In the end, I opted for an epidural (which actually helped things along), but they were fine with me not having one. The thing that gets tricky in larger practices is that not everyone will be on the same page about these questions. Don't be afraid to keep asking!

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Lizbian, my mama came the day Amadora was born and stayed with us for a week. I was so glad to have her here. She was really helpful, too. Cooking meals and running errands for us. It was special time to share with her. I suppose it depends on your relationship with your mum.
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She's here! Our little one (a girl!) arrived November 25 after a relatively smooth home birth. We're thrilled to have her here!
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Yeah! Congratulations on your new baby girl! So glad to hear all went well. I hope DW is recuperating well and you are all enjoying the new addition.
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YEAH ESCHER! Congratulations! Welcome little one!

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Congratulations, @escher!!! Hurrah! Enjoy your babymoon...
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Escher, congrats! What great news!
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Escher - congratulations, fabulous news. Not too many girls being born so glad to hear your news smile.gif xxx
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ps Soto you're next!!!
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Escher, congrats!! Enjoy the babymoon.

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Wonderful news!
Welcome to the world, little one! joy.gif
We're so glad that you're here!
Rest up, family ... as best you can.
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Congratulations, @escher!!! Welcome to the world, baby girl! :joy

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Wow, all these newborns seem to have arrived at once!  YAY!  Congrats to all! :joy


This time last year I had just started the TTC journey and am feeling SO thankful it finally worked in May!  Happy Thanksgiving, all.  And for other Jewish moms, Happy Chanukah!!

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escher--congratulations, and welcome to your new baby!  i hope your transition to being a family of four is going well.

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hi all, just to let you know I had my anomoly scan this morning. Everything was fine although they need to check my placenta in another 12 weeks as it's a bit close to the birth canal so may need a C section. Other than that we're having a boy :) we're both pretty excited and looking forward to meeting him now xx

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Congratulations on the baby boy! I hope your placenta moves. It doesn't sound like it's too bad from your description. Mine was completely covering the cervix and it moved out of the way all by itself, no c/s needed.
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thanks Pokey - not too worried. It was close but not right on top and it will only move further away. If it comes to it so be it but at least pinto is healthy!

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Liz: How fun, congrats on the the little boy. I'm sure the placenta will move, I have heard this happens a lot. How are you feeling these days? 

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Another boy! Congrats, @lizbian! If you're willing, you could add to the neat poll that @seraf started ages ago, about what sex of baby has resulted from what sort of assisted reproductive technique... It's so fascinating: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1340117/boys-vs-girls


My placenta was also partial-previa at my 20 week u/s, but moved fully out of the way by 28 weeks, and delivered smoothly.


To add to the previous conversation re: family visiting after the birth... My dad & stepmom have suddenly decided that skype isn't enough & they need to meet Z asap! They're flying out from Ontario for a whirlwind weekend visit, which is so crazy but so sweet of them! Bonus: They aren't staying with us, but they *are* planning on coming to our house & cooking us fabulous food. I was totally okay with the idea that I wouldn't see them until we take Z out east for a visit in February, and yet am finding myself feeling so thrilled that they feel a need to visit sooner than that :love

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lizbian--happy to hear everything's looking good.  and a boy...congrats!


and, a quick qotd:

so, i've just reached the point in belly growth where my belly is getting in my way during sex.  it's not a huge problem, but right now is frustrating because i forget to accommodate the bump and end up hurting myself/not being able to move in a particular way--and then stop and sigh and grumpily say fuck a lot.  so, i guess my qotd is, for those of you who have done this before, or are going through something similar now, did you have one transition from not having to make room for a belly during sex to having to, or were there multiple transitions that needed to happen as you (or your dp) grew and grew and grew?  for what it's worth, my dp is super amused by the whole situation, and thinks the belly is sexy--so at least that's not a problem.

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