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Beastie - that is so fantastic for you, and must be such a relief after your previous experience. Yay for normal! I keep having dreams I'm having a boy (3 so far) so who knows. Are you finding out? FX you'll be less busy soon, I'm coming into my busy teaching season and am knackered. Saying that though I've just managed to negotiate 6 months maternity (half of that is summer holidays) except they're not running the courses I teach in my absence which is a little sad! Can't wait! It's amazing seeing the little human profile there. Even a cute little button nose!

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Lizbian, hooray for both of us making it through this big hurdle! I am really really ready for the second trimester energy and lack of nausea, though otherwise in no hurry for this baby to show up...


I think my work is going to be intensely busy all the way through my due date in April, with a bit of a break over the winter holiday; I have tons of teaching and service stuff going on, plus the tenure push for research. And not a ton of motivation these days :).


We didn't find out the sex with DD, and I liked the surprise of it (and how it prevented gendered baby gifts). So we probably won't find out again? But we haven't decided for sure yet.

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Beastie: Hooray for that good news! What a relief!

Liz: I'm glad that things continue to go well. How are you feeling these days?

Granite: You're getting so close! Wow!

Hi to everyone else!
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thanks girls!

Escher since I stopped the progesterone I have a lot more energy but am still pretty knackered. Also got a cold now so trying to stop it turning into a chest infection which is what normally happens to me. that's what happens when you teach!!!!

How is everyone else feeling? Granite, not long to go!
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Liz: glad you're getting your energy back, despite being sick! I don;t think I'm fully out of the first trimester haze, but I've had some really glorious moments of comfort and alertness that felt great. I hope you get well in time to really enjoy the benefits of the second trimester.


I had a regular midwife appointment yesterday, and heard the heartbeat on the doppler; I'm hoping that and the NT scan were enough to keep me feeling positive until I start feeling movement soon. We're going to tell our toddler about the pregnancy this weekend, I think, and we'll see how much she gets it; she's been telling everyone that she is going to have a new baby brother and sister (named Jonah and Stella) with total conviction and consistancy for about 6 months now, so I'm not sure if she's going to be willing to accept that this will be a brother OR a sister, and not a Jonah or a Stella.


Hope all's well with everyone else,


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Hi everyone. Can't believe it's already been a week since we brought my sweet baby home. Life has been a blur. Just as we were preparing for discharge from the hospital we learned that his blood test showed a level of jaundice requiring treatment. Thankfully he was just outside the zone requiring re admittance to the hospital, we were sent home with a special glowing blanket that he had to lie on nearly 24 hours a day and he had to get his blood checked daily. So our first week was spent trekking to the pediatrician's office every morning and then waiting on pins and needles to get the results call in the afternoon. We were finally able to stop treatment yesterday and today was his first day without a blood draw. Not as bad as it could have been surely, but emotional and challenging all the same.

Not sure I have the emotional energy to write out the whole birth story for you all, but I'll hit the highlights. I started having clearly identifiable labor contractions around 1:45pm on Wednesday. By 6 pm we were at the hospital and I was 4cm. Over the course of the next 9 hours I had excruciating back labor, and at 3am, learning that my progress had stalled for a few hours around 7cm, I decided to opt for an epidural. Not my original expectation, but something I had always kept open as a possibility if conditions warranted, and I just didn't have the stamina anymore to endure more back labor. We also decided to allow the midwife to break my water at that time to stimulate some progress since things just weren't moving along. Unfortunately by 7am I still had no progress beyond maybe 7.5cm, even with a broken water, so now we had to use pitocin. We started with a low dose and were able to stay there, "laboring down" for a few hours. Once ready, I pushed three times per contraction, every contraction, for exactly one hour, and our sweet little man arrived at 2:05pm Thursday, 24 hours after labor had begun. Despite the epidural I was still able to feel the delivery, the pressure and the strain of my body, which was a relief. I felt very present and active. It certainly wasn't the labor that anyone would wish for, but I always said I didn't need a fairy tale birth story, and I suppose now that mental preparation is paying off. I got a baby, a wonderfully amazing baby, and that was the point.

Hope you all are doing well. Granite, good luck! You can do this.
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spinxy - I'm really glad everything is OK now with the jaundice and that you got an amazing baby out of it!


QOTD: Do any of you decide names depending on what teasing your child may get? One of our shortlisted names is Gabriel (Gabe for short) but we're worried they might get called Gay Gabe at school. I was extremely badly bullied at school and am very sensitive on the issue (Lez/Liz etc) but not sure if I'm too over-sensitive!


Hope everyone's well, desperately trying to stop my cold going to my chest which is so far not going so well so think it might be off to the doctor tomorrow.

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You did an amazing job, Sphinxy! And you've got that sweet boy to shower with love, which is the best part! So, so happy for you!

Granite! You are so close!!! I can hardly believe how far we've come... Wild. How are you feeling?

Liz, re: your QOTD, I did think about that when DW and I were choosing names. We've chosen Olivia for her name and it was one of my Mom's top contender's when she was naming me. Thing is, she thought ppl would make fun of me by calling me "olive oil," so she chose Abigail instead. Little did she know that kids can come up with a harassing nickname for any name. Flabby Abby, Crabby Abby, Abby Wan Kanabi... Okay, that last one was one of my faves. Lol. Anyway, she was also going to name me Gabriel if I was a boy and I've also always loved that name. I bet your boy would fit that name quite nicely and I say boo to the kids that might tease him. It is they who are truly hurting anyway.

AFU, hypnobirthing went really well, Granite! Thanks for asking! I'll share more deets about the class later as I'm on my phone now, but it's been a HUGE help with my anxiety, which I'm so incredibly grateful for. 35 weeks tomorrow! I'm big, but so far not waddling...yet. DW and I walked the Light The Night Walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma prevention with my fam the other night and it was very hard. Makes me think I should really get into the habit of a nightly walk now as I do have at least 5 more weeks and just the prospect of that makes my bones hurt. We're moving next weekend too! I'm really excited about that, actually. More on that later too smile.gif
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soto - I feel your pain. My DW's name is Abby. Scabby Abby, flabby Abby, crabby Abby.... poor thing she said there are no nice names to rhyme with Abby!

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Congrats, Sphinxy!  I am so glad everything went well overall!


AFU: We were already planning a civil union for November, but now that NJ has marriage, we are getting married instead!  We are really excited about that, and just applied for our marriage license yesterday.  I'm almost 25 weeks and am sort of looking pregnant, but mostly only if I wear a tighter top than usual.  I think I'm carrying pretty high, even though the kicks I feel are usually low.  Mostly it just seems like this kid is always on the move!  My only complaint is the bladder pressure-it's driving me crazy.  I walk around a lot for work and end up really looking forward to just sitting down to give my bladder a break.  I highly suggest kegels to anyone still in the first trimester.  You will thank yourself later!


Granite: We aren't doing any prenatal classes, but it is an option.  I still have my notes from the class when DS was born, and I learned so much from being there for his birth.  I asked DP if she cared about going to a class, and she said no, but we both would like to tour the hospital sometime before February.  I actually feel really empowered about giving birth, and am trying to trust that my body will know what to do.  My OB is fine with letting patients go to 42 weeks, so I feel good that I'm not going to be pressured into anything to speed me along.  This is probably going to be my only pregnancy, so I'm just trying to relax and enjoy this time.


I hope all of you are feeling well, and staying happy!  I'm sure you look fantastic!

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, gamitzer! I love a good lesbian shotgun wedding!
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Originally Posted by pokeyAC View Post

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, gamitzer! I love a good lesbian shotgun wedding!

Haha, thanks, many of DP's friends are jokingly congratulating her on "doing the right thing" and "stepping up to the plate"!  We are really tempted to take some photos of me, her, my dad, and a shotgun! ;)

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Sphinxy, SO glad all is well now! And thanks for sharing your story. The glowing blanket sounds kinda cool, lol, I just thought "awww, little glow worm!" :eyesroll Sounds sweet. Hope you don't take that the wrong way. It's a beautiful thing, you bringing that babe into the world!


QOTD: We did consider teasing when picking our names, but ultimately realized you can make fun of any name. DW was worried Amadora would be called "Dora" and the "D-D-D-D-Dora!" the Explorer song (we call her Ama for short, not Dora). And DD was worried she'd be called Amabora (sounds like I'm a bore-a), but we call her "Amadorable" (sounds like "I'm adorable!" hehe). We had some funny conversations discussing our name ideas and how one could be teased for them, but really, it didn't impact our decision in the end because we could find ridiculous ways to tease any name.


gamitzer-- Congrats on the upcoming wedding! So exciting. Also, exciting to feel those kicks and start to show! I'm beginning to miss pregnancy a little, reading these posts, but I'm glad to be on the other side of it and have my babe out here with us.


granite...EXCITED for you!! :D

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Originally Posted by lizbian View Post

QOTD: Do any of you decide names depending on what teasing your child may get?

LOL, yes! Not me, though... It's alllllll DP. I've long been a fan of both Angus and Seamus, but DP has declared both names completely off limits, due to their being too similar to "anus". ::eyeroll::
(So I named my last chicken Angus, and plan to use Seamus for another pet sometime in the future!)

I guess I just figure kids'll mock anything, so why worry about it... I dunno. I guess I'd feel differently if I'd had an easily-mocked name, though!

Glad to hear the jaundice has cleared up, Sphinxy! And that you were able to treat him at home instead of the hospital. How's bf'ing going?

Hope that cold stayed outta your chest after all, Liz... What did the doc say? My cold of two weeks ago *did* turn into a short bout of asthma, but it was thankfully brief & my usual meds apparently are fine in pregnancy.

Hurrah for your wedding, gamitzer! Congrats! What will you wear? Will you accentuate or hide the bump?!!! Lol!

Coco, I wonder myself at how much I'll miss being pregnant... I'm thinking it'll be a relief, to not be carrying this extra person all the time, but then sometimes I watch the kicks and funny movements the baby does inside my belly & it's just sooo lovely.

Soto, I'm sorry walking is hard for you! I've been lucky in that regard, I know... While I'm slow and out of breath on even slight hills, it doesn't hurt much yet, beyond the twingy spasms of my cervix & uterine muscles.

It turns out our midwives have birthing tubs, so we picked one up from them and DP inflated it today while I went out and got an adaptor to connect a hose to the sink, and a big tarp. Hadn't been planning necessarily on a waterbirth, but it's nice to have the option! We're just going to leave the inflated tub on our patio, and bring it in if/when needed. Fun!

My friends say babe looks lower, but I think it's just that my belly is sticking out further wink1.gif
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Here's a shot from the pics our friend took of DP and I yesterday, just being silly in our yard! I'm going to take this down in a couple days, but really wanted to share it with you for at least a little while... 39 weeks!!!  :stillheart


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Nice shot, granite!! :) Very cute.

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Love it! You two look so happy. Aww
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Granite: That picture is adorable. 39 weeks! Wow! What an exciting time.

Gamitzer: Congratulations on your wedding!

Sphinixy: How are you doing? I'm sorry that you had to use the bili blanket. I'm glad that you're done with that now!

We're at 36 weeks now. It is starting to feel pretty close!
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granite--You two are super adorable! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Sending lovely labor vibes your way. Not everyone loves pregnancy, but I really enjoyed it. I do miss it sometimes. It was a very cool experience. Plus, people smile at you and say nice things and they know you are going to be a mom. When I am walking around by myself, I feel sort of funny like I should be wearing a badge that says I just had a baby because people can't see him.
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gamitzer - that's great about marriage being legal, I'm very jealous! congrats and good luck for it x


Granite - I love the pic, you both look so happy! Managed to keep the cold out of my chest, thankfully & I agree about names, kids can be cruel!


AFM my brother rang last week - he and his wife are due within a week of me! It was a long shot her getting pregnant as she has quite a few medical conditions, and is due 8 days after me but as she's diabetic she'll be induced early so the race is on!!!! I'm very excited for them though.

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