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Well Liz, it seems like it's just me and you. I hope we get a burst of BFP's over on the conceptions board. We don't have a preference for sex either. Nearly everyone we have told that we are pregnant has asked about the sex of the baby. When we tell them we will find out when the baby is born, they aren't just disappointed and confused, but upset/angry. It's so strange to me. Most often it is accompanied by something about not being able to buy things for the baby, and how ridiculous we are for not wanting to know. 


DW told her mom today. She had been hesitant to tell her because we didn't know how she would react, but it seems to have gone well and she seemed to be thinking of the baby as DW's as well, which we didn't think she would do. I hope things continue to go well with her side of the family. Not much else going on, we'll have a midwife picked by this week and hopefully an ultrasound in the next couple of weeks. I have been feeling more nauseous today, but nothing horrible and no migraines yet. If this is the case I might become a professional surrogate. haha jk :wink


Any news Granite and Escher? 

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Hi Everyone,

We're at 38 weeks now, so probably we have a few more weeks but it is starting to feel like it could be any time.

Redrock: I'm glad that your DW's mom reacted pretty well. Telling people can be tricky, I think. I hope the midwife you like best will work out!

Liz: Hooray for a heartbeat! It is so nice to hear that sound, especially for the first time. Not too long now until your big scan!

Granite: Congratulations on making it to 40 weeks!

Hi to everyone else!
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Hi all, we had a baby! He was born at home yesterday morning at 8 am, weighing 9.4 lbs... More later! All is well and wonderful!


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Granite - WOOO HOOO!!! congratulations that's awesome! hope you're feeling OK, looking forward to hearing details. :joy


redrock that's great news and I'm glad DW's mum was OK about it. I'm lucky as DW's mum is SOOOO excited about it and it hasn't really occurred to her that it's not related by blood. Isa has twins so hopefully she'll come on board here soon.


Escher - you're next! I hope your last couple of weeks are relatively comfortable and it all goes quickly. Very exciting hearing a heartbeat, just over 2 weeks until the big scan so looking forward to that.


AFM one of my friends gave birth this week at 28 weeks. Baby is 2 pounds 1 but seems to be OK. He was off a ventilator until today which amazes me so hopefully he continues to get stronger.

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Congratulations granite! I hope you are healing well and loving your baby boy!
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Congratulations, Granite! Hooray!!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Granite! WELCOME, BABY! joy.gif
I cannot wait to hear more.
Yay for healthy babies!
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Welcome Granite Jr!!!
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So very happy for you, granite! Congrats!!
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Yay!!! Congratulations, granite!!!! Enjoy!
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congratulations, Granite! I hope you're enjoying your babymoon!
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Granite, I'm so, so, so happy for your family! 9.4 pounds is such a great, healthy weight too! I can't wait to hear more of the birth story! 


Welcome, Redrockband & Madronedw! Congrats on your BFPs! 


Escher- sending you lots of love right now! We're in the same boat- 39 weeks today for your DW, right?


Prettyisa- did I read that right that you are expecting twins? That is so exciting if it's true!!!


AFU- I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow and am feeling very done with being pregnant. It's not the worst thing ever in the world, but it's not super comfy either. Good news is that last night I lost a bit of my mucous plug! It could still be a few weeks before I go into labor, but this was still a very reassuring sign to me. DW's birthday was today and we thought it would be cool if baby arrived on her birthday. Seems that's not gonna happen, but it's all good. I'm pretty excited to see what day she picks as her own birthday, though! :)

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Thinking of you, sotohana. Rest up as much as you can. I know these last days can be hard. You are doing great!
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Hi all, I just posted a little over in Queer Parents... But wanted to say hi here too! And thank you for the love!

Adding in to the cheering for @sotohana... I'm so excited for you.

We're talking about re-combining this Queer & Pregnant thread with Queer Parents... What do y'all think?

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Hi! I guess I'm due to show up over here--since I feel good and preggo (read: like crap, in the best possible way) now! smile.gif

Soto--You're almost there! I had been hoping to have DD on DP's birthday, but she wanted to wait a bit--she ended up being born later in the week, the day after my dad's birthday. It's a busy week, that. Hopefully your little girl will get the memo and come on out soon!
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granite--congratulations!  your baby is lovely.  i'll look forward to reading more about your birth.


sotohana and escher--i'm sending you good thoughts for bringing your babes safely into the world.


isa--two babies at once!  wow.  has the shock worn off yet?


hello to everyone else.  i hope you are all doing well.  i'm at 26 weeks now, and february is starting to sound very soon.  my academic work has been taking me five times as long as usual to complete.  it has been hard for me to focus, and the connections between ideas that i normally take for granted just don't seem to exist for me right now.  it's disconcerting feeling so mentally impacted by this pregnancy.


otherwise, over the past few weeks my dp and i have been setting up the area we started out jokingly calling the nursery, but that now actually feels like an earnest nursery space.  the baby will sleep with us, and our upstairs is a loft, so "the nursery" consists of two low bookshelves arranged in an L-shape between our bed and the closet, with a braided rug and rocking chair inside the L.  one shelf has our large collection of picture books, a couple of folded quilts and blankets, and baskets with swaddle muslins, etc. underneath.  the other shelf will hold the baby's clothes (once the wire storage baskets we ordered arrive) and all of the diapers and diapering paraphernalia.  we hung a painting my partner made a few years ago on the wall, a photo of helen frankenthaler (the babe's namesake) and a picture of dp and me.  it takes me a long time to adjust to changes within our home space, so it has been helpful to do this so far ahead of time so i have plenty of time to tweak things and settle into the shift.  ultimately, the L will be our child's main play area, and the shelves are low so she can access everything.  is anyone else doing this type of early home prep?


also, i brought up diapering in this space a few weeks back, and we ended up buying a solid stash to last for about the first six months or so.  i know a lot of people like to wait and test out a few different types of cloth diaper before choosing, but i really needed to have our diapers around to feel ready for the baby.  diapers are the one big purchase my dp and i wanted to make ourselves, and now we have a bunch of prefolds (newborn and infant), and a couple of fleece polar babies covers that are made locally.  then, we chose a handful of these as our go-to cover (http://babyworks.com/cloth-diapering/diaper-covers/nikky-wool-diaper-cover.html), and two kinds of soakers for night--these (http://www.littlespruceorganics.com/disana-organic-merino-wool-cover/) and these (http://www.aristocratsbabyproducts.com/diaper_cover.html).  


as far as recombining queer & pregnant with queer parenting, i used to really appreciate the one, unified thread (a few years back) and remember so many helpful ideas and good conversations happening there.  i personally would value hearing about other folks' parenting experiences as a pregnant person--i have been collecting parenting anecdotes for years now, and it has really formed my intentions as a future parent.

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Granite, congrats!!! :joy


breadandcoffee: Oh diapers. I don't even know where to start. How did you all decide which kinds to get? We are planning on making some and buying some but there are so many options, it's all a little overwhelming. 


sotohana: I hope baby comes soon. 

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granite - can't wait to hear about it and hope you're settling into motherhood well (which I imagine you are). Combining sounds like a good idea. Is there a FB group at all?


soto -hoping these few weeks go quickly for you. I hear the end part is the hardest to wait through.


breadandcoffee - I'm 18 weeks at the moment and haven't done too much yet. DW and I have 4 weeks off together over Christmas so we're going to sort out the spare room as a nursery then.


I had thought I had a long time to prepare but since my friend had her baby at 28 weeks last week I'm starting to think getitng organised is a good idea as you never know what's going to happen! He's 2lb 1 and is healthy, at least at the moment.


Hi to everyone else.

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Congratulations, granite! So so happy for you. Redrock, we got cloth diapers through Craigslist. They are in really good condition and it was super affordable. It's worth looking into!
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Hi Everyone,

Lizbian: I'm sorry your friend's little one was born so early, but I'm glad he is doing well! What a little guy.

Bread: What nice wool covers you chose! I'm kind of envious. That's a good deal on the disanas!

Isa: You're definitely due to show up over here!

Sotohana: I can't wait to hear your birth story!

Hi to everyone else!

AFU: Just hanging out at 39 weeks 3 days!
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