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oh my gosh - I just love that little smile of hers!  that other photo you posted a while ago, where she's sitting on daddy's head, and now this?!  she's stinkin' adorable.

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Awfully quiet these days.
Can hear the crickets echoing in here...what everyone up to, napping?
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Yup, napping (post daycare). Sadly, she's getting her canines and up every hour every night.
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 I"m not sleepy....

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Oliver cut his first two teeth, he's starting to enjoy putting food in his mouth more, and he's learning to ride a tricycle!  my older brother found this in his garage (it was probably my now 18-year-old nephew's) and cleaned it up for him.  he had a great time biting the handlebars. 



but the neatest thing this week has been that he apparently knows his name!  when he hears "Oliver" or "Ollie," his little head snaps around to see what's up.  I'm so proud over here.

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So THIS necessitated lowering the crib. I was super sure once we lowered it that he wouldn't be able to pull up on it anymore. Yeah, after being in there 3 minutes, he was standing up grinning at me. Glad it doesn't occur to him to do it at night yet.

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Don't you all just love this age? I could just kiss every one of your babies! Like an old lady in the grocery line who can't help herself.
Dang, this is a cute batch of July babies.
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I really do think all of our babies are cuter than average. :)

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Gratuitous Callie pictures!!
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Fun thread ladies. Here's some brotherly love.
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Resque he is killing me and so advanced! Wow!
Trying to not bust out laughing at work seeing these pics
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Cuteness overload! And oh my goodness, resque, you're in trouble. Iris still hasn't figured out how to roll onto her stomach!
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Love all these pics! Here is another one of Noor.
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Noor is getting big! Talk to the palm!
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Awww! I'm enjoying all the pictures. Everyone is so cute!

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Hangin' out with dad smile.gif
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