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Better put a helmet on that one, resque. He's got a little twinkle in his eyes too. Did he get himself here from laying down?? You could try adding weights to his clothes to make it harder to move?
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a photo at my in-laws' house from last weekend (I know I'm kind of hidden, but it was the best one of all four of us):

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Unintentional twinsies yesterday
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Rf- beautiful family!! Oliver (right? I'm always afraid I'm going to get babies mixed up) looks like he got caught pulling the dogs ear! Haha

Harmonious- too cute!!
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haha - yeah, he's been getting fistfuls of dog lately.  it's not very popular with the dog.  (and yes, this is Oliver!)


Harmonious - I love it!  we both wore overalls a few weeks ago, but I didn't get a photo and now he's outgrown them.  :P

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Such cuteness! Here's mine, jingling those bells.
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Our beautiful little Griffin, 4.5 months old. He is really into sucking his toes these days.
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Toes!! Julia only just discovered her toes, but she can't reach them on her own yet. 

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I love when they find their toes! So stinking cute!
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Snapped this, and thought of you, Kalista wink1.gif
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Ahh! Those legs! <3. She is so cute holding on to her toes!
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OMG, skycheat! Those legs!! Are those for real, haha!!
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Her rolls have rolls! If she was my first, I'd be worried about how long my cloth diaps will fit. Experience tells me that 4 months is the chub bisect age though and from here she will grow and get heavier but not wider wink1.gif
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Woohoo! I've been trying to post for a week!
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Adorable, wrenmoon! What a bright little dude!
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All these adorable babies! This is me trying to keep my pumpkin warm this week (the brown things are my socks)!
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Ruheling I was about to ask where to get the adorable long baby boots :-P
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skycheat she is CHUBTASTIC!

Wrenmoon what a smile
Rheuling we do the exact same thing, we bought a pair of super warm ladies socks and I throw those on him when we're going out

attack of the giant baby!

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Rainbow nurse, my DH does the same thing with babies and starts singing "I'm walking on Daddy. Whoah... I'm walking on Daddy" etc lol
I love the rolls on your babe too and the super cute fluff bum wink1.gif
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