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That is a wonderful birth story! Your doula-turned-midwife sounds great. I love that she was extra careful to keep the mood relaxed and let you finish having the beautiful birth experience she saw unfolding. I also love that the hospital staff didn't pressure you to go in and be checked. That is awesome!

My second was born under similar circumstances, same crazy time frame and disbelief, except my audience was encircling the bathroom sink, rather than the toilet. :wink

How is DS1 taking to his new brother?

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Serafina- I know, right?! I laughed out loud when I read your announcement Thursday morning. One of my midwives also told me that as soon as her partner. (My doula) left their house for ours an owl started hooting really loudly right outside her bedroom window. Apparently, owls are signs of good births. She said as soon as she heard it she knew I was having the baby right then and within a couple minutes she got the call to "bring stuff" and rushed out to meet our baby. I totally think something magical was happening that night!

Maine mama they are seriously the bomb. We were so incredibly grateful to have them there with us and they have been amazing in the days following as well. Though I'm not planning any more babies I know that if I do unexpectedly get pregnant again down the road I'm going straight to them. I should have added a bit about DS 1 in my birth story because that was also a pretty awesome part of birthing at home. He woke up hearing the baby cry and DH went up to get him and told him there was a present for him downstairs. By that point I was laying on the couch covered in quilts waiting for the placenta and he came down so excited and totally fell in love the moment he saw his brother. He told us over and over how much he loved him and how he wanted to keep him forever and told us all about how Porter was going to grow up into a big boy just like him and then were going to run and jump and play... It's was perfect. And for the past few days he's been over the moon. Wants to hold him and look at him all the time.
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Oh my gosh, I am so teary. I am so hoping for something like that this time around, especially since we're awaiting our third boy. It sounds like he is going to be a great older brother. My DS1 is still in love with DS2. They just got finished doing some lovey wrestling in the living room. Something you will likely be witnessing a couple years from now. I'm sure having a boy and a girl is wonderful in its own way, but having two boys has been such a gift. Very happy for you all. :) 

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Amazing story! It's great to hear your son is so taken with his new brother!
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What a great story you have to tell him someday.  Glad you had a level headed support team around you.  Congratulations!

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I absolutely LOVED hearing the details of your birth, so very exciting and intense!!! Hope everyone is recovering well and congrats to you and your family!!!

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Amazing ciga! Congratulations to you & your family. He's beautiful. ❤
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