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MMR concerns?

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Hi fellow travelers,
We have decided to delay until teenagehood for most of the vaccines (tho we did tetanus for a deep cut). 3 of our 4 children (ages 3,7,11) had a fever for a couple of days, then broke out in a rash earlier this week. I texted our doc a pic, and he freaked out, said it was rubella, called the CDC and the DOH. The DOH came out within 5 hours of being contacted to take blood (did not force us, but strongly recommended). Apparently, we are a public health emergency. Of course, the major concern is pregnant women. However, everyone keeps leaving out pregnant UNVACCINATED women. Our reason for waiting for our kids has always been that I'd rather them get the virus as children and have natural immunity. We plan to do antibody tests and vax for the viruses they did not get. However, the (new) concern is that the vaccine wears off by the time women are of childbearing age, so the babies are not protected. I feel very torn because I disagree with the system of early vaccination, yet I now have a very concerned 11 week pregnant (vaccinated) woman who has been around us in the past couple of weeks. She and her dr are now freaking out. I am not sure how to feel. My two big kids came back neg, but my 3 year old came back inconclusive, so they are coming back today for a throat swab. I guess I am curious if anyone has been down this path either in practice or theory. The DOH offered to bring the MMR today, but I don't want to vax the kids when they are already sick with a currently unnamed virus. I would like some advice or suggestions. While we out school now, we come from a home schooling background, so we are not used to being so "in" the system. I'm not enjoying the DOH home visits so much, and the daily phone calls are getting a bit old.
I did ask about the single dose rubella and was told that is no longer an option (it was pulled 5 years ago by Mercke). We had planned to do single doses, and it bothers me that this option has been taken away.
Thanks for any thoughts.
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So they all have the same rash, 2 of them tested negative for rubella, and 1 was inconclusive. Sounds like it's not rubella.

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I agree with ma2two. That does not sound like Rubella at all.

Don't let yourself be rushed into vaccines just because of this now. If they cannot tell you 100% what it is that your kids have then they should just let you decide for yourself what your vaccine schedule should look like. Hope you get some peace of mind and at your home back soon.

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Did they figure out what the kids have?

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