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No problem!

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Thistlemoon:  I totally love your idea for honoring your ancestors and I am stealing!  :)  I love your daughter's name, too, beautiful. 

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Wishing you all a Blessed Samhain. 


Can't believe it may actually rain this evening. Oh well.  If it does, the mall is doing trick or treating.  

What are your kids (and/or you) dressing up as this year?

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Blessed Samhain to all of you!!


I am celebrating solo tomorrow and with the child on Saturday.  Did I mention that the local Children's Museum is doing this cool Day of the Dead Celebration?  I am psyched.  


Tonight Z will ToT down the street and then we head over to my sister's house to eat pizza and hand out candy.  She lives in the big ToT area!  It's super fun for Z to see all the children with their costumes. 


The local zoo and grocery store had ToT at both of their establishments so we've done both of those.  So fun.  The zoo one rocked because they completed activities to earn coins and then traded in the coins for prizes - and they had a lot of NON-candy prizes which made me happy.  Like I need a sugared up kid OR candy in the house.  I hope we get very few ToTers here because I HAVE EATEN MOST OF THE DARN HAND OUT CANDY!!! -- i canNOT be trusted with chocolate.  :yum


Z is going to be a spider. I had purchased a beautiful Monarch butterfly costume for her at the end of last season.  I loved it because it looked like an actual butterfly rather than glittered up pinked out butterfly wings.  Alas, her words were "Mama, butterflies are NOT scary but SPIDERS ARE!!" so I sewed some black socks on a sweatshirt and the kid is a spider.  :)  

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We did nothing, blessed NOTHING! DS did not want to dress up or go anywhere, so I'm down with that, yay. I did allow him to mow down most of the candy we had in the house, though, in honor of Halloween.
I did my solitary honoring of my Beloved Dead here at home.


Blessed Samhain, mamas!

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