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Should I Wean my Kids?

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I'm really feeling discouraged here.  Also sort of stupid.  I know compared with some people on here our issues are minor, but I still can't seem to pull it together.  And I feel like a failure and frustrated..  And then I feel silly because really are things THAT bad? I battle because I know that there is something up, and I am terrified of what being in this state chronically is going to do to the kids.  


So the short story is that I clearly have some systemic yeast issues.  I'm pretty sure that those are affecting both my kids.  My son, who is almost 3 definitely has his own issues as well (is it because I caused them by nursing him??).  And DD (4 months) is developing issues now too. I had things pretty well under control for DS and me - not perfect, but under control - until I got pregnant with DD and I was just too tired to keep up with things and our diet spiraled downward.  Then when DD was a month old I got Lyme disease (which I had had before and "kicked" but had both positive IgG and IgM) and being on antibiotics just made things that much worse again.  So with my rate of success/ability to get myself under control, is nursing my kids making things worse for them? I'm really seriously wondering if it would some how be better for them to not have to deal with my issues, or if there is enough benefit to outweigh the cons.  It would absolutely break my heart to do it, but I have this mommy guilt that I can't kick.


Anyone have insight? Or has the damage been done and anything I do to help myself now will help them too?

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:Hug BabySmurf. You might want to try cross-posting in the Breastfeeding Challenges forum because there are other mamas there (including me) who have dealt with recurring yeast issues. It my situation, the yeast infections didn't affect my DC, but I had a long battle with the yeast, so I empathize with that. Hopefully some other mamas can weigh in with their thoughts. What does your health care provider or your children's HCP advise?

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