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I love staying at home with my family because...

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List as much or as little as you want.


If you don't love it, maybe you could list a good reason why you stay home instead.


I love staying home because my children are the most important part of my life. The house isn't as clean as it might be if they were in daycare part of the day, and there are certainly more fights with all of them home instead of the older ones at school. But we love each other, and me staying home is certainly cheaper than daycare. Also I have been anxious about driving for years, and it is safer to stay home than drive all over the place.


My children get to help me cook and learn more than I did growing up.


I'm sure I'll see much neater and more profound reasons when more ladies join and answer this question :)

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I love staying home because it feels like I am doing something important. I love that I get to have all this time to invest in my kids. I am able to pay attention to detail. I like being the one who teaches them all the things they need to know.


For my bigger kids, it means more independence because there's a greater part of their day where I say yes or no to them asking to do something. I did after school care for a girl a few years ago and she wasn't getting nearly as much practice at certain life skill as my kids do because since I was being paid to supervise her, that's exactly what I did! There are more opportunities for my kids to go explore the pond or collect empty pop cans to return or anything else they decide to do, because I am there to say "Yes, you can go." right after school instead of a few hours later when it may be getting dark or there's not time left for that sort of thing between supper, homework and showers, etc.


I am more patient with getting 'help' making supper or doing laundry when I am not rushed. I think if I was tired after work every day, I wouldn't be in the mood to include the kids in chores. I'd just want to get stuff done as quickly as possible, which in this house means doing it myself without interruption. Of course, I have days like that but at least it's not their regular life.


For my little one, I like that I am the one who is with her during the days when everyone else is at work and school. I can bring her on the bus to see her dad at lunch time, so she gets more time with both her parents. I can see what she is interested in and put a bit more of that into our days. She is very interested in vehicles so we go on our front porch and watch cars go by. She likes numbers so we count everything. She hates clothes so she can run around in a diaper. I think I am way more considerate of her wants than a daycare provider would be. She gets all the individual attention she needs, from someone who loves her. Her tantrums or grumpy moods aren't a hassle to me because my attention isn't split 5 ways.


I take care of all the household jobs like laundry and cooking so that when my husband gets home, we can just relax. He's got diabetes and lactose intolerance, so healthy meals take a little extra thought and planning. His health would suffer if we were always in a hurry. 


I feel like my family's quality of life would go down if I went to work. Any other job would feel empty next to this.

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I like how my family eats healthier now that I am home. Also there is much less waste. Meals are planned for the week and we safe a ton of money.

I like that I am here for my kids physically and mentally.

I like that I will get to see all the "firsts" from now on.

I am glad staying at home makes my husband happier and less stressed ( which I would have guess the opposite with one income).

I am glad that 20 years from now I won't feel regret on missing out on raising my children.
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If something catastrophic happens I am free to deal with it without worrying about time off work. I am here to deal with all the phone calls and everything. We are just freshly coming out of one such emergency so this is big on my mind.

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I hope things are calming down for you and your family, purplerose!


I love staying at home with my family because I feel needed and loved. I have had to be gone before and I actually sort of missed changing diapers, partly because it's something (usually) easy that I know how to do and I know that my husband "doesn't do" diapers. And my oldest child, first daughter, wouldn't really have someone to talk to during nap time if I wasn't there...as much as I can't take too much talking, I want to listen to her now so she'll still want to talk to me years from now.

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I want to raise my children my way. Yes, I might be a hippy and weird. Yes, they might turn out to be weird hippies like me. BUT SO BE IT :hs:treehugger:thumb

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For sure Nazsmum... I did daycare before I had kids and some of the things I look back on now as a parent really makes me sad.


I watched 2 brothers in my home, and when they arrived each morning, they'd both have soothers in (they were 1 and 3) The mom would have promised the 3 year old a certain TV show would be on, so I'd have to go along with that. It made it easier for her to leave because he was one of those kids who totally zones out in front of a screen. That's fine, after a little while I'd turn off the TV and we'd do other things. The kids had always been allowed to have their soothers all day. The 3 year old talked through his and I was constantly having to ask him to remove it so I could understand him. Then the mom complained to me that the 1 year old wasn't talking much, sort of like she was implying I wasn't teaching him? Obviously the soothers were the problem but she wasn't weaning them off of them! Anyway, once she laid blame like that I just told the kids the soothers stay in their quiet time area. They both learned pretty quickly and the little guy started talking more. Still, every day when the mom came the 3 year old would start babbling away about his day and she'd want to know where the soothers were before she left. They even called them a 'plug', it was pretty bad.


I am glad I'm in a position to make all the decisions like that for my kids. I wouldn't want someone else making rules about my kids' comfort item. I'd want to spend enough time with my kid to see why he isn't talking! There were lots of little decisions that got made for the mom because she just wasn't up to speed on her kids lives.

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Hi all!! :) I love staying home with my family because...


-  I want to raise my kids my way, not have a babysitter or daycare teacher do it her way!

- I want my kids and husband to always know that they are my #1 priority, and I love them more than anything.

- I get to teach them things they could never learn at school.

- They get to teach me things I could never learn anywhere else.

- If I just feel like staying in my sweats and making chocolate chip cookies, I can turn it into a math & baking science lesson!

- If I'm having a great day, I can laugh while dancing around the house doing the Hokey Pokey with the kids, and no one thinks I'm a nut job.

- If I'm having a bad day, instead of having to tough it out at the office, I feel little hands on my face while a sweet little voice says, "Mommy, what madder? I wuvvoo!" All better.


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my3beasties~ well said, all of it! 


Today my little one is sick with the flu so I've only been out of bed myself for a few breaks. I'm waiting on my big girl to get home now... LOL she's stomping through all the snow on the back porch before she comes in! 

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- I love being part of my child's day and being involved in his life

- It's so rewarding seeing my little guy learn and develop

- I love seeing how happy and confident my little guy feels

- I love being able to wear jeans instead of a suit every day

- I love it that my "office" is the park, not a tiny cubicle with artificial light

- I love it that my life is much more simplified and stress free

- I love having the time and energy to cook healthy meals for my family

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