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proof that my child is too old for nursing

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About a year ago, he said, and I think I started a thread just like this to share, "I'm not thirsty, I'm nursty!"  lol  I thought that was a pretty sure sign that he was getting too old.  Now, today he's nursing (we're down to about 5 min most days and every once in a while we'll skip a day) and he says "wop wop wop, nursing gangham style...  heyyyyyyy sexy lady..."  Oh my!  


And just for the record, I don't really believe he's "too old" nor do I know what that is.  But I am starting to feel like this is dragging on a bit.  :)

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I feel you! I actually make self-effacing jokes because my dearest BFF had to wean @ 1 year each time (chronic nursing pain) so she teases me a lot. I tease her about teasing me by making 'do you think my child is too old to nurse when . . . ' jokes.

Mine nurse over 3, so I get a lot of material! Very recently my LOs had a funny conversation, where my younger one said 'I don't need to nurse mama, I'm not crying' & my older one was like 'You don't just nurse when you're crying! You nurse when you just feel like it!' It was hilarious b/c my older one is so much more nurse-tastic than my other one, even tho both have nursed longer than most.
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Aww, that's too cute!  My older one is always telling my younger one, in a bit of a pissy tone, that he's lucky that he still gets to nurse but he won't be able to do it forever.  lol  

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Mine is almost 3. He says things like one is strawberry & one is chocolate. One day, it was a biology lesson "Kitties dwink dis boo...puppies dwink dat boo. Fwoggy no dwink boo." Lately, when he lays down to nurse for nap, he says he is a baby kittycat. smile.gif
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Mine likes to brag to her friends "my mommies num-nums are the best and just for me!" usually accompanied by illustrative hand gestures that meant titty-twister when I was a teen. And she tells daddy that his num-nums are no good...he should try harder. (Ha!)
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