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Our school has stopped all selling fundraisers but asks for straight donations at the beginning of the year. We do a fall book fair, a family dance night w/ silent auction, a readathon, and a 5K/fun run in addition to the district-wide Walk for Education.
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The giftwrapper fundraiser is the biggest fundraiser we have in terms of money. It usually brings in a few thousand $.

I've always wondered about that. LOL

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It wasn't too bad when my dd was in elementary school.  But now that she is in middle school, there are school fundraisers as well as fundrasiers for the different clubs and things in the school (Band, Student Council, Chorus, Dance Team, and the list goes on and on).  I generally just give a donation to the school and if the Student Council has a dance or something, I donate cupcakes, cookies, etc.

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I know I'm coming into the thread a little late, but I'm also a hater a fundraising and when my children have to do it I give straight up donations.  Boy Scouts was the worst.  I'm just so freaking lazy and I hated, hated doing it.  I would just buy a crap load of popcorn and send a couple of emails to the relatives and they would throw in some $$ or buy popcorn.  But damn the door to door/store thing just drove me nuts.  My kids do a huge spring fundraiser at school.  I am SO not looking forward to that. 

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I never paid much mind to it, I loved winning prizes as a kid, and we buy from my husbands 7 year old brother. However, reading this thread, I really have an opinion! You ladies are SO right. Innisbrook (wrapping paper fundraiser here) is so godly expensive and all the products that aren't wrapping paper are junk. We just dropped $40 on 3 bags of popcorn. $40 for 3 bags....$40!!!!!

I'm hoping to join the PTA for my daughters school next year, and definitely will make it a point to suggest and even volunteer to do the planning of fundraisers like walk-a-thons. She will be attending a public charter Waldorf school, so I'm sort of hoping the fundraisers are already a bit better than the norm smile.gif
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I was just talking to some friends about this issue, and two of them mentioned that their schools follow a non-fundraising model, where families are asked for a straight donation at the beginning of the year, and then there's no fundraising at all after that. The school sizes and resources differ, so at one school the amount requested is $325 per family and at the other it's $200 per family. Not all families can contribute, but both schools are still able to fund all their programs this way, and they do art, music, science lab, family fun nights, etc., just like my school does.

Between my 2 kids, I easily spend that amount among all the various fundraisers. I would be thrilled to just write a check (where 100% goes straight to the school) and be done with the headache of fundraising. I'm going to bring up this idea at the next PTA board meeting at my school.
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Our school has the write a check campaign. I was so glad to not have to sell anything.
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I have come to vent.


I am not an active member of the PTO at DS's school so I really should get involved to enact change but I don't have the time.




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My biggest pet peeve is the stupid fundraisers where they amp up the kids about a class party and then hold it over their head, "only if everyone sells 3 items will you get it". No one wants their kid to be the reason why there wasn't a class party. .


Stuff like this makes me see red.  Little kids (at least my little kid) can't understand that not all families have the time to devote to sell junk or it goes against their values.  All they know is there is a fantastic treat being dangled in front the them and they don't want to be the one to ruin it for everyone.


DS's school recently had a fund raiser where he (me) was suppose to provide names and addresses of friends and family so a company (I can't remember the name) could solicit them with catalogs.  The school was paid $x for every contact provided.   I wrote a note saying I was not providing such information and not participating.  No doubt it caused much eye-rolling.  I did include a check in lieu of participation.


Growing up, there was a religious school that ran a weekly 50/50 fundraiser during football season.  The students would sell tickets throughout the week and the drawing was held at the Friday night football game.  It raised thousands every week (a friend's father won it one time and his winnings were over $4,000) but eventually got shut down because some faction had an issue with the gambling aspect.

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When I took over as PTA president we stopped doing any kid centered sales. We used to the the wrapping paper/cookie dough/trinket sales and I HATED the rep. that would come in and get the kids all jazzed up and ds would come home and be ready to sell except we have a small family and live in a small town so who was he supposed to sell to??  We stopped doing anything that didnt' make 50% profit.  Now we are down to a walk a thon (2,000), Entertainment books (1,100) and a candy sale (2,000) and that's it.  Everything else is garbage (soup lables, box tops, milk caps, milk bags, McDonal's receipts) and we bring in a ton of money/credit.  We sell SCRIP cards and that's my personal favorite, it's money you are spending anyway, so buy the gift card from school and use it.  Done.


Last week I brought up stopped all outside sales and doing a giving campaign.  Donate what you can and we won't ask you to buy anything.  It saves money, time and resources.  I've spent at least 20 HOURS dealing with these Entertainment Books, I'm so over it.  People don't realize how much time goes into the sales, it's better for everyone just to write a check.  

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How does a readathon work at an elementary school?

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We used to attend a small private school that only did one fundraiser a year. We have a 7 mile long paved trail through town that follows the river that is heavily used. The kids would solicit donations and then spend a day cleaning up the trail. My annoyance with it was that I refuse to let my kids go door to door, we have minimal family, and both DH and I were the bosses at out work. We had no one to ask! We used to have to write the check ourselves. The school wanted a minimal of 120-150 depending of the age of child, per child, it was ok when I had one child but then when I had 3 in the school? We starting going "out of town" on that day...


Our new school seems to do a fundraiser a month. We got hit with the gift wrap, chocolate sales already and then some massive gala thing where we were expected to donate items for each classrooms (again x3 for me), about $20.00 a piece, buy tickets for the event (35.00) a piece, shell out for a babysitter, and then attend the gala which was actually an auction where you buy back the crap that you donated in the first place. I donated to one classroom, and refused to do anything else. I think I got 4 calls and emails requesting my participation. 


I'm afraid to ask what is coming up for Thanksgiving and X-Mas! And I'm starting to think that the one fundraiser a year thing was actually really good. 


The school DD1 went to last year did a Read-A-Thon. The kids were supposed to as for donations for every hour they read I think. We, uh, elected out of it. :innocent I also think I've reached my fundraiser limit. Like someone else mentioned, it's rampant in sports as well. We've been on several sports teams, DD1 is on 2 right now, and I'm being asked left and right to donate this, donate that, buy this. I'm to the point where I just want to pay for my kid (s) and the crap she needs and ignore everything else. :Sheepish I did try that this year for gymnastics, requested that I just be able to buy my own kid's team leo instead of having to raise x amount for the entire team to get new leos. It didn't go over well. Maybe I'm not a team player? Who knows. 

ETA: And none of my kids did get a classroom party for the two sales already! Apparently not everyone bought the 3 items.... now I'm thinking either will we anymore. 

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