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Baby Signing

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Okay instead of continuing my tangent in the other thread that is not originally about baby signing, I figured I'd start a new one. We are starting to introduce signs to our 3 month old. I'm curious how old others have started using signing with babies, and how old babies were when they started signing. Also wondering what signs you found most useful. We have been teaching "milk" "bath" "home" "library" "dog" ... it's sort of come about randomly so far. I'm guessing "milk" will be her first sign, lol.

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Eat, more, and all done were big ones in my house with my older children.
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We usually started around the time they began waving bye bye. Seven months? They started picking up signs like crazy around a year. Big signs at our house were more, all done, eat, milk (0/4 did the milk sign properly), drink.

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We've been using signs on and off. LO isn't nodding yes/shaking head now/waving bye or any of that, so I don't expect the signs to be used yet.

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My daughter is almost 4 months and in the past month we've been starting to use signs for milk/nursing, more, and all done with her. We're not super consistent about it, and don't expect her to pick them up for another few months, but it seems like we might as well introduce signs now. We haven't learned any other signs ourselves yet, but other signs we'll probably try to teach her soon include "cat" and "hurt" and "sleep/bed". It does seem like sometimes she might be trying to sign "more" to us when prompted, but it could certainly be just random arm/hand movement.

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We started signing with our dd at 4 months but she didn't start signing until close to a year old. She is now 17 months old and knows and uses over 30 signs regularly. If you have Netflix there is a series called Signing Time that my dd, decided and I watch together.
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I loved signing with both my children and wrote about my experience on my website if you have a few minutes to spare. With my second child, I documented her month-to-month progress if you're interested. My husband and I used to watch Signing Time on PBS before we even had kids when we were in school just for fun. We learned over 200 signs and that was what made us sure we wanted to sign with our future children. We started signing with our first child essentially when we was born, but we held off longer with our second child, starting to sign seriously around 6 months. For our next child (I'm pregnant), I'll probably wait until around 5 or 6 months again.

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