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Baby Signing

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We are starting to introduce signs to our 3 month old. I'm curious how old others have started using signing with babies, and how old babies were when they started signing. Also wondering what signs you found most useful. We have been teaching "milk" "bath" "home" "library" "dog" ... it's sort of come about randomly so far. I'm guessing "milk" will be her first sign, lol.

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We started with DD1 right around 6 months and she was signing a few things at 9 months and TONS of stuff (like 30 or so words) right around a year.  It was nice since she could tell me what she wanted.  I did much less with DD2 and have only started a little with DS (he is 8 months old now).  It is a nice way to spend time!

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I'm excited about it! I'm sure it's a little early to start, but then again, why not?

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I read somewhere to start when baby waves hello/goodbye. But parents gotta get a head start on learning it themselves right. Big bro and I are gonna start next month. LO is 5 months.
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I think I started around 7 months. But I think it is a good idea to start earlier. The most useful signs for us are more, eat, drink, milk, done, cheese, outside. DD likes to sign chocolate and ice cream smile.gif
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