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Still here, still working on a budget. One instance being a perfectionist is a pain in the butt. :lol

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remember a budget doesn't have to be perfect. each month is different. it is called a cash flow form for me because it flows out the door :)

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Yep, we're screwed. Our expenses are definitely larger than the income. gloomy.gif


I think subconsciously I had a feeling that was the situation and that's why I kept putting off writing down a budget. sigh

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But having it written down helps you to make the money flow where it needs to go. Don't despair StillMe with time , selling stuff you don't need, getting rid of money suckers like gym memberships, etc you can make the cash flow plan work for your family.
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You're not alone, StillMe! Really, we're in the same spot, and many others have been here before us. I think patience is key. I've been trying to realize/remember that my household spending habits weren't great all along--this wasn't just the past few months. If it took years to get to this point, it's gonna take more than one or two checks to get it all under control.
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Have any of you applied for holiday helper? I just put in an application. Every little bit helps and I know that helping others makes a lot of peoples Christmases that much brighter. I'm 2 days into the application so hopefully there aren't already 50 families signed up. We shall see!

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ok guys just smack me please. here i am trying to follow this plan and all i'm doing is running figures through my head trying to find a way to afford this house that is for sale in town. 1500 down and 350/m. Just stop me please. I know i can't afford it yet since the 350/m is own finance and doesn't include property tax and that is another 200/m.
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Polly, you have money for taxes and house insurance and the closing costs. Save for it since a home is a "four walls" but home owner ship has so many hidden costs. There are times I wish I had not bought a home.
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it is owner finace no closing costs but i really don't have the money unless i take it from the debt snowball. the house is a fixer upper which is why it is owner finance. but i look at the wood floors and the backyard is awesome and i just want it. I know i need to wait i really don't have the money til jan :)

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Owner financing is good, but I would still wait until you have the funds to really make a go of it, especially since it is a fixer upper. I know there was a house down my street - new siding and windows, great wood floors, huge fenced in back yard for $10,000 because of foreclosure. It had been divided into 2 apartments, but could have easily been made back into a single house with 3 almost 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. DH and I talked long and hard about it and decided we didn't want to be anymore tied down to home ownership since we might move to another city within the next couple of years. I think if we were at the 6 months of living expenses in savings, I would have been more apt to buy the house because you never know when an emergency is going to over run your emergency fund (which can happen all too quickly sometimes - new furnace, new roof, etc).
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thaNKS i needed the talk down from this. I ran some numbers through my head while at work. 350/m is the patment and i would have to save almost 200/m for the prop tax, then the water bill figure this might cost about 600/m all together and i just couldn't afford that until i am out of BS 2. thanks again.

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Pollyanna, at least you have something tangible you are working toward - owning your own home. I know you are close to getting BS 2 done and that is so exciting. Think of how you can save once you don't have debts you have to pay each month. For me, knowing that money is ear marked for a specific purpose helps me save better (I have "sinking funds" for things like car repair, Christmas presents, etc that are expenses I know are coming, but don't happen every pay period).

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Excited about this - I snowballed a debt today! It was a credit line that had already been closed so no danger that I would fall into old habits and put something else on it. This has got me jazzed to do it again and to work harder.


Technically I am still on pre-baby step 1, and I don't have a baby emergency fund fully loaded yet. I have mentioned this about myself before - that I really felt that doing thefirst couple of steps in the order that DR outlines is not going to work the best for me.  Not saying that what he says doesn't make sense - just saying it doesn't motivate me in the order he outlines and motivation has been an issue for me.


Keep up the good work ladies and welcome to the new participants!

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well my budget will be changing next month. we got a puppy. so i was thinking of puting the dog food into the food budget? or would you guys do a seperate envelope for pets?

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I would make a pet budget - food, vet bills, flea collars, etc.

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my DH got a $417 speeding ticket. Ouch!!!

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Ah! So sorry! That's a lot. Wonder if the cop was having a bad day?
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UGH Trekkingirl, I got one several months ago.  I am fighting the ticket and my court date is in December but here we have to pay a fee to contest it with the magistrate.  Still worth fighting it though because they often cut the amount owed down.  My biggest concern is that my insurance will go up.  Sorry to hear. Very frustrating.

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Here you can pay the ticket up front and have a trial in writing instead of in person. If the cop doesn't do his homework than you automatically win and they refund your money. I'm going to help DH try to do that because there is no way we can afford that much money.

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Yay, we tithed the very first thing this check! Super baby step, but it feels good. But unfortunately, we'll be short on our bills and will have to let some lapse. :-/
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