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over weight pug

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My  pug has been over weight for awhile now.One day we came in from outside and his hind legs gave out.We took him to the vet. he has arthritis of the spine.I have him on a green bean and very little chicken breast diet.No more treats and he does like it.He was up to 26lbs. now he is at 24lbs.This has been since sept.16. How much food aday would you suggest?He is 6yrs. old.

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Did your vet have a suggestion? Are you feeding him raw or cooked breast? He may need a vitamin supplement in case he's missing anything. Mine gets a raw diet he loves but it has kale, raw bones and other stuff in it so he gets all his vitamins. :-)
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They had him strickly on just green beans.I added the small amount of boneless skinless chicken breast.Dry dog food he will not eat.They said to give him greenies once a week would be alright.I'm thinking maybe adding some carrots cooked along with the beans.

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I hate to disagree with your vet but only green beans cannot be good for him! I don't blame you for adding some protein. Imagine if you or I only had green beans to eat! We wouldn't last very long.

I think the carrots are a great idea. Also, you could try a little cooked sweet potato. If you're okay with giving him grains you could add a little cooked brown rice or oatmeal. If you wanted to do raw you could get some ground chicken and mix it all together. You may have to start him on raw slowly just in case he needs time to get used to it. He will lose weight.

Greenies are okay but in my opinion they don't offer enough nutritional value. I used to sprinkle a little nutritional yeast (you can get it at the health store) on one of my dog's food but I can't remember the dosage.

I would probably give him about 1 and 2/3 cup a day maybe? Perhaps someone else will chime in.
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I truly appreciate your advice.Thank you.

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Welcome! :-)
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You could try something like Canidae Dry Dog Food for Senior and Overweight Dogs, Platinum Formula ... We have a chug and his breed tends to have issues with weight so we have to pay close attention to his weight as well.    

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