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thanks octanebeetle4, I was originally going for weaning now but I guess I just don't want to let go yet.  But even when I offer its being turned down now, she opens and sucks for a second out of habit but otherwise is just not into it.  Definiately the eaiest weaning process ever, if this is really the end .  I guess I should be thankful its not a painful crying begging process, and that I don't have to worry about being touched out when the baby gets here.  *sigh* they do indeed grow up too fast...


in other world news, I made fabric pumpkins today!  Sewed on a machine and by hand AND I even hot glue guned little stems on top.  A neighbor sweetly set up a crafting day for myself and a friend, she got out all the fabric and helped us figure out the process and everything.  It was so freaking fun!  The girls played happily on the carpet and we even managed to get home in time for naps.  Glorious naps.  Feeling so blessed today.  Better go get my own nap though :)

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I haven't been posting much because I'm not in the habit of coming here yet, but I want to be more active so I can get to know my fellow DDCers!

I had a "meet and greet" type of appointment with a midwifery practice and I feel really good about my chances for a VBAC now. They had a 100 percent success rate for the month of August!
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I don't know how anyone can breastfeed while they are in early pregnancy,  my boobs are literally painfully tender, I barely even touch them myself only to put my bra on and taking that off hurts! I looked at them in the mirror today and am sure they are kinda pinkish like inflammed...is that bad? They seem to be overly tender compared to others on here and I've never had this symptom before...now the pinkness to them is concerning me. I'll make a post about it and ask.


Nausea comes and goes throughout the day now I am almost 7 weeks along, I find if I make myself eat something then it goes away, which is great but I don't want to gain too much weight too early. I just weighed myself and have gained 2 pounds in almost 7 weeks so that isn't too bad!


Eazar have fun at your 'surprise' party tonight and happy birthday to you!

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Thanks, @Winter2013 !  It's going to be hard to act surprised, but I'm going to do my best.  My sister and husband are the worst surprise planners!  I'm getting some rest today so hopefully I have the energy to have fun with everyone else that will be drinking their faces off until late in the night.  Bring on the virgin cocktails! lol

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Originally Posted by Winter2013 View Post

I don't know how anyone can breastfeed while they are in early pregnancy,  my boobs are literally painfully tender, I barely even touch them myself only to put my bra on and taking that off hurts! I looked at them in the mirror today and am sure they are kinda pinkish like inflammed...is that bad? They seem to be overly tender compared to others on here and I've never had this symptom before...now the pinkness to them is concerning me. I'll make a post about it and ask.

If a large portion of the breast is pinkish, feeling more hot to the touch than the rest of your skin, or you're running a fever at all, it could be an infection, and a good idea to see a doctor.


If it's just a larger area than normal around the nipple, it could just be the start of pigmentation changes. The areola gets really big for some women during pregnancy.


Different people get different amounts of soreness, just like with morning sickness. I nursed through my second pregnancy and it was really not a big deal at all for me, but I barely get breast tenderness during pregnancy (if the toddler elbows me in the breast it hurts more than normal, but otherwise isn't really an issue at all). I tend to get a lot of soreness during the first few weeks of nursing instead. 

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I was majorly sore my whole first pregnancy, like shirt fabiric touching was quite painful. This pregnancy I'm nursing my toddler. I think my sensitivity decreased greatly after the (very painful) first few weeks of nursing, followed by thrush. I am a little surprised that I can nurse. It does get sore sometimes, but I think that's because she nurses forever when we're sleeping in hopes of finally getting something. Poor sweetie.
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Winter, I had terribly sore boobs during my first pregnancy, but I was still nursing when i got pregnant the second time and had zero tenderness.  DS2 self-weaned when I was 10 weeks pregnant and only THEN did my boobs get sore!  It was almost like nursing kept them from being sore.  I don't have any soreness again this time and I am still nursing DS2.  Hope your soreness lets up soon!

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Still really struggling, but drinking one glass of coke...small glass...a day, which stopped the actual heaving. Trying to eat high protein, often. It's rough. Nice to be able to chat with all y'all, though. Missing my access to foods in the USA.
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I'm doing better all around - morning sickness has almost entirely let up, and the bleeding stopped.


jul5llriv - I found a coke in the morning was really helpful, too. 

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I still haven't felt sick at all.   Just tired, some cramps and sore boobs so I'm definitely NOT complaining!  I'm still in disbelief that this pregnancy will last.  My first appointment is this Friday when I'll be 8 weeks 4 days.  I'm anxious!  I'm hoping to see the heartbeat or at least to get some reassurance that everything looks normal.  As of now, I'm not getting my hopes up.  I'm sure this would be different if I never had a loss before, but I did so this is where I'm at.

@ocelotmom - I'm glad the bleeding stopped and you're feeling better!  How many weeks are you now? 

@Sourire and @manysplinters - Did you end up making your pregnancy announcements this weekend?  The "surprise" birthday party my sister had for me turned out to be fun.  I didn't have the energy to pretend to be drinking, so I just drank water and I'm sure everyone assumes I'm pregnant but luckily nobody asked me.  





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About 11 weeks, which is about when it's let up in the past for me, so I think less nausea isn't a bad sign!

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@eazer, no - i decided that since we were at a dinner where a new little one was being presented for the first time, I didn't want to steal the mom & dad's thunder, so I just went with the flow, had a tiny bit of wine (thankfully several other women did too) and then had water, juice etc - so it all went off really well without the need to disclose - I already have two, so I think that after two you become a bit under the radar (i.e. people think that 2 is the most that people will have, and you're kind of boring then, so waaaay less scrutiny :wink


Glad your party was fun, and you pulled it off - and awesome that you have such good people around you that they didn't pry or make a big deal out of you not drinking - you'd think in our cultures where there are so many issues with alcohol that people would be more tactful, but it sure doesn't seem that way!

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DH's birthday supper ended up being pretty small because a few people cancelled at the last minute... Just us, DH's mom (who already knows everything), DH's aunt (who kind of already knew as well), plus another aunt, uncle & cousin. So DH just mentioned it to the people who didn't know yet, but didn't make a big deal about it. Then at one point DH's uncle wanted to do a toast to our baby but DH asked him not to because he didn't want to "jinx it". DH is still pretty scarred by our miscarriage last May and by our 3 years of fertility treatments so he doesn't really believe yet that this pregnancy will work out.
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@Sourire so glad the party worked out.  


We had our own nice party avoidance moments this weekend.  I got to skip dh's neices gymnastics party entirely (even if the party wasn't an awkward thing for me aleady, dd1 is too young for thier gymnastics games and old enough to know she's missing out on the fun).  

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Milestone - I'm catching up on pinterest for the first time in at least a month :) I just couldn't bear it before, with all the food pictures. Not even long enough to go through and unfollow food boards.


Something about my work morning routine is making me vomit nearly every work morning, though. Work days I wake up at 4:45, get up immediately (or I'm afraid I'll fall back asleep!), and shower. Other days I wake up around 6:45, lie in bed a while, eat breakfast, and then shower several hours later. I suspect it's the shower and I should be showering at night or something, but I hate the idea of giving up the morning shower! Hopefully the daily throw-upfest will go away on it's own soon. And really, it's not all that bad. Definitely better than all day nausea.

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Ahhh....the Pinterest food!  I just wish I had someone to come to my house and make all that stuff.  hehe....

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@heldt123  I feel the same way!  I can't bring myself to cook because by the time I finish cooking, I'm grossed out by whatever I make!  But if someone puts food in front of me, I eat it.  My husband works weird shifts lately so I'm on my own for dinner which means takeout of frozen food. I can't wait until I feel like cooking again! 

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Same here, eazar!  Sometimes just walking into the kitchen makes me run for the bathroom.  But I find that I can tolerate restaurant food.  Usually, I can only eat a little bit, but take the rest home in a box to re-heat later.  It has been killing my budget, but it is worth it.


And why french fries???  Of all the foods a pregnant woman shouldn't eat, but can???

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I just ate pizza and cheese fries.  For some reason that seemed acceptable because I had a salad for lunch.  I know it was really bad, but after thinking of what I could possibly eat for over an hour, it was the only thing that I could stomach.  Oh well.  I'll get back into making my green juice as soon as I can drink it without gagging the whole time!

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I'm 10wks tomorrow and starting to feel more secure in this pregnancy--although I still can't fathom that pregnancy means I'll be getting a baby in May...so weird.  I'll have a baby...doesn't seem real.  Guess that means me and hubby will be officially grown ups! are we ready for that?! haha

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