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Over 40 Moms

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Are there any sections for moms that are 40 and older? I just turned 40 this year and would like to share and learn along with other moms of this decade. :)

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Oh! I really like that idea! You should p.m. Cynthia Mosher with your idea!

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i think an older moms thread exists somewhere. 


i would consider it an honor to be called a crone. or is crone meant to be someone who has stopped bleeding. 


So something like Parents Over 40 like Parents as Partners (which already exists). Or Over 40's Parenting. 


trying to push the issue along by offering a name for the sub forum.  

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I pm'd her just now. :D

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Interesting concept i guess, except that is forever changing. Also, i think that there are so many moms over 40...those that started out in their 20's or 30's are going to be in their 40' at some point....

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Here's an older mamas group:http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/19/old-mamas


Older Mamas - the next stage of mothering. We are parents facing some new challenges - peri- and menopause, grandmothering, retirement, parenting adult children, elderly parents, empty nests, our own changing health issues. We also are celebrating the wisdom and knowledge and peace that come with age and experience. Pull up a comfy chair and join us - a glass of wine is optional! 


But it doesn't focus specifically on just being a mom over-40, which is where I am. 

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For me so far, being an over 40 mom has only been relevant at the conception stage, ie, it took me longer at 44 than at 40 or 37.   The issue of menopause is interesting, but is equally relevant to non moms....im interested in how menopause and breastfeeding connect since breastfeeding  causes a temporary menopause...  ill check out the old thread...

Moms of older kids is an interesting subject, but not all moms of older kids are moms over 40....

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Over 40 Mom as in having a child after age 40?  Or being 40 and still having under age 18 children at home?  Either way both my dds and I qualify.  In 5 years my oldest daughter (now 35) will have a 13 yo, an 11 yo, and a 9 yo.  In 7 years, my second daughter (now 33) will have a 12 yo, 10 yo, and a 6 yo (her 3rd will be born in January).  15 years ago, when I was 45, I had my 4th child.  He is now 15 and I'm 61.

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Thats interesting. I  turned 45  one week after my dd was  born. Ill guess ill be in my 60's when she's a teen-yowzer. Did you know that if you had a baby after 44 you are more likely to live to 100? Do you feel younger than your years? I hope i do by then....

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I guess it would be for all the above!! :D There are so many groups for younger moms and teen moms, that I thought it would be a nice place to have a over 40's mom. No matter where we are at in the 'mom job'.

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I'm 46. :)

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@KrazyMomOfBoys thanks for your PM. As I mentioned in my reply, a group needs two leaders. If you are willing to serve as a leader then we need just one more - or two or three more if you guys want to co-lead as a group. The more the merrier! Anyone is free to volunteer and the responsibilities are very minor. If interested contact me by PM and I'll get the group set up so you can get started.  :)

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I would love a group for Moms over 40!  Count me in, please!!

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I'm 43 with a 19 yo ds, 18 yo dd and 16 yo ds


I would love to see more posts that relate to my situation in general.  


I feel like moms with younger children are more open to sharing, chatting etc.  You know, I don't know what it is.  But I have certainly have questions and concerns with regard to raising teens and young adults.   I'm just much less likely to share.    


Consider me subscribed!

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Over 40?  I just turned 50 last week!  I have a seven-year-old DD.  Feel great and looking forward to the next 10 years.  :)

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I'm 45 and have a 7 yo and a 5 yo. Count me in!

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I found this thread looking for an "over 40" board.  I had hoped there might be an "over 40 club" of some sort for those of us who are still parents to young children. I just had my 5th baby shortly before my 41st birthday.  My oldest is 16.  There has been a significant difference in my pregnancies in 20's, my 30's and this last one in my 40's, not to mention how I parent my youngers compared to how I parented my teens when they were younger.  I would love to see a board for older mums, particularly those of us still who are still parenting little ones.  I'm struggling with the desire for just one more baby and the fear that it would be too risky (I am also hypertensive and on medication).  I'd love to to connect with other older mums and hear how they have dealt with pregnancy, especially if they are coping with a chronic illness. 

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