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My Name is Irene

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Hello Everyone! 


I JUST joined mothering.com. I will be a new mom in less than 6 months, expected around Nov. I am thrilled to become a mom and there's so much to learn as a new mom. I am excited to have found this website and to meet more moms to talk about parenting and all that has to do with babies. 

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:w Irene and congratulations on your pregnancy! I recommend joining a due date club so that you can meet other moms due the same month as you are. And you might also really enjoy our Parenting and Life With A Baby forums, but look at all the forums because there are interesting discussions all over. This is a great place and I'm glad you found us! :o

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Hi Irene, I'm Tiffany congratulations! I'm fixing to be a mommy for the first time. Im due November:). I'm super exited!
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Hi I just joined mothering.com. Hello everyone! I'm due in about 3 Weeks . Last week my doctor said cervix ia still tight but cervix is thinning out and he is really low. I'm having menstrual cramps, Baby is moving. I started bleeding,lightly yesterday! Is labor coming soon.. First timwe mom:)
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


Let us know if you need any help finding things!

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