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Post-nap diapering strategies wanted!

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Hi mamas! I have a 1 month old son and we EBF and CD. We're struggling with the timing of diaper changes, specifically after daytime naps. 


Here's what happens more often than not. DS falls asleep in a clean, dry diaper. During his nap, he wets the diaper thoroughly. He wakes up wanting to feed, but is distracted by the wet diaper. We change him (1st change), and then he feeds. By the end of the feeding, he's soaked that diaper and is crying, so it's time to change again (2nd change). Within 15-20 minutes, he's dirtied that diaper, so it's time for another change (3rd). That's 3 new diapers within, say, 45 minutes to an hour of waking up. 


DS *hates* to sit in a wet or dirty diaper and I don't want to change his mind about that, because I'm hoping to get him out of diapers as early as possible. We don't mind changing his diaper as many times as we need to, but I wondered if anyone had a strategy for helping these post-nap diapers go a little further? We will be experimenting with charcoal bamboo inserts (CBI) for sleep times but I'm not sure if that will even address this issue. Any advice or suggestions are welcome! 

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We always joke that DD prefers to poop into a clean diaper. No advise, but IKWYM.
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Sometimes you just gotta change diapers a lot! I'm always glad it's cloth and I didn't waste $$. It gets easier as baby gets older.
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Look into EC?

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