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Crafting for Baby

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This isn't for my baby, but I thought I'd share anyways.  My husband's cousin just had a baby boy and this will be going in the mail tomorrow.  The colors are a lot brighter in real life.  Can't wait to start crafting for my own little one.  Making plans for a baby bag, gender-neutral quilt, wipes, diaper covers, one of those things that goes in the shopping cart so they can't chew on the cart, bibs, and more as I browse pinterest :) Anyone else crafting?

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I hand embroidered and then quilted a baby quilt last term, if its a boy he will get it. I will post a pic when I get one. I need to make another girl quilt though this time I am thinking of making one of those four-swaddle-blankets-with-ribbing "dream blankets" for the baby.  We will (SHHHH) be finding out the gender so I'm using that as my excuse to wait on starting my crafting.  Can't wait to see more of everyone's things!

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I made a bunch of prefold diapers out of old t-shirts last time. I ended up donating them to my midwife, so it's possible I'll do that again. They worked really well for the first several months when the infant prefolds were too bulky.

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Love that quilt. I wish had more success with crafts.
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Looking back at this thread because I have a nephew due in January and I'm thinking I'd like to make some stuff. However, I'm not feeling hugely ambitious (no big quilts, plus that's my mom's usual present).


I bought some plain white onesies, one for each of the kids to decorate with fabric markers.


We got a basic large hemmed piece of flannel receiving/swaddling blanket from my mom with my last baby that ended up being very useful, since it was larger than our standard store-bought receiving blankets. But I see someone already bought them aden & anais blankets, so I'm not sure if it would quite as useful. 


I'm thinking I'll do one of these: http://weefolkart.com/content/nubbie-doll-pattern (that site is full of fabulous simple waldorfy ideas). You can do a quick no-sew version from a handkerchief in about 3 minutes (though I'll probably put a little more effort into it. I like sticking a jingle bell inside the head). Maybe matching the blanket?


I've made Robeez-esque baby shoes in the past following these directions: http://www.tackyliving.com/article.php?id=121, and might do a pair of those, assuming I can find our leather somewhere.

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those dolls look like so much fun, and very doable.  I havn't actually done ANY crafting yet for this baby.  At one time i had this great idea to make every child thier own quilt, from scratch, with my own embroidery on it to boot.  Yeah.,  Glorious ideas of a single college student.  If they are going to get those it will be after I am a gramma at this point....

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Oh how I wish I had any sewing, knitting, quilting etc talent. My Grandma (rip) was so very talented but my Mom had zero interest so all the knowledge is gone. I'll be supporting many etsy shops.

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I'm hoping to spend much of winter knitting by the fire!  I don't have anything planned specifically except for one of those cute little norwegian baby caps, and I'm sure I'll do some longies.

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One blanket. I ordered the yarn, but haven't decided whether it will be knit or crochet yet. It's going to be gloriously colorful. Probably I should crochet it because that's way less time-consuming for me than knitting, and I really want to finish it.
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Hykue, you must share a picture of your "gloriously colorful" blanket.  I can't wait to see it!

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