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Nanny Share

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We have a good friend who is willing to nanny for our baby boy (now two weeks old) when I go back to work in December. I don't think we can afford to pay her enough by ourselves so I'm trying to find another family (preferably with a newborn) to do a nanny share.  I've been having trouble finding a good way to find other families.  Any suggestions on where / how to find another family?

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No idea but as someone who nannied for "good friends" make sure you have things in writing and respond to their concerns. They are your friend but they also will be an employee so don't take advantage of them or you could lose that friendship. I'm not implying you will, its just tricky mixing friendship and employment. I hope you find someone to nanny share.
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I know I've seen some nanny posts here on the mothering boards in the Finding Your Tribe section of the forums. Craigslist maybe? Or another online network in your area?

Good luck!
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The only thing with nanny shares - make sure you're being fair. Generally theres a bit of housework that inevitably gets done, so it is my opinion that whoever hosts should pay a bit more. Or figure out some way to make sure that whoever is hosting does not get the better end of the deal. Otherwise it's very easy for the situation to deal into resentment and conflicts between the parents.

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