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Doctors, Vaccinations, and no Pediatrician

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This is a little of a rant with a plea for help.


My son is 6 months old.   We are planning on vaccinating.  He got his newborn shots, and his 2 month shots like a trooper.  Then when my son was nearly 3 months old, Daddy lost his job.  Ok, that sucks.  We got on public insurance, and went in for the scheduled 4 month appointment when the time came.  We get there, get registered, go in to wait for the doctor.  The nurse weighs him, and leaves to let the doctor know we're ready.  A little bit later she comes back and tells us the doctor only takes that insurance at the local clinic.  Ok, that's annoying, but ok.  Then she comes back a second time, saying, actually, no, he doesn't take it at all, and they send us home, with no vaccines.


We scramble around with the new insurance to find him a doctor and try to get him in for his vaccines.  Their earliest available date is October 11th, and now Nate is 6 & 1/2 months old, and still hasn't had his 4 months. So my hubby calls today to confirm the appointment & the time, and they say, no, we have no record of you ever calling  & making the appointment  (and we did make the appointment with the new doctor!)  Now their latest is the 21st of October.  


We can't take him to the state for his shots, cause they want a reference from a pediatrician, which he doesn't technically HAVE at the moment.  


My husband did finally get a new job, he's starting on next Monday.  I'm thinking the best thing is to wait till he starts and then sort this out?  What do you guys think?  I'm worried about him not having gotten any of his vacccines, and frankly, I don't know where to look for info on this stuff.  



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Hi starsmajic. I'm going to move your thread over to the Vaccinating on Schedule forum where it should get more input from members there who can help you with this. :thumb

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Hi!  What an unfortunate situation!  If it were me I would probably just wait until my husband gets his new job to find a pediatrician.  Explain what happened and tell them you want to get him up to date on his shots and what the best spacing/scheduling would be for that. 


Does insurance kick in right away when your husband gets his new job? 

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I agree with teacozy. Often, though, insurance doesn't kick in for a few months. Another option is, do YOU have a provider? A lot of family practice docs/NPs will also see kids (mine does---calling him and asking if he saw kids was the entire extent of my search for my kid's pediatrician!), and it's easier to get in somewhere that you're known. Try calling your own provider and seeing if they can help. They might at least have a place to refer you to. For instance, there might be a walk-in or community clinic that can catch your kiddo up for you. 

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This sort of thing makes me very angry to read about. You should all be fighting as hard as you can in your country for universal health care.


Your baby will probably be fine a few months behind schedule. When you get a new doctor, you can explain the situation.

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I would think you could take him to the city/county health department. You might have to sit and wait for a while though. Or are they the ones who won't take him without a pediatrician reference? I'd think his previous pediatrician would write a reference even if he isn't being seen currently. What about an NP at one of those doc-in-the-box/quick-care clinics? Here they see patients 18 months and up but it might be different in different places. 

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It never occurred to me to ask my old doctor for a recommendation.  I can't take him to a clinic, cause he's under 18 months still.  I'l ltry the old doc, see if he can help. 

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I would honestly plan on using the insurance you have on the 21. Going to the county for shots can involve inferior brands & multidose vials. If you wait until your DH gets on his new insurance, it could potentially be much longer. Since you have insurance now, I would just wait the 7 days.
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Depends on how long it'll be before the insurance kicks in. When I started my job the insurance didn't start for 3 months. Hopefully this isn't the situation with him... I think it's really unconscionable on the part of the employer to leave employees uncovered for that long! 

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I remember at my ped's office there was a sign in every exam room that said something like, "No insurance? Ask your doctor about the state vaccination program." I don't know what the program was, but I know that they do provide free vaccines to qualified families.

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