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Destined to be a life member of the Declutter Forum?

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I just realised that I joined here almost exactly two and a half years ago, and although I have made huge headway in decluttering compared to how our house was then, my house is still overly cluttered in many areas.

Which makes me think that it is not a job that I am going to just 'get done' and suddenly I will be a minimalist!  

I think it helps me to come to this realisation, otherwise I spend my whole time feeling like I have to 'reach' my goal, and I feel frustrated that I never really get there, just have to accept that my life is going to be an ongoing process of decluttering, as it just doesn't come that naturally to me, but being here helps to keep me chipping away at it!

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Same here. 

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I have been a member of this forum for quite a few years as well.  I think as long as I have children living in my home that decluttering is ongoing.  So many things are coming into this house daily...mail, gifts, purchases, stuff the grandmas bring over, etc.  Many areas of our home I am happy with and I try to keep things moving out of here that aren't getting used or aren't inline with our lifestyle choices.  It is definitely a job just trying to keep up!


  We have 4 grandmother (or grandmother-like) ladies living within 30 minutes of us.  They are always giving the kids or I things.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that we homeschool.  3 of the 4 ladies are/were teachers and they think we need lots of stuff to educate.  Their intentions are to be helpful but more often than not what they bring doesn't align with our educational interests and it goes right to the Goodwill.


Mostly I read this forum for inspiration and as a constant reminder to try and keep things under control here.  Quite a few times a year I go through closets, cupboards, kids rooms to edit out the unnecessary.  The kids are constantly outgrowing clothes, games, books and they need to be removed.  


I am right there with ya!  I will probably be a life long member of this forum.  :) 

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Another life long member here as well.  While I'm way better than I was when I started, I'm not even half where I'd like to be!  At least coming here will constantly remind me to purge what I can.

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Good to hear I am not alone then!

I just realised my maths was a bit dodgy when I wrote that post...actually been three and a half years since I joined here!!

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I have been posting off and on in this forum for years and only recently have I felt like my house is mostly under control. The majority of the things I declutter are items that are given to us so I have very little control over that. Also for years I had some serious fatigue issues that have now been getting fixed under the guidance of a natural doctor so I actually have the energy to clean and organize now, whereas before I could barely handle much physical activity. We have a new baby coming any day now so right now my house is overloaded with baby clothes hand me downs that have been given too me. I'm sure there's way more than we need so I need to separate them by size and see what can be donated.
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The main living areas in our house are much better now than they were years ago; one of my daughters invited a friend to sleep over spontaneously a day ago, and I didn't bat an eyelid about someone I don't know coming to stay, which made me realise how far I have progressed!

I still have a messy workroom though, as the nature of my work involves lots of papers and containers/bags full of products so I need to find a way to keep that room more orderly.
My main problem area is the garage, as we have always stored anything down there that we don't know what we want to do with, plus I have about forty boxes full of books to go through...help! hide.gif

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Another lifer here. I've done two big declutters in the last three years but new baby plus toddler makes it hard to keep up. Also lots of hand me downs, gifts and baby gear to go through. I need to solve the clothing/cloth diaper problem and pare down on toys in a big way. Again. I need this place running lean for the Christmas madness just around the corner. My 2.5 year old just picked up a fresh cough though so we'll see
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Hi! I have posted here off and on for a number of years and have been decluttering for a long time...I am not "there" yet and am thinking maybe it becomes a way of life to always be decluttering. It's not destination so much as a constant journey. 


I had my upstairs decluttered and in great shape, but the storage area in my basement is the sore spot in my house. It's worse than it was when I started the whole decluttering journey! So...going to again tackle the basement, then will re-declutter the upstairs. Things are starting to pile up again. 


For me I think it's going to take a combination of constantly moving excess things out and most importantly being uber -careful about how much I bring in. That is where my weak spot is. I can declutter like a champ, but I have not put the brakes on the constant flow of things still coming INTO my house! Duh!!! duh.gif


Still working on a functional capsule wardrobe, still thinning books out, still in angst over my basement shelves...but at least have finally realized it isn't going to work if I don't stem the tide of incoming "stuff". Progress. Imperfect progress, but still progress.


I will never be a minimalist. But I would like to have a clean, decluttered home that looks nice. 


I am thinking though that even if I get a ton of stuff out of my house this year, I will spend the rest of my life decluttering just to keep it from getting cluttered again. Even if I do finally stop bringing so much stuff back in after I worked so hard to get so much stuff out, there will always be stuff that needs to go, things that can be donated or given away. I think it's a constant process maybe. 

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Im a lifetime member...  its not gonna change.   I've moved cross country, gotten rid of everything and started over... still to declutter....  ugh

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I decluttered 2012 in 2012.


I decluttered 2013 in 2013.


I am here to declutter 2014 in 2014.


I am a life member. LOL

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I have been neglecting my decluttering duties I regret to admit over the last year, so things have basically remained uncluttered.

That is largely due to me taking up an exciting new hobby, so it in a sense it replaced decluttering, which had become 'kind of' a hobby to me previously.

Anyway the bottom line is I have to get back on the decluttering wagon, a bit at a time, it's going to be harder because I am just not that into it anymore, but I know I need to for my family's sake.

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If you are ready to tackle your closet, empty your garage, go completely clutterfree or simply empty your junk drawer, these resources can help. You don’t have to read them all before you get started, and it really doesn’t matter which one you pick.
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It helps to get decluttered and to make a plan to prevent its return. You can cancel magazine subscriptions you don't use. Write to Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P O Box 9008 Farmington, NY 11735-9008 to stop junk mail. It takes a few weeks, but you should see a decrease.

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I'm new here but i've been seriously decluttering for the past 2 and a half years, maybe more. What i have come to realize is that decluttering is a habit i should have learned when i was a child because if i declutter as i go i will never have to do major decluttering sessions as i have been doing the past years. It should be something i do daily or frequently, almost like one of my chores. However, all my life decluttering has been something i do ocasionally and then get overwhelmed.

I've decided to live a light minimalist lifestyle wich means decluttering now has to become a habit.Things are always coming into our home. Mail, gifts, papers, etc. What i 've come to learn is that i need to reevalute my posessions from time to time. What was useful last years may not be this year; clothes that were a good fit may now look dreadful; books i felt needed to be kept might not attract me at all today and so on.

I'll probably be a life member becquse decluttering is an ongoing procces and i've come to enjoy the feeling of a home devoid of crap! Lol... I'm close to the point in wich i will be able to say that i love and/or use everything i have. It is easy to clean, nice to look at and it makes me feel relaxed. I never thought i would be able to do this!
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Enjoy your new hobby and still maintain your decluttering mission. Perhaps you can make an appointment on your calendar for fifteen minutes a day to make a fast pass through the house and pick up a few items and add to the donate pile, or assign a space to a few articles. Keep up your good work as every little bit helps!

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Ha, check out my siggy! I will be here forever too... such a long way to go, not ever to minimalist but to streamlined.
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Thanks Marina, Cynthia and kt-mommy for your advice.  Cynthia I am in Australia so unfortunately I can't use that mail preference service, sounds like a great idea though.

I am currently doing a challenge where you get rid of 8 things per day, and I am finding that is helping me to start thinking of decluttering as a daily thing, and I actually look forward each day to purging!

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Sorry, wrong thread.

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I'm still here. Actually came back to MDC today to look in this forum. 


Texted my older son earlier today and told him he needs to come home after Easter for a week-end to go through his room and all of his boxes we have stored in our basement. If he doesn't come home to do this, dh and I will do it, but we don't know which things are super important to him and which are just junk. He really needs to be here and it HAS to be done. He's almost 26 and I want this stuff reduced. I don't mind keeping several boxes for him until he gets a house, but he has soooooo many boxes and a closet full of stuff. It's too much. 


Younger son, just time to go through his closet and get rid of some stuff. He also has boxes and boxes of "stuff" on a shelf in the basement. Will get to that soon, too.


My basement shelf. I work on it periodically, but I need to get it done. It's always a work in progress. It's reduced, but still not finished. I need to get it done. It has been an ongoing problem for years and years. help.gif


Dh and I are talking about possibly moving in the future and I hope to NOT have all of this stuff to deal with when that time comes ( if it does.) Would be much better to have the decluttering finished and only move the things we love and need. If we stay here, would be nice to have a finally deluttered home ( then work to keep it that way.)


I honestly think once I get that basement area taken care of, the rest will be easy peasy, even the maintenance. 


There is some kind of psychological knot involved in decluttering my personal basement shelf. I am hoping to get it fully untangled this year. :nod

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