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Weekly Chat - October 8th to October 14th - Our "due month" is in full swing!

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Bring on the babies!


At what point are you in your pregnancy (timeline, physically, emotionally?) or, if your babe is on the outside, how old is he/she, and what is he/she like? 

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Yay!! I am 37 weeks and 2 days. Which feels like I still have an eternity left. Physically I am doing well. I am suddenly ravenously hungry and if I don't eat every few hours I get shaky and sick. Emotionally I would love to be done.

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I'm 37+1 (or 3...depending on who you ask). Physically, I'm ridiculously uncomfortable. Today I'm having a day of contractions that are uncomfortable, bordering on painful, but they're not regular. Emotionally, I'm kind of a mess. For some reason, I have a lot of fear about labour this time, specifically the pain. I've never had this kind of fear before and this is my fourth time. I had fear last time, but it was about having to go to the hospital, which doesn't look like it's happening this time, unless there's an emergency, of course. My last labour wasn't even bad. My second labour was incredibly painful, but I went from 4cm to baby in less than 30 minutes...and I'm sure that most of the pain was thinking that I had hours and hours to go. I know the only way out is through; no matter what, it will end and when it's over, I won't care anymore because I'll have my beautiful new baby. In the past, all of these things were things that kept me from being afraid, but this time, it's not helping. All I can hope is that, when it actually starts, it won't be as bad as I'm fearing.

I had an appointment with my midwife yesterday. She offered me a stretch and sweep (although, I think she was at least partially joking...maybe). She's off call this weekend and doesn't want to miss my birth. It would be weird to birth without her...she's been at my last two births (which were both at 38+2, so we've got reason to think the baby could come this weekend). I haven't had a vaginal exam, so I don't even know if there's enough progress in that area for her to do one. Anyway, I declined. I'm GBS negative, so yay! I don't even have to worry about the antibiotic decision! I'm so lucky that in four births I've never had to decide what I'd do in that situation...I honestly don't know.
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I'm still not really having any contractions! Occasionally (like maybe once or twice a day) just a mild tightening, but nothing even SLIGHTLY painful. Perhaps this is why I'm so certain baby is going to be late. Its like my body still hasn't noticed there is something in there.

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I didn't have much for noticeable contractions until labour started in my first two pregnancies and they both came before 39 weeks. I'm absolutely not saying that will happen with you, just that birth is unpredictable.
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Oh I hope that happens to me! 39 weeks sounds nice! For some reason I just really want an October baby. My due date is the 26th so I guess we'll see.

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My little girl is five days old and we are in love with her. It's pretty intense. smile.gif
Her cord fell off today. it was such a nasty thing, so I'm glad. But I worry that it should have been on longer, the site still looks not healed. Let's see tomorrow....
My breastsbreasts angry engorged set of huge bricks.

So gracisue I understand where you are coming from, the pain this time and my first birth was awful, and now I'm questioning having any more kids because it was so scary. I've never been scared of birth before, and it's silly because when I have had intense pain, I've always been less than an hour away from baby in my arms. But this last birth, I.dunno, I just freaked and got scared it would last like that for hours. I should look in hindsight and feel affirmation for what I always preach about natural birth, that when the pain gets actually unbearable, that's because you are at the finish line and minutes away from a baby. That was proven again this time. But still the pain is so fresh in my mind (+ the horrible 41+ weeks of pregnancy that I loathed) that I'm wondering why I'd ever go through that again. Ever!
Then I look at my baby and of course I feel like it's worth it, but she's my third child and I wonder if I would even need anymore.

What are you guys using for post partum contraception? I'm going to rely on breastfeeding as long as I never go over 4 hrs between feeding, for six months and then I guess consider condoms or another copper iud. Then again if I do copper iud I ought to put it in sooner, they are more of a reasonable option for over one year of usage. They aren't expensive where I live and I love the ease and lack of hormones. I hate condoms. I dunno. I guess it depends on whether we definitely want to try for another baby after 18 months or two years or what.
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i am 41 weeks today. 


superbeans-- i know what you mean!  my body is pretending i'm not pregnant as well!  i did dream last night that i lost my mucus plug & it was pretty gross.  but all i get are on & off mild contractions.  the baby has been moving like crazy the last few days!  sometimes it is so painful! 


i'm currently trying to force my baby out with a diet of donuts.  i don't think it will really work, but--hey--donuts :thumb 


gracisue-- out of 3 babies i have only had labor once.  the first 2 were sectioned due to non-progression at 42 weeks.  the labor for #3 was so intense & painful!  i had no idea what to expect & then i ended up with a fast hard labor of contractions right on top of each other.  i kind of hold onto that--thinking--okay, this time i know it will be painful.  that's one thing i know.  my midwife told me i could have an orgasmic birth & could relax & just breathe through the pain, but i figure if i am prepared for the worst--then i know what to expect & won't be caught off-guard like i was last time.  for some reason i find this comforting.  relaxing is so difficult for me!  even on a good day it's difficult for me to relax--having a baby is not when i am going to figure out how to relax!  (though once the oxytocin kicked in during birth #3, i was in a much better place!)

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Today is my due date, so I'd say I'm more than ready for my baby to be here! I have a doctor's appt today, hopefully there will be some change to my cervix. I'm really nervous that I'll be told it's still closed up tight. Other than being nervous about today's appt, I'm doing ok emotionally, I guess. I'm starting to get really really tired of the pressure I feel like people are putting on me (unintentionally) to "have the baby already". I know people mean well, but it just annoys me now when I get texts saying that it's a great day to have a baby, or to tell the baby to come out. I'm feeling impatient enough without being bothered by everyone else's impatience. 

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I'm 37 +1 today... due the 28th but really counting on the full moon for her to be here. Physically it depends on the day how I'm doing... Sunday I went to a music/yoga festival and was on my feet for 5 hours and then in the car for 2 and did a yoga class, so yesterday I felt awful and had hip/back pain and was limping around the house (yet had an insatiable urge to spend 3 hours organizing the kitchen by going through all the miscellaneous jars and bulk ingredients and labeling them -- standing on a chair while 9 months pregnant-- and then making my husband an elaborate dinner of baked salmon, roasted beets and carrots, red potatoes and sauteed chard... and THEN make a batch of kale chips and raw brownies in the dehydrator.... and THEN clean it all up and freeze 3/4 of what I made). I feel a little more settled in my nesting because almost everything is checked off my list except for WHO is going to encapsulate my placenta and how much $, and when and which birth tub we're going to get. We're going to figure this stuff out tomorrow when my midwife comes for the home visit and makes sure we have everything. I feel like I have a little more breathing/eating room now and my hips feel like they're falling apart- like literally my right leg feels like it's about to come out of the socket and my pubic bone hurts if i sit cross legged with my heel against it or if I sit too forward in a chair-- baby's head is in there! I tried to feel my cervix yesterday and I'm pretty sure I felt the baby's head through my vaginal walls- really crazy feeling.... 


emotionally I'm ready for her to come out but I'm definitely not as urgent about it, she can wait as long as she wants~ I'm finally enjoying my pregnancy even though sleeping sucks and I'm in pain if I overdo it as I often do- My girlfriends have finally pulled it together and I feel supported, I'm having a blessingway this weekend. My husband finally understands why it's so freaking important that I check things off my list and just gives me the bank card so I can get the things we need for the baby, so I'm not freaking out about being unprepared. I feel like I've already mourned the loss of my freedom and autonomy just with this year of being dependent on my husband and not working consistently, and then having this summer be nothing but "missing out" on things I usually do-- go to music festivals and go on road trips with friends-- but I'm over it now. I don't care... and I know we're still going to do that stuff- just with a baby. My friends who recently had a baby took their little 5 week old to the yoga festival for the daytime portion (which was low-amplified kirtan music and yoga classes, not loud bass like at night) and looked pretty well adjusted and were still doing things they wanted to do-- so I have hope. That and I'm really happy with the season that she's being born in, it's the perfect time to have a baby right when the weather is getting all cozy, and by the time it's nice again she'll be a solid 6 month old and I'll be back in shape... so it's all good. 


and i'm REALLY excited for the birth. just to experience it. even if it hurts and is crazy and I feel like I'm going to die, I am really excited for the experience. Does that sound weird?

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and i'm REALLY excited for the birth. just to experience it. even if it hurts and is crazy and I feel like I'm going to die, I am really excited for the experience. Does that sound weird?

No, it's not weird.  I've felt the same way for each of my three births, just really looking forward to it and not worried about the pain at all. Go figure.  shrug.gif   ( Then when the pain comes of course I say, "Um, never mind, I don't want to do this!" and really really feel that way, but then that feeling only lasts a matter of minutes and then over and bliss ensues, so it's really not a bad deal. ) You'll be fine.


Glad you are in a better headspace!  Awesome.  :thumb

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My little girl is five days old and we are in love with her. It's pretty intense. smile.gif
Her cord fell off today. it was such a nasty thing, so I'm glad. But I worry that it should have been on longer, the site still looks not healed. Let's see tomorrow....
My breastsbreasts angry engorged set of huge bricks.


Porter's cord fell off early this morning too. We have his first dr. appointment tomorrow so I'm sure we'll talk to his pediatrician about it. I remember DS1s cord staying on for what seemed like forever so I was really surpirsed that this happened so fast.  But then again everything about this baby has felt fast so far so I shouldn't be surrprised.


I think it was Happileigh who best described engorgement as "porn star boobs"  I almost peed my pants when I read that and then looked down at my freakin ginormous rock hard boobs and was like...yep

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11:40 EST delivery time
8lbs 11oz
21 inches

She started nursing like a champ!
Doc did check me before we prepped for the c-section. I was still high and at a lose 1cm. So, here she is! ❤️
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Congratulations Cindy-lu!!!

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congratulations!  she's beautiful!

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Congratulations! I love her round little face. I hope you're recovering well and resting.

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Porter's cord fell off early this morning too.  

Are we destined to hit every milestone at the same time?  :rotflmao 

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I'm 40+2 and worn out right now from driving my daughter to the dentist in the city for a tooth infection. That makes my 4th kid in a few months with mouth infections. But it's done and she's taken care of for now so baby can come after my nap, right?

Yogini I'm so happy you are feeling better. I was a little worried about you and thought the group got a little heavy with you a few weeks back. Birth is amazing, you are at the doorway to life and death and the spiritual and physical are beautifully merged. It is the hardest thing you can do and also so blissful. Can't wait to go there again. I'm trying to appreciate it since I expect it to be my last and 6th! homebirth. It is the waiting that drives me batty!
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Congratulations, Cindy-lu! She's beautiful! I hope you're recovering well.

Serafina, you're so right. I keep trying to remind myself that the most intense pain means it's almost over. That's something that I tell all of my friends expecting their first child! It's something that I'm really hoping I'll deal with better when the time actually comes. I've always been a good labourer and handled it well. The irony is, my second birth (which I'm currently afraid to repeat) was my favourite. I've never felt more alive and powerful as I did when I gave birth that morning!

Em, after my unimaginably intense second birth, my third, though similar in total length, was so mellow. I was able to easily breathe through all but literally two contractions. It really is true that every labour is different! Of course, you wouldn't know that from the way I'm feeling lately!

Yogini, I'm so happy to hear you're doing better! It's not weird at all to be excited for birth! I have been in all of my pregnancies up until a couple of days ago. I guess, technically, I'm still excited for the birth itself. It's the contractions in the first stage that I'm worried about. Littlebird already described it better than I could, but it really is an experience that is beyond amazing!

I'm just a whole mess of contradictions today. Birth is amazing, but I just want it to be over. It's really confusing me. It's confusing my husband, too because even though I'm an anxious person by nature, he's never seen me fear birth. It's so unfortunate because it's the plan for this to be our last baby. I'm trying to fill my head with positive thoughts, so hopefully this negativity won't affect my birth.
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So Im currently 41 weeks now and also really tired of the "how you doing" and "any signs yet" comments...I shouldve NEVER told anyone I lost my mucus plug! After I told my mom that she responded with a text that she lit my blessingway candles for me and baby and was awaiting his/her arrival duh.gif  I told her to blow them out this could still go on for days! (which it has)  Its exciting to know that this could happen any second really! Ive been having mild but slightly stronger rushes than usual, my midwife keeps reminding me that the more work my body does now the less Ill have to do when real labor starts, so I keep holding onto that thought. Im still struggling with what to do about my 2 1/2 yr old son when labor starts since we are having a homebirth. I really want him here to see what Ive been talking about the last 9 mths, but Im unsure of how he will be if he sees me in a pool in the living room and want to join me! I planned on having a close friend here to occupy him so that my beloved could be with me. However I wonder if I would labor easier if he wasnt around? Im also afraid of how he would react if he were gone for the birth and shows up to a new baby in his house, how will he react? I should note that my son is extremely spirited(as I like to call him, others might say difficult), hes still extremely attached to his Mama and Im told when Im not around hes a different kid. He just recently had his 1st overnight stay with his Nana, who I adore and trust so he has a place to go if need be. Part of me is really hoping for this all to go down while hes asleep! Anyone else have a simlar experience with your toddler?

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