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Congrats Shiloh! Sounds wonderful! Em I know that is so hard. I was going crazy at 3 days over. My previous birth 5 years ago was 42 +3 and that was so hard. I was afraid of that happening again this time. The birth ended up fine but that wait is what I remember driving me nuts.
My baby still doesn't have a name! I'm getting over some sore boobies from lots of nursing before my milk came in. Today has been really sweet. It's amazing how much their face changes this first day or so as everything unsquishes.
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Yes I will write it.
Birth and recovery went well.
Still swollen, bp fluctuating high,
Rose has jaundice. Waiting for discharge.
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Glad to hear everything went well, Shiloh! I hope you continue to heal well and that Rose's jaundice clears up quickly! 


Littlebird, it sounds like you're having an amazing time getting to know your little one :) I cannot wait for my turn! 


I'm almost 41 weeks now! UGH. I'm feeling ok, just tired of waiting really. Lots of contractions that get my hopes up and then dissipate. 

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Congrats, Shiloh!  So happy to hear it went well, you give me such extra confidence.  :)  Thank you!


And thanks again to the rest of you for all the nice things you say, you all boost me up as well.  It feels great.


Got a phone call early yesterday morning, asking me if I could come in for an NST and some paperwork to my midwife's office before my induction Monday.  I was expecting to see the head midwife, who was the one who kinda badgered me into the induction... but luckily, I got to see my favorite one!  Katie and I have bonded SO much this pregnancy, and unfortunately, she can't deliver me (she's new to the practice and having issues with paperwork for her privileges at the hospital, because this freaking hospital is podunk and ridiculous), but she told me she's going to come by and see me on Monday anyway - so sweet. 


I told her I was nervous about how things would go, and she was freaking fantastic - she looked me right in the eye and told me that I would be fine, that I could handle it, and that if I didn't want an epidural or narcotics that I absolutely didn't have to have them, no matter how hard the hospital pushes.  It was so confidence boosting.  I mean, again, I don't have anything against all of that - I just want to see what I can handle first.  I want to have the chance to try.


She did strip my membranes... and it did nothing.  Not even any freaking contractions.  And it's my due date!  Haha.  Lovely.  I don't mind, though, because I'm really realizing that this kid was NOT gonna come before I hit 41 weeks, and so this induction was an inevitability no matter what.  That's actually reassuring, lol.  Apparently, the kid keeps popping her head in and out of my pelvis, meaning she's not wanting to STAY engaged... so Katie taught me some moves to use when the contractions start in the hospital to encourage her to get on in there.  This is probably why I'm not dilating any more as well.  But oooh man, so much pressure.


Wishing all the 41+ ladies to have their babies before me!

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Rainy, what moves did she recommend to help baby engage? I feel like I'm having the same issue.

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that is awesome, rainyday!  good job standing up for yourself & going after the birth you want.  i hope everything starts moving for you soon!

irielyn--race ya!  :thumb

thanks for all the support from everyone.  i am glad i have a supportive midwife.  it is much easier going towards the 42 week mark with a midwife than it ever was when i was with a doctor!  i did ask my midwife if she minded delivering a baby in a corn maze.  i have been cramping for a couple of days now & expecting to go into labor at any minute & it is starting to drive me a little batty.  so i figured i should plan an outing tomorrow to go to a corn maze.  (here in the midwest corn mazes are a must in october)  i figure it is win/win--either i go into labor & can't go to the corn maze, or labor waits a little longer & i get to go to a corn maze.  my midwife said she would get back to me on that.

meanwhile, i decided that all the cramping reminded me of trying to get a cold engine to turn over.  like one of these times the engine will catch, my uterus will roar into action, & away we will go!

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em - thank you!  Now go have your baby in a corn maze.  Lol!  :)


dahlia - she described basically bending over slightly and leaning on things while rocking your pelvis from side to side.  This is especially good during contractions, she said, and she also recommended putting the birthing ball up onto the bed and leaning over on it, then rocking.  The slow dancing type move with a partner is good too, because you can put your weight on the other person, pop your hips back a bit and just stretch out while rocking.  She said it's not so much about the gravity at that point, but the key is to keep moving as much as you can, because it's not that the baby's not dropping, it's that she's not staying dropped, and I think the pelvis shifting is supposed to help that.


I'm going to do a bit more research as well, I'll pass along anything I find.  :)

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38+1 and soo eager to lose this belly and hold my baby on the outside. I think I'm spoiled from my previous pregnancies where I had them about now. Do baby boys take longer in the oven or something?
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My two sons came out due date or sooner, my daughter stayed in until halfway through my 42nd week, so....no, they don't, necessarily!
Extra labor dust to you, rainydaycraft, before tomorrow's deadline!

Good luck all you ladies at your wit's end!!
Labor dust to you all!!
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I've been losing sizable chunks of my mucus plug today.. Lots of contractions too, and they're definitely not bh! I so hope this leads somewhere good!!! 


Rainy, my fingers are still crossed for you that you'll go into labor on your own! 

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Hoping for a lovely birth for you soon dahlia810, sounds like things are really starting to progress for you and babe! Send some of that my way!

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Sending lots of labor thoughts to you!! My contractions have slowed down a bunch :irked I'm hoping they'll get moving again tonight, or that maybe I can get something going by taking a long walk tomorrow. 

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i had some bloody show & some regular--though weak!--contractions & called my poor midwife at 1:30 am this morning.  then it got quiet again.  i went ahead & cancelled the corn maze :(  but then the day has been uneventful.  i'm telling myself that my body is resting up for the big show--tonight?

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Thinking of you and sending labor vibes, Em!! I hope tonight is the night for you!

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It needs to be the night for someone! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you to meet your babes soon. I think I still have a long haul ahead of me.


My oldest son burned his palm and fingers on our wood stove tonight, so I'm on-call during the night for rebandaging duty. We have had that stove in the kitchen the entire time we've had kids and never have had a safety issue before. First time for everything, etc. etc. I feel so bad for him. I know the pain will eventually subside, but it scares him right now. Poor Eli.

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Aw poor little guy! I hope your son's hand heals quickly, Maine mama

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Hoping tonight is THE night for you Em! (even though I may be a bit envious)  Ill be thinking of you!


Maine Mama, you should try(if you havent) some lavender oil mixed with coconut oil on your sons burn, the lavender is very soothing for burns and the coconut oil really helps to heal scars. Also some aloe straight from the plant works wonders if you have some. We also have a wood burning stove and I always fear my son will do the same one day, this winter will be our 2nd season having it so we are hoping to teach him a bit more about it in hopes he will not touch it...last year(he was 1 then) I caught him with Dads gloves on and the poker in his hand!  yikes2.gif At least he put on the gloves I suppose.

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Well, it's 5am here and I'm up wondering whether or not to send my husband to work. I woke up to pee around 1, and lost a lot of rust colored mucus, which continued when I got up again at 3. I'd been having back pain throughout the night that I was aware of whenever I woke up to roll over, which has turned into contractions every 8-11 mins for the past two hours or so... I just got up a little while ago to see if being up changes anything, but I'm not sure if I should keep my husband at home or send him off to work! What do you ladies think? He works about an hour away, and our hospital is only about 10 mins from our house so getting there shouldn't be a problem, right? 

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If it were me, I would keep him home. What did you end up doing?

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He ended up staying home :) So now it's just a waiting game to see where this goes!

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