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Good luck!!!!
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My thoughts are with rainydaycraft today, too!
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good luck, dahlia!


i'm still pregnant....  i'm having stronger contractions--but like just one every once in awhile???  i am almost 42 weeks.  i am still correcting everyone who comments, "oh, so you are overdue," after they ask when my due date is & i respond, "well, i was 40 weeks on the 2nd..."  as of thursday (or wednesday?) i can say, "yes...yes...i am overdue.  thanks for asking."  poop!

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All the very best rainy and Dahlia! Thinking of you both xxx
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Hope all goes well today, Rainy!

Dahlia, hope it really is the start of labour for you!

Em and Irielyn, I'm sending labour vibes your way. It's coming soon...hopefully extremely soon!

AFM, I've been having semi-regular contractions since Saturday night. They're not terribly strong, but they follow more of a pattern than the other times I've had them. They get stronger and closer together at night and then they calm down when I go to bed. I'm also gradually losing my mucous plug. I was like this for a few days before I had DS3, so I feel like something's going to happen soon. I'm 38 weeks, so I also realise this could go on for weeks, so I have to try to prepare myself mentally for that.

I realise that there aren't many Canadians in this DDC, but Happy Thanksgiving anyway!
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Good luck today Rainy!! I'm thinking of you! 


Em, I hope your contractions turn into labor!! And thanks for the good luck wishes :)


Danielle, how are you and your little girl? Nice to hear from you :)


Good luck Graci! I hope you have your little one soon!


AFM, still having contractions, but not quite as frequently at the moment. I keep losing more brown mucus in big blobs. Not pretty haha. I hope everyone is doing well today and that there are some baby announcements soon! (especially you overdue ladies, Em and Irielyn, I'm lookin' at you!) 

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So my midwife suggested a pelvic adjustment at the chiro today so Ill be going in a few hours, Ive never been but have been told it can jump start labor within 24 hrs or even sooner sometimes! Not trying to get my hopes up but of course I welcome more progress....I have a 42 wk apt tomorrow and I never imagined getting this far! Im not tired of being pregnant or in agony at all, we are just ready to meet this baby!!! :energy 

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Good luck Irielyn!! I hope it triggers labor for you!

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Good luck rainy and dahlia! Dahlia, big brown blobs totally sounds promising!
You too Irielyn, I hope the chiropractor kicks things into gear for you
Emconnell, I'm crossing my fingers for you that your baby makes an entrance soon

Afm- Porter and I are doing great. I've spent the last few days taking it super easy after having gone way overboard and my bleeding reverted back to like day 3. It's so hard for me to just stop moving especially now that I'm not carrying that belly anymore but DH and my mom have been my rest enforcers. DH's mom and grandmother are coming tomorrow. Fortunately my mom is here to play hostess so I don't really have to do anything except make an appearance.
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Oh my goodness good luck ladies! We are just about halfway through our birth month!! Which means roughly half our babies are here! So exciting.

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All the best dahlia your symptoms all sound very promising! So exciting your so close to meeting your baby girl! :-) lots of calm gentle labour vibes headed your way!

To the overdue Mumma's much love! I hope your babies are in your arms really soon!

AFM- Katherine is doing great, she is 2wks 2days old and she is such a sweetie! Much more alert and awake when she's awake now. Although she spends most of her day drunk on boobie milk!
Today dh went back to work and I feel incredibly sad about it, he took an extra day off yesterday because he just didn't want to go in. He'll be exhausted tonight but ecstatic to see his tiny wee girl.
We rocked our new morning routine which was great, my anxiety levels are pretty high though today, but we were well organised and the school run went very smoothly despite the hideous wind and rain from our current spring storm. Even managed grocery shopping. So this afternoon we are relaxing & feeding as like you Ciga my responds the same way, bleeding returns with a vengeance :-/

Hope all the other new mums and bubs are doing really well!
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I finally posted my birth story. Lol. John will be a month old tomorrow! I can't believe how close everyone is!! Ahhhh
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Only one complaint so far actually and that's mega leaky (.)(.)'s already onto my second set of clothes this morning eyesroll.gif cheers over active letdown!
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Do you have any disposable nursing pads? I had to use them the first couple weeks. But now I can use my washables and only have to change them at night and in the morning.
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You guys are making me cry. Sheesh. smile.gif

This induction shit is just that -shit. I'm on dose 3 of the Cytotec, maybe 1/2 a cm more dilated than I was in my office on Friday, and I've been here 12 hours. Contracting all day, painful, but nothing I can't handle - EXCEPT that I have to get back in the bed every goddamn 2 hours to be monitored! Then, each dose of Cytotec requires an hour on my back, and the best part - this kid is definitely posterior. Back labor that ONLY hurts when I'm in the bed.

They're telling me Wednesday for the baby - three days of labor. And they never implied it would be this long before. I know they're trying to help me dilate properly and avoid having Pitocin on an unripe cervix, but I'm still reeling at the time spent here.

Anyway. Good news is, I get to eat still, and my husband is awesome. But that's about it. No super magic quick labor for me, I guess. greensad.gif
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I am so ready to have this babyyy.. 38 weeks today and my mom says she thinks by the end of the week it will happen. I have a midwife appt on Thursday and i'm really curious to see if anything has changed with my cervix because I've definitely been crampy and baby has definitely officially dropped down low- I can actually eat and breathe now!! it's so nice :)


induction sounds horrible- rainyday- why is that happening? 

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Yogini-I feel the same way you do, so ready but I haven't had any signs yet except for Braxton hicks. I am also 38 weeks and every evening I hope this is THE night. It'll come.

Rainyday I wish you all the best and hope things pick up for you.
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rainyday--i hope you can get some rest & some time off of your back.  you are so strong--you can do this! 


i'm having my 42 week midwife visit today as well.  my midwife said, "i didn't think you'd go this long!"  and i told her, "no one ever does--it catches me by surprise every time!"  but once i hit the after 40 mark, i usually settle in knowing it may be two more weeks.  it's weird to me that i am less anxious after 40 weeks than i am before.  yesterday feeling her move around i said to her, "just come out already so i can hold you!"  it's kind of frustrating being able to feel her whole body, but not be able to hold her!


i had crampy contractions all night long waking me up.  then i got out of bed to see what would happen--nothing....


i hope everyone else who is close to the end is having a more promising labor!

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Rainydaycraft, I hope things pick up! Wishing for all the best for you. Stay strong!
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Wishing you well thoughts rainydaycraft and hoping for the best for you and your family!  :blowkiss


Em it looks like we are both still in competition here......my chiropractor apt went well, it was the most amazing Ive felt in quite awhile! She aligned my pelvis which was all out of whack and stretched out my round ligament that is connected to the uterus and sacrum and it felt SO good and progressive at the time! I thought for sure that would do the trick, she said the majority of her clients go into labor within 24 hrs but I may need a 2nd adjustment because I was so off balance. She did an adjustment on my neck that would help with my pituitary gland and when she popped it, it was a like a fog had been lifted and I could see and hear more clearly, truly remarkable! Otherwise, I also have my 42 wk apt today with the midwives to see what our next step is. And to think I got super excited when I reached 37 wks "full term", I never thought Id be here with my babe still on the inside!

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