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RainyDay that sounds really rough!!


Yoginimomma How was the blessingway?


emconnell Thats awesome you are able to settle in knowing it may be 42 weeks. I am 38 and have a hard time imagining I may still have a month left! Now that your 42 I hope baby makes an appearance soon!

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Congrats Shiloh!!!


Had pretty intense contractions all night and today. Hoping this is it!!!


Sending out birthing love to you Rainy and em!

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So glad to be on this side of the fence. My heart goes out to you 42 weekers!
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Oh Irielyn too!! :stillheart

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I'm thinking of you Rainy!! I'm sorry your induction is so uncomfortable greensad.gif I hope it gets better for you! Hugs!

Fingers crossed for you ladies showing signs of possible labor!!

Afm, I gave birth to my sweet little girl at 7:17 this morning! Her name is Lily, and she weighs 7lbs3oz, and is 19 inches long. We are so in love with her!

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joy.gif:joy:joy congratulations Dahlia! That's such wonderful news, she's beautiful! Welcome to the world Lily! Xxx
I hope everything went smoothly Dahlia! So pleased she's here!
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Yay! Congrats dahlia!!!!
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Congratulations Dahlia! I love that you oh-so-casually mentioned the birth at the end of your post. :)

She is beautiful!

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WOO-HOO, another baby girl!!! Congratulations to you and your growing family dahlia!!! Shes such a gorgeous little girl!

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congratulations dahlia!  she is beautiful :joy

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Thank you thank you!
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Congratulations, Dahlia, on your beautiful baby girl!!

Rainy, I hope things have gotten better since your last post. Hopefully you've got your baby by now!

Afm, still contracting. Still not regular. They're more uncomfortable this morning, so yay? My midwife offered me a stretch and sweep again at my appointment yesterday, which I declined. I'm so ready to meet this baby now, though. I did agree to an internal exam for reasons I'm unsure of. I learned that I'm 50% effaced and 1-2cm dilated, which means basically nothing, so I probably should have declined the exam. The baby won't stay down in my pelvis, so I measured quite a bit bigger than last week...still fine (two weeks ahead), but now my midwife's got me worrying that my baby's huge.

I'm 38+2 according to lmp and that's when I had my last two babies. I think I really expected to wake up in labour, so I'm quite disappointed this morning. I've never gone into labour during the day. I know it's ridiculous, but I feel like if she isn't born today, she won't be born for weeks. On the plus side, it's my wedding anniversary! I've been married for nine years! We kind of already celebrated last week because we didn't know when the baby would be born. I don't know if we'll really do anything today. Hopefully DH doesn't have much work to do. I suspect I'll be quite emotional if these contractions don't smarten up and turn into something!
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Congrats Dahlia!!!!  Lily is beautiful.

Rainydaycraft I hope you have your baby by now!!!

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Congratulations Dahlia, I'm happy for you that things went so well. She is really cute.
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Originally Posted by gracisue View Post
  The baby won't stay down in my pelvis, so I measured quite a bit bigger than last week...still fine (two weeks ahead), but now my midwife's got me worrying that my baby's huge.

Hang in there, mama!  You are still 12 days from your EDD so try your best to pamper & distract yourself, to run out the clock on this pregnancy.


don't fear big babies-- the fat smooshes and squishes just fine & your pregnancy hormones loosen your hips nice and wide for the big day.  My 35" hips (when not preggers, obviously) has handled two 9.5 pound babies in 3 pushes or less, so I advocate for not fearing birthing a babe with chubble.  :twothumbs 

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Congratulations Dahlia!! She is really cute!


I'm hoping for a big baby! Labor is a short time in your life. But generally big babies sleep in longer stretches... and I'd rather get more sleep than have an easier labor!

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My little lady is a prime example of that.  I've had her in my arms in bed/on sofa for the past 3 hours hoping she would wake up so I can look at her eyes!  She has slept through two diaper changes and two mini-feeds, and an outfit change.  Sleeping beauty....  I could have napped but instead I read for the first 90 minutes and then watched tv and cruised mothering.com for the second half.  I was in bed for 12 hours last night and I recall maybe 2-3 times helping her to latch on without lifting my head from the pillow.  I am getting crazy rest these days.  Much more than when pregnant!!!

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congratulations Dahlia!!



I'm pretty sure I'm going to have this baby by the weekend. I went for a long walk last night (hour and a half, 3 milesish- but outside and a way quicker pace than I normally do at the gym on treadmill) and when I got home I was having pretty consistent rhythmic period-like cramping that radiated to my lower back every 5 minutes or so.... and really twingey/stabby cervix pains. It lasted 4 hours and then finally tapered off around bedtime, but I noticed every time i got up to pee at night my uterus was hard and I had the same crampy feeling. sooooo..... we better get the birth pool set up- it's still at my midwife's house, which is only 2 blocks away, but still- i need it!! I really think Friday/Saturday is the day!

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Congrats Dahlia! She's lovely! Can't wait to hear the story


Rainy I hope you've got your baby by now and the induction got less unpleasant.  I managed to sneak through without back labor this time but i had it for my whole first labor so i really feel for you. it totally sucks.


we had our first all nighter fussy baby on Monday night.  I had forgotten how exhausting those were. Then last night i got sooo much rest. I only remember nursing once before 5am. It was beautiful.  serafina with the exception of monday I am also getting better rest than when i was pregnant.  not so much peeing, when i close my eyes i almost immediately fall into deep sleep as opposed to laying in bed for hours staring at the dark...

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i went baby clothes shopping yesterday after i went to show my cousin the baby clothes & realized i did not have enough warm clothes & cloth diapers!  i spent this morning washing & folding baby clothes & diapers...i thought maybe it would induce some uterine action, but no such luck.  my last was born at 42 weeks & 1 day.  that's about now.....  i have had isolated contractions & bloody show these past two days.

my cousin, who came up to help me with my minions while i birthed this one has run out of vacation time!  she is headed back home today.  maybe that will put me into labor?  while she was here i realized exactly how UNhelpful the dad is.  when a person can't pause his video game to help his 42 week pregnant wife carry some laundry....sigh....  i figure i will put him on kid duty when the time comes & labor without him.  i can't imagine feeling supported by him right now :irked  & i recently read a study that unhelpful dads can actually stall a labor.


my midwife is not pressuring me at all & is giving me kudos for being patient as well as staying super hydrated & keeping track of baby movements (she is still very active--i don't know how she has the room to move as much as she does!!)  of course, i'm familiar with the routine by now!

now i am off to the chiropractor for my weekly adjustment.  i just announce myself by saying, "i'm still pregnant!" whenever i see anyone.  i keep thinking i should be carrying a sign or something.


well, holy cow, it can't be much longer now!?!  right???

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