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Cindy - congrats!  What a sweetie.  :)


I'm 39+3 today.  I had a bit of a pout fest/breakdown last night, which I really don't do - it shows how my hormones are at this stage, I suppose.  :P  I've gotten so dismissive of the cramping and the other things that go on with my body that I get myself all convinced I'm showing no signs of progression, which of course I am!  It's silly to get discouraged about it!  But rationality isn't always the name of the game lately with me, more like mood swing central.


My mother in law was nagging my husband about something the other day over text, and I made the mistake of telling him to tell her I was starting to dilate so he could change the subject.  It worked then, but now she's become endlessly annoying - he called her about something completely unrelated yesterday, and within minutes she had the subject changed to my goddamned cervix.  She's unbelievably impatient.  Even worse, she's somehow convinced herself that SHE is the one driving us to the hospital - whaaat?  Why would we agree to that?  We need our car there in the parking lot, it's where we're storing everything!  But considering her logic throughout this pregnancy, I shouldn't be surprised.  I wish to god she'd find a job so that she has something else to focus on.  Argh.  Either way, she isn't getting a phone call until we're already at the hospital and well into the birth.  At least I know she's super duper squeamish and won't try to barge her way into the delivery room. 


Serafina - I'm considering the Paragard as well, but I seriously can't decide.  I just don't want to be on hormonal birth control anymore - one of the reasons it took us so long to conceive was due to being on the Nuvaring for a year straight and having my cycle COMPLETELY effed over afterward.  It took years to get back to anything resembling regular.  I honestly just want to use condoms until we decide to try for #2, and then my husband has happily agreed to the vasectomy after that.  And I'm going to be breastfeeding as well, so I figure that's extra insurance.  :)


Oh my god, my husband just got a text from a coworker asking if the baby is here.  I think I'm losing my mind.  I'm going to shut all the phones off and hide under the blankets until I see a head actually poking out.  And I think I'm only half joking. 

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Congratulations Cindy-lu such a sweet girl you have there! Enjoy your baby moon!

We are ten days post partum here. Katherine is doing really well, she gained 80grams from day 6 to day 8 and will be weighed again tomorrow. She feeds really well. We are treating oral thrush which is frustratingly difficult as the stuff I have to use you can't leave on so it requires putting it on 3-4 times a day but washing off before breastfeeding which can be hard as we feed on demand. I am only going out when necessary and panicking a little bit about getting back into the school drop off routine come next Monday morning. It will be stressful for a few days so I think I just need to accept it as it is. We have wicked gale force winds here today so Katherine and I are snuggled up in bed together napping when can and watching television online. And organising a few Xmas gifts.
Physically feeling pretty good, tried using washable breast pads yesterday which unfortunately were a complete fail, leaked through during the first feed and required a complete top, singlet and bra change so it's back to the icky disposable ones. They do the job but they're icky.
As for contraception, I don't tend to get my cycle back for 15-16months post baby so in that time it's breastfeeding and condoms and after that we will look into something a little bit more reliable, potentially a pill. I truly thought Katherine was going to be our last babe but honestly now she's here I just don't know, maybe time will tell, maybe I'll just never know and maybe it will come down to realistic logistics and finances :-/

Here is Katherine last night wearing some absolutely gorgeous knits from a lovely friend of ours
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Cindy-lu- Ahh congratulations!! She is sooo sweet! Perfect little baby :) 


Rainy, I want to run and hide too!! I wish no one knew that today was my due date. If one more person sends me a text asking where the baby is, or saying to get a move on, or any other kind of "funny" message, I'm going to scream. Even the people who mean well, and just ask how I'm feeling today are getting on my nerves because I feel like they're only asking if I think the baby will come soon. I say we all build a giant blanket fort and hide out until we go into labor, lol. 


AFM, saw my OB today, and still absolutely nothing going on with my cervix. I'm bummed, but trying to remember that it could happen all at once. 

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Congratulations to you and your family Cindy-Lu! :joy Hope you are all recovering well!


And Im with dahlia, lets totally hide under a giant blanket fort! hide.gif 

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My little Heidi is almost 3 weeks old (on Friday!).  She's a little darling and continues to just be the sweetest baby ever!  She sleeps amazingly . . . waaaaaaaay better than my other two (who were up every 2 hours oh until like 6 months old!) . . . in fact we've been getting some 6 hour stretches at night!  I feel spoiled . . . but she makes up for it with a big evening cluster feed- nursing 1x an hour from 5-8 . . . which is of course our busiest time of evening.  Oh well, she's my sweet baby and it's soooooo worth it!  She is nursing well and is either sleeping peacefully or calm and awake, looking around.

My body has healed well so far.  I felt almost 100% right around the 2 week mark- some of those strange aches and pains left and my back stopped hurting and started feeling slightly stronger.  Part of me is looking forward to the 6 week check-up so I can start exercising again (legs feel lazy and squishy, ha!) and part of me is enjoy the last, nice excuse I have for NOT exercising, ha!!!!  I'm in that strange phase where my maternity clothes are too huge but of course I can't fit into my old shirts (boobs too big and of course stomach still poochy).  I need to squeeze in a shopping trip to get some longer shirts to last until I'm done breastfeeding.


Family has adjusted well!  Big brother and sister are in love with their little Heidi and I've been impressed with how patient both kids have been.  Of course it helps that Heidi is so sweet and NOT a cryer at all.  Husband asked the other day if something was wrong with her because she didn't cry :)  I said no, she's peaceful AND we meet her needs before she feels the urge to cry.  Of course after my son, who was pretty miserable until 4 months, she really seems like an angel!  


My mom leaves tomorrow :(  We've had her here since Heidi was born  . . . stinks that reality has to set in at some point!  


Hugs to all of you who are SOOO close to meeting your babes, and extra strength to those who have a few more weeks!  It's coming soon .  .. 

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irielyn--i also have some spirited children!  for my last birth i really wanted them there, but it quickly became too difficult to have them present & i had their grandma come get them & the birth went a lot faster & more chaotic than i realized it would be & i was unable to get them back in time to see her born (i heard that it is good to see the birth for bonding reasons.)  then the baby had to be transported to the hospital & they ended up not meeting her until much later.  so this birth, i'm trying to be better prepared!  i have a two year old who i really want to be here so she can see the birth & hopefully be able to cope with losing her spot as the baby.  i also want her big brothers to be present--the 8 year old wants to cut the cord :)  i'm having a cousin come to spend time with them while i labor & then hopefully they will stay close by (but not in the house!) until i start to push.   then they can be called back to hopefully witness the birth.  i recently saw pictures of a mama in the birth tub with her two little girls helping out--i had to accept that that probably won't be us, but maybe they will surprise me & not be complete little maniacs :)  i know i need them away while i labor, but if this birth is like the last one, i think i could have them there for the end when i am in less pain & more euphoric. 


meanwhile, still pregnant....some more discomfort today--which is encouraging, but the dad never offers to help with my pain or even to ask if i am okay??  it's heartbreaking for me, but i just have to accept that he is having his own issues that prevent him from being here for me right now.  sucks though.  he was so wonderful during my last labor.

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this study showed up on my facebook page today.  notably, older moms tend to have longer gestation.  ah ha!

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Thanks em!!! Just what I needed to hear and I think you are right on, I may just have him join us towards the end to witness the birth part and labor with his Dad alone. I was having some of the exact same issues that you are as far as not feeling like you have a good supportive partner. I finally just laid out everything on the table during our much needed date night. Told him I didnt see how this birth was going to work if he brought in his negative vibes to our sacred birthing space and if he wanted to see the birth of his child that something was going to have to change. I reminded him of how much he has in his life to be grateful for, how some people arent nearly as lucky as him and to keep reminding himself of all that is wonderful in his life whenever hes feeling down. I slowly began to see the change in him and thankfully Im feeling in a better place with our relationship now, however I was REALLY counting on my supportive midwives if he wasnt able to step up and I was fine with that too...the baby has had nearly all of my focus and I wasnt going to allow anyone to stand in my way of having a wonderful birth experience! Im hoping he comes around for you when it matters most, have you tried sitting down with him and the midwife together to talk through some things?

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39 weeks {Wow!}

And today was the first day I thought "I don't want to be pregnant any more". Thanks to nasty nasal drainage I threw up this morning...again. It hurt so bad, even though I did feel better after. It stresses DH out more then me.

I really thought sunday night/Monday morning was it. I felt strangely tired all day. My family came over to help move some stuff, and my mom cooked dinner. I was snappy at people, thankfully they let it go. And at about 7-8pm I started to have lower back pain/cramps, and contractions. By 2am they where coming every 10 minutes, but not painful. 4:30 they started to hurt. But DH gets home at 5:30 so I tried to stay relaxed and wait for I'm to get home. He was willing to go to the hospital right then. But by then things had slack off some, and I really just wanted to sleep. He took a shower, packed some of his clothes into our hospital bag, and went to bed fully dressed, even had his car keys in his pocket. And....nothing else happened. Ugh! My body has stayed rather quiet sense then. I've been really content up till that point, but now not so much. It's kinda disappointing that nothing has happened.

Tomorrow I have an appointment, and my Dr would like to check to see if I'm dilated any more. I'm not sure how I'll handle it if nothing has changed. I'm kind of emotional at this point.

My little girl has been spending more time facing my back, it's so uncomfy. Her butt pushing on my belly, head deep into my pelvis. Makes it feel like I have to pee even when I don't, and food not so enjoyable.


Anyone else get extra tired close to labor? I've been sleeping a lot more...then I randomly feel the need to walk around, just to pass back out. I just feel strange in general. But strange is the same as normal in pregnancy isn't it. Lol.

I think I'm going to go take another nap.

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AFM, saw my OB today, and still absolutely nothing going on with my cervix. I'm bummed, but trying to remember that it could happen all at once. 

It really can.  Really!  Keep repeating it to yourself like a mantra.  I wish I could have had more faith in that, my attitude would have been so much better, i wouldnt have perceived as much pain....  


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  the dad never offers to help with my pain or even to ask if i am okay??  it's heartbreaking for me, but i just have to accept that he is having his own issues that prevent him from being here for me right now.  sucks though.  he was so wonderful during my last labor.

:Hug  My heart goes out to you.  Wishing you everything wonderful, and all the strength & support you need, somehow.

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Thanks Serafina, I'm not giving up hope. 


Em, I hope you can get the support you need and deserve, sooner rather than later! I'm sorry you're stressed and worried right now. Big hugs!! 

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Danielle, I also thought this was for sure my last baby. He is our 5th and I was so miserable, and I was just 100% done. However, I am now wanting at least one more baby. I'm very not ready to be done having babies.
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Ugh.  We had some weird pressure system move through here day before yesterday, and as a result, I spent the last 2 days with freaking awful tooth and jaw pain.  I have a few bad teeth that need fixing (I just got dental insurance after several years, and even then, we have to save up for things like crowns, etc), and whenever I have a sinus infection or there is weird weather, they hurt so badly.  This was the first bout I'd had since getting pregnant, and of course, couldn't take any bloody ibuprofen to help.  Tylenol does jack all, of course.  It sucked so bad, and I barely got any sleep for days.  Today finally seems to be better, but we'll see.


On top of that, my nausea from the first trimester is back with a flipping vengeance.  How is that fair?  I'm getting nauseous all the time now, particularly with my contractions (which I still get frequently, and which are painful, but never regular or unbearable).  I can handle the contractions on their own, but throw the nausea in and I'm just freaking done.  The baby has been burrowing her head in my pelvis SO much over the past 2 days, which I hope is good, cause it sure hurts like hell.


Whine whine whine.  That's me nowadays.  Lol.


Midwife this afternoon - they're checking my fluid levels, and I hope they're good, cause I have NOT been drinking enough water.  :/

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Had my 41 wk midwife apt today, felt strange after when she made me a 42 wk apt...hoping that will be a postpartum apt instead! Babe is still hanging out on my right side, not quite posterior but not anterior either. Not too worried about it, hoping baby will get into optimal position when the right time comes. Last night I started having period like cramps for the first time, thought the time had come so I tried to get some rest just in case...woke up feeling fine so I suppose its just more prodromal labor. My son came 9 days over his "due date" so maybe this one is aiming for the same? So now my guess is baby by Friday!!!

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Well... looks like this kid is coming on her due date.  My fluid was low today, and my appointment was with the head midwife of the practice, who really pushed induction between the fluid and the hypertension.  I was able to bargain her to starting the process on Friday night, since I'm due on Saturday.  So much for going into labor naturally.


Now, I just have to find out whether I can make it through the whole process without an epidural or other pain relief.  Who knows?  I'm not going to put any pressure on myself, because I know the pitocin is going to be brutal.  And I'm still only dilated to about 1 1/2.  What happens, happens - I dunno.


I should have known that such an easy pregnancy would result in a complicated labor.  I'm trying super hard to look at the bright side of all of it (no gigantic overdue baby, getting to go in on a Friday and probably leave by Monday with my kiddo, my husband getting to schedule plenty of time off with his boss), but I was a mess right after I found out.  There are apparently over 40 overdue women right now at my midwife practice, so everyone is cranky and short with everyone else.  And I'll be 40 weeks, so no worries about an early baby. 


It is what it is.

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irielyn--do you carry your toddler on your left hip?  sometimes that makes your body shift & causes the baby to slip to the right.  i read that recently when i was told i was carrying on the right.  i switched my toddler to the right hip & i think it has helped.  i'm also 41 weeks--i meet with my midwife tomorrow & hopefully will be able to talk with her & the dad about our issues. 


i have been having cramping, but my midwife thinks it is just "irritable uterus"--poop.  i ate a bunch of pineapple, but i had to fight my five year old for it--i insisted that it was medicine & he should back off.

my midwife has a feeling something will start tonight.  that would be nice.  so far there is nothing noteworthy happening.

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39 weeks! And no signs of anything, though last time nothing happened until the day before baby came, on her due date, so I'm not expecting much. I did have a stomach bug of sorts the last couple days which sucked, but it's over now and the difference in energy level and lessening of discomfort has really buoyed me up!! Hoping the full moon will pull baby out; it's the due date anyway.


For everyone worrying about their cervixes, my midwife told me today you can be dilated and effaced for a month, or closed and posterior the night before giving birth, so...Try not to put too much thought into it! In a way I'm rather relieved to not be having vag exams for this reason. (I would definitely think about it!)


So hard waiting; hang in there 40+ mamas!!!


Loving the baby pix! So precious.

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I walked in to the hospital 1cm dilated and had a baby in my arms an hour later with #3. I'm being induced Friday
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Now that you mention it Em, I do carry him on the left...I never thought about that but it makes sense. I wonder if I carry him in front the baby will come sooner? shrug.gif (wishful thinking)   I nearly forgot about that "medicinal" pineapple too, I swear it worked with my 1st son so Ill try enjoying some tomorrow.

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Oh I hope that happens to me! 39 weeks sounds nice! For some reason I just really want an October baby. My due date is the 26th so I guess we'll see.
Hey my due date is also Oct 26 but I won't mind at all if it's a bit sooner. Both my previous babies were week 27 and the other was in week 28. So far I have had one night of weird menstrual like contractions otherwise nothing but the occasional Braxton hicks. But my other two came with very little warning too so I'm trying to keep my hopes up.
I have to say that these last few weeks ahead feel longer than the whole previous eight months of pregnancy.
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