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Thank you guys, you're all so sweet.  :) 


Dahlia - the Foley bulb was mentioned, and it's something I'm interested in, but for some reason my midwife wants to do the goddamned Cytotec first.  I guess it might work better that way?  I wish I could have Cervidil or something else to ripen my cervix, but because of my fantastic podunk hospital, they don't even offer ANYTHING but Cytotec because all the other options are too expensive.  You gotta love health care in the US. 


So, after I posted that last message where I'd totally come to terms with getting induced tomorrow evening... I got a phone call from the hospital asking me to bump my induction to tonight due to not being able to do any procedures this weekend!  I put my foot down, said no, and they offered to ask my midwife if I could just come in on Monday.  Lo and behold, she agreed, as long as I go do an NST on Saturday.  Yay!  So now, I get the whole weekend to prepare and possibly dilate more or even go into labor.  I'll be 40+2 on Monday.  And, if they'd offered Monday to me EARLIER, I probably would have been fine with it, since I knew I couldn't really get exactly to 41 weeks anyway.  All of this damn stress for nothing.  :P


I'm thinking of calling one of my other midwives tomorrow morning and asking if they could attempt a membrane sweep for me.  I'm at 1 1/2 cm, which seems enough to me to at least try.  I'm not holding my breath that I'll go into labor naturally, but I reeeally want to dilate more before I go - the more I dilate at home, the less I wait around for at the hospital.

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Rainy, I'm wondering if I'd be offered cervidil too. The thought of the insertion of a foley bulb without my cervix being ripened really scares me. It just doesn't sound pleasant. Hooray for your induction getting pushed back to Monday! Fingers are super crossed that you go into labor on your own before then, but at least if nothing else it's more time for your body to get ready on it's own :) Hopefully you can get a membrane sweep as well! 

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Rainy go for castor oil.
It works.
I have my induction tomorrow, will fill in! I'm almost excited, shaving legs...yeah in bathtub lol.
Bought enemas cause I realised I won't "clear out" 12 hours before like with natural labour...
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Good planning Shiloh!! Way to think ahead with the enemas haha! Would ex-lax work as well? Or is there a reason not to take that?

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I just need the lower chute cleared lol!
Exlax might start contractions and dad is so thrilled to have a planned time and day
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Ohh ok, that makes sense. I wasn't sure if it was something in exlax that you're not supposed to take while pregnant, or something like that. You must be so excited to finally meet your little one!! I'm excited for you!

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Exlax clears whole system.
I don't want runs just nothing to slow down progression...nervous and excited.
Don't think I will sleep lol
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I didn't know anything about castor oil and cytotec but that thread was an interesting discussion with all types of experiences noted.....

Thinking of you, rainydaycraft & hoping for best possible outcome!
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Good luck today Shiloh!! I'm thinking of you! 


I'm beginning to consider trying castor oil as well. 

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Rainy- that's awesome that it got pushed to Monday. I'll be thinking of you this weekend and crossing my fingers that your baby gets things going on her own.

Shiloh- I laughed when I read that you were shaving your legs. I had this uncontrollable compulsion the night I went into labor to shave my legs. So incredibly awkward getting around that belly but one of the inane thoughts that came into my head once I knew I was in real labor was ...thank god I shaved my legs. Good luck today!
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:lol The things we do/think about when we're in labor.

Last time I was on a mad mission to cover all the clocks in my house so I couldn't watch the time. I had read that tip somewhere, and it got stuck in my head. I ended up not being remotely interested in checking the time, or needing to, but at the moment accomplishing that was more important than anything else.

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I don't think I got the back..
Waiting for hospital call
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Shiloh- don't worry nobody will notice the back

Mainemama- as I was having hard fast contractions But didnt understand yet that we'd never make it to the hospital I was literally putting my contacts and deodorant on while handing off toiletries to DH to put in my bag. At one point I handed him the deodorant while having a contraction and all he could say to me was "seriously, Eleanor?! ". I think I might have yelled YES back at him. Within a half an hour my doula was there and I'd had the baby so that's how in tune with my body I was.
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Whoops just realized I hadn't said YAY Congratulations to Cindy-lu and Slammerkin!!!!! jumpers.gif


And looks like we'll have a few more soon.


Is it true there's been only one boy so far?

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I think we've had two boys so far. John and Porter :)


Funny we have so many girls and just a few boys because I also joined the November DDC (because I just KNOW I'll be going into November) and they are all having boys and only a few girls!

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I have a sweet little boy as well but he came two weeks early on September 25
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Oh my gosh of course! So 3 boys. We should have an "arrivals" thread... like our due date thread but with members username, babys name (if people want to share it), birthday, and any other information. I can start one if people want!

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Please! Moderators being induced today!
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LOL yay I'll do it now!! Pretty sure I'll be here ALLLLLLL October and it will give me something to do at work when its slow :)

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i recently read Let's Panic About Babies (which is a really really funny satirical book about pregnancy, childbirth, & parenting)-- the leg shaving conversation reminded me that in that book it said the more shaved you are for a hospital birth, the better they treat you--but that it is the opposite for midwives  :rotflmao


still pregnant.


i have a strong feeling that it is soon, but at 41 weeks 3 days how could i NOT have a strong feeling that it will be soon?   i made my cousin come up to stay with me.  she can stay through wednesday if necessary.  so i gotta get this baby out by then in order to have in-house childcare ready & willing to distract my 3 little minions!

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