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My baby boy is here! Born Thursday at 6:40 am at home. The birth went really well. I was 40 weeks 3 days and it was hard to believe it was finally happening for real. Labor got more challenging than I remembered, funny how the mind works, and it slowed down right before pushing and I went through some emotional stuff. I was afraid and wanted to get on top of things and be able to stay relaxed. It was nice my body took a rest, then, really. I also had a need to connect with my husband and reaffirm our relationship. Then I pushed out a baby and made a mental note that there were some really blissful pushes. We still have to name him! I'll write my birth story after we figure that out :-) Shoot, looks like my pics aren't uploading again... I'll be back later with some!
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Okay I started an arrivals thread! I don't have everyone. Just the people I saw who created thread announcements, so please add your info! And also check what I wrote if you are on there already, I think I may have some birthdays wrong 



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Congrats little bird!
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Congratulations little bird! Can't wait to hear more about your wee boys arrival!
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Congrats Littlebird!

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Yay littlebird!!!!

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Congratulations, littlebird!
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YAY, another baby boy!!! Congrats littlebird and family! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey and seeing some new baby pictures!

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congratulations littlebird!


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Congratulations littlebird!!
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still pregnant....

41 weeks & 4 days....

is there a prize for longest gestation?

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There should be.

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seriously.  those 9 days were the longest 9 days of my life.....

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Rose was born last night at 5:26.
8lbs. Perfect birth. No trauma. No stitches. She slept 6 hours. Nursing great!
Dream entry to the world!
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Congratulations Shiloh! So glad your birth went well!

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congrats Shiloh!!! Are you all intending on writing birth stories??? because I want to hear them.


I got checked by my midwife at my 37 week appt this week.... not dilated, head is engaged, 50% effaced. That doesn't really mean much.. right? full moon is in 6 days and I really hope that's the day-- there's going to be a whole lotta babies born this coming weekend!! 

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Congratulations, Shiloh! So glad to hear it went well!

Yogini, you're absoutely right that it doesn't really mean anything. You can be dilated a few cm for weeks or go into labour completely undilated. Birth is so unpredictable!
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congratulations shiloh!!


i call next!  :rotflmao

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Congrats Shiloh!!!!!!  :joy

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Congrats Shiloh, cant wait to hear more details!!! :joy


Em, I think you and I are in competition here as we are both STILL awaiting our 41 weekers....I want dibs on next born darn it! (my midwife said that healthier women tend to "cook" their babies longer so I keep holding onto that thought)   Any other 41+ out there?

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