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has your cycle changed?

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Has your monthly cycle changed after giving birth to one of your kids?
My cycle has always and forever faithfully been 26 days. I had my 1st pp af 28 days ago, so I was kinda expecting it to show up 2 days ago, for this month. I cannot remember if it took my body a couple months to level back out at 26 days. Or, does your cycle change it's mind and sorta reset after having kids? Then there's always the small chance that I'm pregnant again, I'm not ready for another LO yet tho!
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Yes, my cycle has changed slightly after each baby, sometimes taking a few months to return to normal, but after the last one it never returned to what it had been. I have also had 2 times where I got one cycle, then nothing for months while still breastfeeding. Perhaps that is what has happened?
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I'm still waiting for my first pp, last baby was when I began recording that stuff. I'll be taking note though. My cycles generally pick up by the 4 month pp point despite ebf. I'm always worried about another before I'm built back up too, lol.

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Mine have always been long and erratic, but they were actually 28 days between my first two and also after my last one, except now I am about 3 weeks "late" based on the 28 days and still getting negatives on the test but my hubby is pretty convinced I am pregnant. : )

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I still haven't gotten another period. Just the one at 6 months pp..... Been a little too chicken to take a Preg test. I guess if its still not here by Friday I'll have to take one, that will be almost 2 weeks late. I have been having period like cramps on and off, so I keep thinking it came, but nope! Also lots of ewcm.... Weird!
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Yes, after every birth.

I asked my OBGYN last time and she said that was completely normal.

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I think I just like skipped a month...
It was 2 weeks ago I think, the last time I posted, and I ended up ovulating, it was like a major crisis for my body for some reason. I've always had that little stitch in my side feeling that indicates to me that I'm ovulating. This time it felt like the stitch it your side you get when you work out really hard and you haven't excercised in years! Then after only 9 days my period returned. Craziness!!!
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Last Sunday, November 17th, I bled like my period was starting (only less gradual) for a few hours, and haven't bled since then. I wasn't due to start my period for another week at least so I'm probably going to use a pregnancy test in the morning because I am taking medication that I would need to reduce if I'm pregnant. How exciting to think I might be pregnant with my fifth child! (I don't know what else it could be; it was more than spotting)

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Yesterday morning's test wasn't with the very first morning urine, but it was negative. I wonder what that blood a few days ago was from.

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