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Almost 2 and wakes up every night, stays up for a while :)

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Hey there, 


My almost 2 year old (November) has been waking up at night, and staying up between the hours of 2 until 4 every night. I realize that he's probably teething his 2 year molars, but i'm wondering if:


a. this is normal behavior, or does he have some kind of sleeping disorder. His naps are touch and go these days, too.

b. Am I alone?

c. any advice/ He does have a 2 year wellness appt. in November, and I plan on talking with his doctor about it, too. 


Thanks for any tips, advice, insight, what have you. 

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Well I'm not going to help much, but you are not alone. My 2.5 y.o. DD seems to be up every night and once awake she can't get back to sleep for about 1.5 hrs. The time of it varies and she has her molars already so I have no clue why. She does go back to her bed and I tuck her in to sleep, then I sit in the glider in her room till she's asleep (that's our usual method for putting her to sleep). I keep feeling like I should work on her going back to sleep independently but it's so hard to when all you want is to get back to sleep! The glider has a recline function so I usually bring a blanket and snooze in there till she's asleep, then I go back to my bed. I realize this may not be helpful at all depending on what your sleep setup is like but I just wanted to share my method of coping with it.


Oh and DD naps for 1.5-2 hrs a day typically, we never skip a nap but the duration varies depending on how tired she is. I try to get her down for the nap earlier as opposed to later cause keeping them to 1.5 hrs seems to keep our wakeup to only one a night (rather than more, eek!).


I hope someone else may have helpful advice! I'm not looking forward to dealing with this when #2 arrives in the spring!


Just another thought, is he fussing or crying, or seems uncomfortable? If so I would think that the teething is definitely to blame. Would you consider some pain medication if that's the case?

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We're in the same boat! Also a Nov baby, she's not miserable when she wakes, in fact she's super interactive which is too much for my brain at those hours lol.  I've noticed mid day nap shifting, and definitely signs of teething, and then there's the awareness of having to pee/poop since we're doing some potty training as well, so I feel like it's a combination of learning a whole lot of things at once and not being able to shut down their brain.  She went through a similar phase around 15mos with a major language explosion and is always up a million times to night nurse during teething as she has a history of popping multiples at once (last round was 4 pre-molars and 2 incisors, all broke in one night, ugh).  So this just sounds like a day (or night!) in my life :-)

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Neither is my guy, sassyfirechick. He just plays, sometimes yells, babbles, talks, what have you. I go up, put him down, put his lullabies on again. Sometimes this works, 90% of the time, it doesn't. I wonder if I should put him to bed a little later? But I don't think this will makes much of a difference. He normally goes down at 7pm. When he feels like napping, he'll nap for 2 hours. 

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Bedtime doesn't make much of a difference here, but 7 would be a super early!  Normal time is between 8-9, it varies day to day and part of it depends how much outside time she gets with my FIL while I'm at work part time.  Then late naps (like after 4) might push that back to 10ish, although I try to get her in bed sooner with a toy or two and let her wind down on her own.  Our routine (which again fluctuates) is, bath, cuddle time, nursing bed.  Some nights she falls asleep nursing, others once she finishes she'll walk to her crib, toss in a handful of toys (little mickey figures), and quietly play til she conks out.  I can definitely say that no nap or crappy nap days, like when FIL runs errands and she sort of naps in the car, do not lead the way to a restful night.  That's when she's up the most.  The last 2 weeks have been bad.  She went from sleeping the night about 5 or 6 nights a week with one quick wake up the other nights to now 2 or 3x a night.  She just housed almost a half a pound of cooked carrots (among other things today), so also looking like another growth spurt.

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Mine are a bit older now, but I do remember that phase somewhere around 2yo where the kid is awake in the middle of the night for an hour or so.  For my ds1 he got all uppity about every little thing and wanted to boss me around about how exactly I should lie there, etc, getting really upset. The thing that got him back to sleep the quickest was not to engage in the conversation and just be as boring as I could. I learned I should just briefly explain that I'm sleeping and we can talk in the morning, and it's still sleepytime, and then I'd play sleep.  And eventually he'd fall back to sleep.  Those were hard nights, and I remember them well... They were totally outgrown though, thankfully.

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My 3.5 year old has gone through this several times.  It seems to last for a few weeks, then thankfully it dissipates.  I do remember just before 2 being a REALLY hard time for night-time sleep (and she gave up naps for good at that time).  My DD has had every kind of night-waking known to man, some from hunger, some teething, some ear infections, some night terrors, some bad dreams.... The long night-wakings like you describe seem to be related to developmental stuff, so there's not a lot to do to make them stop, but they do go away on their own.  I agree with doing as little as possible.  In the more recent episodes, I've had luck with sitting my DD up and letting her read for a while before trying to go back to sleep. She's more inclined to leave me alone, and more inclined to go back to bed peacefully afterwards. 

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