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Semen Analysis?

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We have only been TTC a few months, but I am wondering about the usefulness of semen analysis. For those of you that have gone this route, would you recommend it for helping TTC ASAP? I am wondering if it will help narrow done the window of fertility once we know more about his sperm, DH is 37. Also, how long do results take?


Thank you!

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It's not typically done unless you've been trying for a year, or trying for six months if you're over 35. And not to worry, your husbands age is not considered advanced paternal age. Results take about a week, if I remember correctly.

It is not at all abnormal for a perfectly healthy couple to take up to a year to conceive. Hang in there, mama. It's very likely to happen for you. In the meantime, you can be proactive by talking your folic acid and getting your annual gyno exam. Tell your gyno that you're trying and he/she will have some reassuring words for you, too.
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But could testing help determine how long the sperm can live? Statistics say sperm can live up to 5 days inside, but it "depends on the sperm". Wouldn't an analysis be useful so you know how early before O you should start DTD? Or does the analysis not go into that much detail? My curiosity is really thorough :D 

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My DH had his sperm analysis after we had been TTC for 6 months and nothing happened (I was over 35). The results were back the same day and for us it was horrible news - they didn't find any sperm, a second SA after several months on vitamins showed enough sperm for our IVF with intra-cytoplasmic injection.


Now for most men there are sperm (the count part of the test) but maybe they have funny shaped heads or tails (morphology) or they just don't move in the right direction or fast enough (motility). The results don't tell you how long they live however, but I think 3 to 5 days is probably the max if your uterus is at the right stage of the month for them to survive. If you are having well timed intercourse and after 6 months no pregnancy, I would have him have a SA. If he does have a low count, poor morphology, or poor motility, there are things you can try to make those better. His testing is a whole lot less expensive than testing for a woman and you already know you can get pregnant since you have had a baby already.

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Sorry, no advice in the semen analysis, but I would recommend learning Natural Family planning or other fertility awareness method if you haven't already to pinpoint when you ovulate and best time to conceive.
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I can't see where it would hurt to get a SA done. It took over a year for us to find a doc who would do one, and 2 days later, we found out that my husband had teratozoospermia. We eventually treated it with Clomid, and I got pregnant less than 2 months later. Getting a prompt SA would have saved us a lot of time, money, and stress. Best of luck to you.
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Personally, unless you have some reason to think that your husband has a problem (say he and his ex-wife had problems getting pregnant, or one of his brothers has had a similar problem), I wouldn't until you've been trying for 6 months for the reasons other posters discussed. Taking a few months is perfectly normal and I think it's psychologically challenging to start assuming/investigating a problem. I think it's better to operate under the assumption that everything is all right, because the odds are it is. I wouldn't worry about the lifespan of the sperm either. Just do it frequently, solves that problem. :) 


It took us 4 cycles to conceive our first and I think more like 6 to conceive the one that's currently cooking. But I don't think either of us has any problems--I think we're just not those super-fertile people you meet sometimes (you know the type, the ones who conceived half their kids while using birth control). 

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Thanks for all the feedback. I know I was jumping the gun, and DH thinks I'm crazy for considering something might be up with his sperm. I really didn't, I just want to know the statistics ASAP, I guess. No need to investigate any further--got my BFP last night. (DH jokingly said I owe him an apology). :)

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Glad you got your BFP!  Have fun with your new pregnancy.

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Congratulations! You can tell your hubby that the results of his semen analysis ended up being fine after all. 

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