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Heating question (propane?)

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Sooooo long story short, I'm a decently broke chick. BUT I just got a new job that will be a decent raise, BUT I am getting kicked out of my house (I rent from my ex hubs and it's become a terrible situation.... ) anyway, we have found a FANTASTIC (literally perfect in every way home - and trust me that's hard with two adults, five kids, and a baby on the way... and kids needing to be close to school and their respective opposite parents (ex spouses) etc.) Anyway, the question I have is the only downside to the place seems to be this - it is heated by propane. I am very unfamiliar with this.... I've always had forced air via gas. The house itself is an old (1890's) completely renovated farmhouse, new windows, etc. The upstairs (where the kids bedrooms all are) is not duct'd .... so there is no heat being forced up there, I suppose heat rises though... yes? :/ Anyone have experience with this? What am I looking at as far as bills go? The propane tank costs $1,000 to completely fill, and the owner of the home (who lives in FL -- this is in OH) fills it once and then it is our responsibility. So, I guess what I"m asking is, what am I looking at cost wise, and any ideas on how to keep that down? Thanks :-) 

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I would start with the propane company to see how many times it needs to be filled in the winter so you can see what the cost will be.
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We have a small two bedroom house heated by propane, hot water radiators.


Keeping the heat low (55 degrees during the week, 65 on the weekends) our heating bills in PA ranged from $900 to $1,5000 over the past three winters.  Our two tanks (not sure of the sizes) were filled/topped off between 3 and 5 times a year.


Call around to propane companies.  Based on the size of your house, your family and your estimated temps, they can give you estimates on your costs.  I was shocked by the per gallon price difference between companies, it was significant.


Even with new windows, I found that thermal shades made a huge difference in keeping the heat in the house.

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Thanks! I will def look into thermal shades.

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