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Folic Acid relevant after conception?

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Maybe I heard this wrong before but I thought folic acid was important before conception and less important during pregnancy. I am 8.5 weeks pregnant nd my doctor wants me to take 4 mg/day. I have had a baby with a neural tube defect but I was surprised he would want me to start that much now? I was taking a good prenatal when I got pregnant and have been taking them when I can between nausea since.

Im pretty sure they have 800 mcg/dose.
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There was a study in Norway with findings regarding autism and maternal folic acid consumption during pregnancy. Perhaps that was his reasoning...just a thought. Maybe he suggests that to all of his patients.
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I've read that folic acid continues to be very important during the first 3 months of pregnancy as that is when all the important organs are developing. Studies have shown that women who only start the folic acid after they find out they are pregnant still have a reduced risk of those defects, though its not reduced as much as when they take it before conception.
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Folic Acid is important through the first trimester.  I have had some losses and am on 4,000 mcg as well.

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If you have a family history of NTD you should be tested for MTHFR mutations. Its a relatively new discovery but it completely explains why folic acid doesn't work for some people. People with a MTHFR mutation can't break it down and use it very well. They use folate just as well as anyone else but it isn't found in most supplements because its cheaper and easier to add in folic acid. A lot of good folic acid does the 17% of Americans who can't use it!





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The reason for taking folic acid before conception is typically that a lot of pregnancies are unplanned and if you start taking it after you realize you're pregnant, it might be too late for it to have a benefit. It is still important up until the fetal neural tube is formed... and can't hurt after that. 

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Thanks for responses!
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The 4mg dose is standard for women who have a history of a neural tube defect. WifeofAnt--that's super interesting about MTHFR, I never knew that!

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