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Veg lunches for school

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My 6yo DD has decided that she doesn't want to eat meat anymore. I think we can make the switch to veggie dinners ok, but I need some more ideas for school lunches. She is not a picky eater at home, but is particular about what she'll eat for lunches at school, like nothing in a thermos and nothing cold that is usually served hot (pizza, quesadilla). She likes nut butter but not nuts and doesn't like mock meats. We use a Planet Box for her lunches and I'm set with all the fruit and veggie components, but need a few more ideas for vegetarian main items, especially ones higher in protein. So far I have:
PB and banana sandwiches
Hummus and mini pitas
Apple slices to dip in nut butter
Cheese and crackers

I'm leaning a lot on dairy and nut butters and know I must be missing some obvious ideas. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
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Black bean dip and tortilla chips / pepper slices

Cream cheese based spread and mini bagels


I often do salads based on a grain (couscous / quinoa / mini pasta shapes ) and veggie (anything really) and a protein (chick peas / black beans / cannelini beans / cheese).



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My suggestions prob won't work much now but may help once her tastes change. She's also at the age I find where they can help now. Even my 4 year old makes suggestions of what she wants for her lunches.


Mine take leftovers a lot.-stir fries/baked tofu/carrot fries/

I make grilled "cheese" and sweet potato fries

A quick pasta with tomato sauce-I boil the pasta while getting them ready for school,throw on tomato sauce and add hemp seeds.

Maki rolls(avocado cucumber with hemp and sesame seeds rolled inside)

Cold spring rolls in rice wrappers(mix of veggies inside)


Cracker sandwiches-hummus and cucumber/sunflower seed butter(kids aren't allowed to take nut butter here)/"cheese"

Hard boiled eggs

Pancake sandwiches

Bean salad

Egg salad sandwiches


Our muffins always have at least one protein and vegetable in them-hemp/flax/sunflower seeds. Pumpkin/zucchini ect. Great for "hiding" protein to keep them going

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Thanks! I think she might go for a grain/legume salad and she does like veggie sushi and summer rolls.
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No. 1 top choice for ease : Previous evening's leftovers  (re-heated & in a wide-mouth thermos)


Other ideas:




Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat


Peanut butter on  muffins


Vegetarian fried rice


Vegetarian spaghetti


Vegetarian fried noodles


Cheese sandwich


Egg salad sandwich


Hard boiled eggs


Bread and butter,


Cheese raviolis


Lentil & rice salad


Baked potato

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