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What's Happening Today?

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Today is my 'calm before the storm' day, sort of. We are going on the weekend to my parents cabin for Thanksgiving. The only thing I've got to do to prepare today is wash and fold laundry. I want it all done before we go, so there's enough that I don't have to do any right away when we get back. That's one thing about SAHM... my husband is pretty good at helping out here and there with the regular stuff, but whenever there's a holiday or a trip I have a TON more work to do in shopping, meal planning, packing, extra laundry... and he gasses up the truck.


I have to clean the bathroom today. I hate cleaning the bathroom because we live in an old house so the bathroom is gross whether it's been cleaned or not. It's got two different kinds of purple tile on the floor and walls, and a purple tub and toilet. The sink was purple too, until it rusted through last year.


My supper plan is to make soup. My husband has been saying a lot lately that he feels like soup and I can make enough that there's leftovers for him to have on Friday night, since he's already told me he has to work late that day. 


This morning I had a challenge in getting my son out of the house for school. If I wasn't home, he'd be sleeping in right now. I'm glad I'm home to stay on his case... I'm starting to understand my mom's wisdom in saying that you can work outside of the home when you have elementary school kids but they need you around when they are teenagers.

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Today I got my husband out the door so his dad's mechanic could work on our car more. My husband is a procrastinator and I often take on the challenge of motivating him to get things done with me for our family.


My back has been hurting for almost three weeks and today it hurt more to sit down than to stand up, so I was on my feet for most of the day. I cleaned the table in the living room, taking the coloring books and moving them back to the cabinet in the kitchen, and putting the colored pencils and crayons away so that now my older son and daughter can sit down and work at that able again.


My older son (almost 6) vomited tonight and while I don't know how to play nurse, I took care of him and followed the Nurseline nurse's instructions about what to give him.


The happiest thing I did today was finish a biography of Anne Guigne and recommend it to my oldest daughter (just turned 8).


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Catholic Mama~ I hope your son is feeling better today. I really dislike finishing good books, I read slower at the end so they will last longer.


Today I just have regular tasks in the morning like cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry. Int he afternoon I am picking my son up from school and taking him to a counselling appointment. While he's there, I will get groceries for our trip this weekend. I am making lasagne for Saturday and apple pie to go with the turkey my mom is cooking on Sunday (this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving) My daughter want to make Oreo cookie turkeys, so I need to pick up the components for them, too. And disposable diapers and wipes... my parents cabin has all the amenities including a washer and dryer but there's going to be a lot of people in a small space so I'm simplifying as much as possible.


I changed my plan last night and started making spaghetti instead of soup, and then while I was still browning the meat the kids convinced me to make tacos with it instead. My husband mentioned that he wants chicken corn chowder again soon last night, so I might do that tonight instead of burgers, as I'd planned. Why do I attempt a meal plan, I never stick to it?


Right now I am going to lay back down with the baby, who is miraculously still asleep. 

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Today we hustled around doing done errands. Apparently it was more tiring on my dd 2 1/5, because she just got done having a huge meltdown. Pretty clear she was tired. She is napping, just finished nursing ds 4 months old do he is napping too! So for a little while it will be peaceful. Baby likes napping on me so I will be resting on the couch for now.

Dinner will be pork ribs with some veggies.

Ounces both kids are in bed for the night I have a few laundry baskets calling my name.... And I have to wash the floors and get dh's lunch made for the next day oh and wash diapers. Night time isn't restful.
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lovemylab~  Wow! Co-ordinated naps, was that a rare treat or do they have complimentary routines? It never really stops, does it? At some point you just have to decide you're done for the day.


Today I am making lasagne and an apple pie. The big kids are packed, apparently... I printed off a list for them of everything they need to bring so hopefully they minded it... I usually have them set everything on their bed so I can check it before they put it in their bags. My husband wasn't going to bring his quad because it's broken and the parts were on order but apparently they are arriving tonight so he might bring everything up to the cabin and try to fix it while we're there... he *really* wants to ride the thing at the cabin. I am so glad I remembered to pick up something for me at the liquor store...


We're going to try and have the truck loaded tonight so that we can just add the cooler (Oh, I've got to make ice) in the morning and head out. I suspect that Andrew will say loading the trailer doesn't take long and he can just do it tomorrow... and we won't be getting out of town until 10. Oh well, it sounds like my dad is like-minded this time around, so maybe we'll road trip with my parents.

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Originally Posted by Mummoth View Post

lovemylab~  Wow! Co-ordinated naps, was that a rare treat or do they have complimentary routines?.

Routine it sort of worked out this way. I think because when my oldest is sleeping it is finally quiet and the little one can finally rest. He cat naps here and there but really gets well rested in the afternoon. I don't hate it smile.gif
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Oh, that's so good! One of my big kids was an early bird, and the other a night owl, but the co-ordinated naps for a while and it was a lifesaver because I NEEDED the sleep.


The lasagne is made, I'm just running the dishwasher and taking a lunch break, then it's apple pie baking time.

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Today I've started unpacking and putting stuff away from our trip. I am going to get started on laundry in a bit. I'm not going to get too ambitious because I need a recovery day, ha ha! My parents cabin is NOT baby-friendly. The ground is really rough and hilly, so she needed to be holding hands practically the whole time we were outside each day. She kept trying to go into my dad's shop, and they are constructing a porch on the front of the cabin so she kept trying to get over there and climb a ladder. Oh, and she wouldn't stay seated at the campfire, so we didn't go near that, either. So yeah, I need a post-vacation rest!

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I went to the doctor for back pain today and was told it was sciatic pain today, which I had about two years ago. Thank God I don't have a baby right now! - the only child I've been lifting is my youngest when she comes out of her bed when it's time for her to sleep, and she is three and likes to eat but I do it carefully. Besides that she and her brother are still in diapers but I sit down and change them on my lap so I don't have to lift very far at all. My four children had check-ups too and we're all healthy. :)


When we came home I finally had a chance to put laundry away before lunch that has been sitting in my room since Saturday, and I swept the cat food and litter in my bathroom so it was clean for at least one trip to the bathroom (until the cat kicked more litter out of her litterbox). I felt so much better after that! The last few days have been very busy so catching up on that was great.


I swept the kitchen floor after lunch as usual, and my oldest, who just turned 8, volunteered to mop. She wanted a yummy reward but still that was a nice change. She reads during nap time (now) so it is relaxing and refreshing to sit here in the quiet - I might go lay down after posting this.


My oldest son did some phonics in the doctor's office and my oldest daughter, his big sister, is reading a book so until we order another schoolbook for her and she finds the one we already had, we're pretty good for now I hope.


(Please don't get me wrong: it's not that I don't want a baby, but it's a relief that I don't have to lift one and carry one around.)

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Catholic Mama~ I understand. Babies are always a blessing but there are times when it's also a blessing to be able to focus on healing.


Today I am just doing the regular daily tidying stuff. My son will be home early because there are parent teacher interviews tonight at his school. The big kids are going on a visit with their birth dad tonight, so my husband and I have a date night with the baby. Want to hear our super-hot plans? We are going to a parent teacher interview and then to Costco to use the gift card my mom got Andrew for his birthday. He's getting a membership and pork chops. I'm not sure what we'll do for supper.

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Mummoth, thanks for understanding. I hope you have a great night!

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I took Caitlin to counselling this morning, now I'm just about to get Stephanie down for a nap and hopefully take one myself. We were up until 1AM last night so I am beat!

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Fridays are my days without daycare kids, so we always try to do a fun outing. Today we're going to the nature center. Then we'll go to the local meat market and get eggs and milk for the week. I'm going to bake bread at naptime (hopefully) and go see some family later. 


I feel so pregnant lately faint.gifI'm exhausted and the daycare kids are wearing on me.

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I definitely didn't have the same patience as usual with my after school care kids as with my own kids when I was pregnant (and my patience was worn pretty thin with my own at times, too!) I think maybe it's part of nesting to want your home to be a more quiet, private place. I hope you have a restful weekend.


Today I was getting the feeling likeI just wanted to get out of the house, so I started looking for a paper that I need to bring to the bank one of these days and have my name on my visa changed... it's still my maiden name and we've been married 2 years bag.gif While I was searching, my husband called and invited us along for the ride down to the computer store. He works a split shift but usually has to stay because they give him a ton of work. When he can get away he sometimes gets a 3 hour beak in the middle of the day, and we have a 'lunch date'. Anyway, there's an Asian foods store next to the computer store so I got a few cookie treats for the kids, and pot stickers and Japanese Curry for meals. The kids will be home from school soon and we've got a house to look at tonight. We are hoping to get into a suite that we can better afford. Our current place is very run-down and the  landlords don't do maintenance properly. We started out just dealing with little repairs ourselves, but they raise the rent every year so we've gotten very reluctant to put out any of our own cash on things that should have been their responsibility from the onset.

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I will pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes well, ShyingViolet!


I am a person who loves to be productive and get things done. Today while my younger two napped my older two and I took the recyclables to the dump, where an employee confirmed that what I brought will indeed be recycled and not just added to the dump as people have been telling me (apparently the recycling facility is inside the dump). That clears out my garage a little bit.


Two nights ago my father-in-law installed our new reverse osmosis water filter for us (which we bought in preparation for this county adding fluoride back to the water soon), and I've been filling up our empty gallon jugs. It is so nice to have fresh clean water so readily available! I had been filling jugs at his house and I know he's relieved that I don't need to do that anymore.


My older two are almost done with their chore charts! That includes schoolwork and we are all happy when they finish, not just because they earn "bitcoins" for dessert but also because it means maybe they've learned something.


My next two tasks are to help my children clean the living room and make dinner.


The sunshine has definitely helped my mood and productivity level. I hope you're all having a great day, too!

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Wow, you've gotten a ton done Catholic Mama!


So far I've just poked at the dishwasher a bit, swept the living room and responded to an email from Roland's teacher. I'm pretty slow at writing, I take a long time to get the sentences out right, especially when it's something like a teacher where I feel like they are going to grade me, ha ha! I did a bit more reading in my book and did some reading with Stephanie. I just had lunch and in just a little bit I'm going to take Roland to an appointment.


My husband is working late tonight so the kids and I will probably have pancakes for supper and play some Minecraft. Tomorrow is a pro-d day for the kids and we're going to see my mom.

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Today I am going to try to nap!! My oldest is out for the day with auntie so it is just me and baby. He has had a cold and having a hard time sleeping at night. We are up a lot, I don't even look at the clock because it just upsets me more. The last few days 3 am we are up for the day! I feel like I am fighting a cold probably due to a big lack if sleep.

Wish me luck, I have a horrible time turning my thoughts off to get to sleep during the day!
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Oh no! I hope you get some rest, 3 AM is way, way to early to get up. My husband has to for work on occasion and he calls it WTF o'clock.

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Today I had another battle getting my son out the door to school. He's getting behind but the school has a program to keep kids on track and he's fighting them every step of the way. Some of the consequences of not doing his work are catching up with him so he's to the point that he's worrying himself sick before school because he's being held accountable. So anyway, it took quite a bit of discussion to get him out the door... the only way out of this is for him to buckle down and get his work done. Unfortunately he's not going to get to do a pumpkin and build a candy haunted house with his sisters tonight because he made himself so late.


Anyway, after that I cleaned the kitchen and my mom came over for coffee. Now I'm nursing Stephanie, hopefully to sleep, and then I can get started on laundry and cleaning the 'games room' which is a little nook off our bedroom where we have a few chairs and a coffee table. Stephanie has opened all the boxes and mixed up all the cards and game pieces... oops! We're having burgers tonight and going pumpkin shopping.

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Ugh! Yesterday I had a meeting with the school principal and counsellor about my son. They came up with a plan to get him more connected with the school. He made himself a few minutes late this morning. This kid is stubborn! I so need to be home right now, if I was working outside the home he'd be skipping out and staying home all day. After that, I took the baby out for lunch and bought a tooth fairy gift for Caitlin. We stopped by the school grounds on the way home because it was lunch time and found Caitlin to say "Hi!". There was an SEA there that knows my daughter because her special needs child is my girls' 'buddy' ( the school pairs up the older kids with the little kids to do art projects together throughout the year) She was telling me how patient Caitlin is with the girl, and how much the girl loves Caitlin. The girl is hearing impaired AND learning English, so she can be difficult to communicate with, but the SEA says Caitlin makes it look easy. The rest of the day was just housework and making supper.


Today Caitlin has a counselling appointment and then we are going to her school to watch/be in the Halloween costume parade. I am excited to hear how Roland's day went because they are having a dance in the afternoon at his school... his first ever! Today is  going to be a bust for housework, I think because I will hopefully get Stephanie down for a nap when we get back, then it'll be homework and all that, making supper, and trick or treating!

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