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Today everyone went off to school without a fight! That's the first time that's happened on a Monday for a few weeks. I am just going to muck up from the weekend, the house is trashed. I was thinking I'd make Spanish rice for supper, because it's something my husband was getting nostalgic for foods he had when he was a kid, but it's not in the recipe book my MIL made for me. I looked it up, but recipes online aren't the same thing, hers was more of a meal in a bowl than a side dish. I keep wandering off to do stuff, I think I started this 2 hours ago... oh well, the house is looking a lot better now. 

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Your mother-in-law made a recipe book for you too? That's neat. My mother-in-law wrote down my husband's favorite recipes and sent them to me the year we got married.


Good job cleaning the house! We had company over last night and I made a little dent for them but it could still look (a lot) better.


My friend found a house to live in yesterday - I haven't heard the final details but it sounds like they might moving soon - so I am waiting to hear from her to know whether to bring boxes to her when I go grocery shopping this afternoon. How exciting!


Our 3-month-old kitten has been so naughty lately! I don't remember any of us playing with her in a particularly mean way, besides what small children usually do, but she just attacked my 3-year-old daughter (first bit her leg, then when F. was sitting on the floor holding her leg, attacked her hair) so she is now "doing time" in my room, where the litterbox is. She's been in there a lot lately. When I talked to the lady who gave her to us, who used to work for a vet, she said to yell "Ow!" loudly when the cat bites us, and/or spray her with water. I wonder if she'll be any tamer after we spay her.


I've been coughing for about a week. I want to get up and get moving, but I'm low in energy and motivation. So I'm taking it slow and doing a chore or schoolwork with my children every time they come in from playing in the backyard. I really wish my children would think about how irritating it can be to repeat myself and yell at them when they don't listen to me (more so with a sore throat), but they don't think that way so disciplining is not getting any easier! I've had to get up to do things and sit back down several times as I've typed this, so I'm going to end it here. I hope you all have a great day.

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I am feeling SO run down! I'm 18 weeks pregnant, and doing fulltime daycare for two little girls, plus my 2 1/2 year old. I'm exhausted. DH is super swamped at work, so he's been getting home really late. I'm just TIRED! 

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I'm sorry, ShyingViolet! I've been there before and it's not a good feeling.

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It'll get better! I decided to have a small cup of half-caff coffee, and I feel so much better. My migraine is subsiding, and I have a little more energy. I don't feel great about the caffeine, but even that little tiny bit helps so much. 

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Ugh, ShyingViolet I hope you get a rest!


Catholic Mama, yeah she gave me a recipe book of some of the family favourites. One thing Andrew really, really wanted me to make for him was perogies, but that recipe was secret. She lived way up north, but she passed away when I was pregnant with Stephanie a few years ago and I couldn't travel with Andrew. We were on the phone one night and he was wandering through her house, getting upset, missing her. Him and his brother had been searching the house trying to find the will they now figure she never got around to writing, so it had been a long frustrating day. I was like "I know this is probably not the time to mention this but in your search did you come across the perogie recipe?" He was like "No... but I bet I can find that!" and 2 minutes later he was laughing maniacally saying "You can't stop me now, Mom!" as he printed it out.


Today was another day where my son wouldn't go to school. I would love to take him by the arm, haul him out onto the porch and lock him out for the day but that would just cause bigger problems. I called the principal and they are going to try and come up with a plan for him. He is just bent on doing things the hard way. My daughter is the opposite, she likes school and does what she's supposed to without a fuss (unless it's cleaning her room!)


So because I was busy with my son, all I've gotten done on the house is the dishes. I was going to vacuum the stairs and Stephanie's room this morning but now it looks like she might be going down for a nap. Oh well, there's always laundry.

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Everyone got up early today. Stephanie spent the whole night in her crib but wouldn't go back to sleep after she came to bed with me at 6:30. I made oatmeal for breakfast and we watched some Muppets on youtube. The dishes are done, I'm just going to throw in a load of laundry. Caitlin is taking the garbage and recycling out in exchange for 20 minutes on the playstation. When the big kids leave I'm going to do a sudoku with my coffee. I've got to do the vacuuming that I missed the other day and wash the windows. I don't think I'll get much more than that done, I've got a cold. We'll most likely have pork chops, broccoli and potatoes for supper. If child support comes in today, we'll probably go grocery shopping tonight (ex never pays until the 5th and then it takes the enforcement program a day or two to process) Aaaaaand I've got another diaper to change now, a stinky baby just ran past.

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On Friday night, we went and had a look at a house for rent in our neighbourhood. I don't know if I've mentioned here or not, but we've got slumlords at our current place. We don't mind being in an older house, if the rent was cheaper we would even do repairs ourselves. This place though, charges a lot in rent and they increase it the maximum amount they are allowed every year. Anyway, we're hoping we get the new place. 


I've been working on slippers for Andrew for Christmas. I made him some a few years ago but he's worn them out and has been asking for another pair. They are 8 squares slippers, and I'm just doing single crotchet with a size 6 needle and 2 colours of worsted weight yard together, so it's a really tight weave. I told Stephanie they are surprise slippers for Daddy, because I think she's at the age where she will blow the surprise and that'd be funny.


I told the kids that for every piece of clothing they find that they don't use anymore, I will give them a  minute on the playstation. They went through their drawers and each came out with a black garbage bag full of clothes. Then I told them they can earn 5 minutes for every stuffed animal they don't want anymore, and Caitlin filled another half bag. They have room in their dressers now, so I think when I gave them their laundry for the week, it actually got put away. Roland didn't like that Caitlin had earned more time than him, so he blitzed the house to earn more time. I have it set up on Chore Wars so the gold coins can be traded 1:1 for minutes on the playstation, the gold coins are set to about the amount of time the jobs take, except dirty jobs get more. Taking out the garbage earns 10 minutes, for example.


Since I haven't had to do much of my regular cleaning, I attacked the closet in Stephanie's room and got rid of all the baby gear we don't need anymore. I told Andrew to take her change table too, since I usually change her on the couch these days anyway. I moved a table from Caitlin's room down there for the 2 or 3 times a week I might want to use it... Caitlin had decided she didn't want it anymore, but there was no where else to put it until we got rid of the change table. I will use the table for my computer desk if we move.

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Cleaning the kitchen, washing a load of clothes I took out of storage for Stephanie (I got about 12 bags of kids clothes up to size 3T, a crib, a swing, a change table, a dresser and a high chair all for $100. when I was pregnant wtih her) general tidy and sweep-up, and cleaning the bathroom today. I'm hopefully getting to changing the beds, too but if not today then tomorrow. We're having the supper that I had a tantrum half way through cooking last night, which barbecue chicken wraps. I'll put the recipe in the other thread. 

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Laundry yesterday turned into an all day event. I realized I had a load of diapers to put in, and my son wanted a quilt washed as well when I asked for everyone's sheets. Oh well, it's done! Today I'm doing a load of MY laundry, why do I always come last? There's a little bit of counter on the other side of the microwave that is like a black hole for all the things that get taken out and not put where they belong. I'm going to attack that today. It's only about 1ft wide, but there's a counter above it and a wall on one side, the micro on the other, so stuff gets stacked pretty high in there. Then the garbage needs to go out to the lane and I've got a load of clothes/baby stuff recycle to go to the bin at the gas station. that should fill my day, jsut about. I've got those slippers to work on, too.


We haven't heard back from the management company since my husband called them yesterday. We forgot to sign our applications, so we just resent them last night! The form was one of those that had the blurb about hitting submit being your signature, but then it wouldn't submit, so faxed them a printed copy, I think that's what messed us up. 


My brother in law called last night and he and his family might be coming down for Christmas this year. They are 5 too, the girls are 9, 7 and 5. So I'm going to put bonus gifts int he last few days of the advent calendar for them and we are going to have to hold off on building our gingerbread house so they can partake. Maybe I will make 6 little gingerbread huts for them all to decorate a village, since htere will be so many kids! I am going to have some serious fun getting decked out this year, yay!!

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I just decided I'd cook the ham for supper, and thought of trying my hand at scalloped potatoes. It's going to take a little experimenting because Andrew is lactose intolerant (he can have cheese, sour cream, etc just not milk) So yeah, today is fully planned... ham means pea soup later this week, and perogies, and ham and eggs... so I won't have to think up meals for the rest of the week.

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Teresa, I'm sorry I've left you to be the only one posting here lately! Mostly that's because for part of last weekend and part of this week, my browser wouldn't load webpages. I could use email and instant messaging but not browse the Internet with my browser. Go figure. So now while it is working for a while I am saying hello.


My oldest daughter put together a bag of toys and other things she'd like to give away, but Papa doesn't want to give anything away so he told me to put the bag in the garage and give it back to them later, maybe for Christmas. I would much rather give them away, especially since I'm 99% sure family members and her godmother will be giving us brand new things for Christmas, but I obeyed him anyway.


On Wednesday of last week my children and I went for a walk around the block and when we were almost home, we saw that a neighbor had put her armchair out on her lawn. I wondered if she was giving it away so we went to look at it and it said

"Good Condition

For Sale"

After talking to the neighbor I decided to buy it with this month's money that my husband gave me. It was incredibly hard to fit it through my daughters' bedroom doorway - I think the neighbors had it in their living room where the only door it would have to go through is the front door - but my daughter and oldest son figured it out. The one friend who has seen it likes it, and I like it because it's big enough for me to sit with my 3-year-old daughter and read to her, but when my mother-in-law saw it she wondered why I hadn't bought a bed for my 3-year-old daughter. I told her this is what the neighbors had out for sale, so this is what I bought. I will need to remember to look out for a toddler bed though because she's right. I had my 8-year-old daughter promise that she would do 3 things because I gave her that chair: clean her room, do her chore chart, and have a good attitude - every day.


It finally started to rain today. I haven't watered the plants outside very much because sometimes rain is predicted, or I forget, or I don't want to use too much water - water is actually rationed here, as in we're told to only water the plants on Thursdays. So it's a relief to me that the plants are being rained on tonight and will hopefully get more rain in the days to come.


My 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son had their piano lessons on my daughter's keyboard this morning. Our friends (different friends than the one who saw the chair) have a son who has class at a community college somewhat near us on Friday mornings, so their mother, my friend, and I agreed that they would drop him off, come here so her slightly younger teenage daughter can teach my daughter and son, then pick up their son and go back home - about an hour away. It seems to be working out well for both of us. I'm happy with M.'s teaching and patience, anyway, and my friend and I enjoy talking to her when she can spare a few minutes from homeschooling her other children in the car. Today she gave me two oils to pour a few drops in a hot shower and breathe in the steam so that my daughter and I can feel better; I've been coughing for at least two weeks.


Have a great weekend, and God bless you!

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Oh, no worries! I was posting here anyway because it helps me stay focused. 


Today my plans sort of went out the window because a letter arrived inthe mail from the Phillipines with our address but someone else's names. I did a google search and a Facebook page for a business owned by a woman in my city with the same name. I messaged her and left my number and she called back a few hours later, it is her letter! her husband is picking it up tonight. Hopefully their family members are safe and the letter contains nothing but good news for them.


It was bound to not be a productive day anyway, Stephanie stayed up until 1AM and was awake a few times during the night and up for 7:30AM...oh, and she took a 20 minute nap, so she's been a Grumpy Gus most of the day. I've jsut been babying her... well, she IS a baby! The big kids are visiting their birth dad this weekend, so hopefully I can catch up while they're gone. We usually try to do something fun without them, to keep my mind occupied, otherwise I worry.

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Hi ladies.

Ah so glad it's the weekend! It's nice to have my husband home. To have another adult and extra help with the kids.

I am feeling ready to explode. My son (5 months) does have a cough and is teething, has forgotten how to sleep at night. I am up with him every hour. My daughter (2.5) gives my such a hard time about using the potty. She wants daddy to do it she says. So annoying! She has become a daddy's girl for sure since the baby was born. It's good in some ways but annoying in others!

My son is getting baptized next weekend. I just ordered a cake. I wanted to make it but after giving it a lot of thought I just don't have the time. Plus the day before we are entertaining some family who are traveling for the event. I do want to make a few quick breads this weekend for the brunch we are hosting after the baptism.

I am just tired and cranky.
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Yup baby is definitely sick. He is coughing up green mucous. Ah man..
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I am sorry to hear that your baby is sick, and I will pray for him to get better and for you to get more sleep!


My 3-year-old daughter is very willful too, which I suppose is good because it helps her develop but she won't listen when I want her to let me do things and she insists on doing them, like wiping her bottom instead of wasting 1/3 package of wipes or taking out the flash cards instead of spilling them. Grr!

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Oh, goodness! I made THE BEST breakfast this morning. It's a baked oatmeal that you make up and let sit in the fridge overnight and bake in the morning. It was FABULOUS!! It has a slightly custardy, mapley, spicy taste that's seriously so, so good. 


lovemylab, I'm sorry your baby is sick :Hug That's never fun. I hope the rest of your week goes smoothly. 


My daughter is also strong-willed. The other day, Daddy was making her some toast, and she said "MAMA!!! Daddy doesn't do it right!!" She's still using 2 and 3 word sentences most of the time, so that little adult phrase was hilarious (and frustrating). 


I have an appointment today, so my grandmother is going to watch DD. We're hitting potty training hard this week, so I hope it goes ok. We had a park trip and a trip to the store yesterday, and she didn't have any accidents :thumb 


What are everyone's plans for Thanksgiving? This is my first year with a big enough dining room to host, so it's here!! I'm nervous to say the least, but I know I'm a good cook and that the food will be good.

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That oatmeal sounds awesome. 


Stephanie has been extra snuggly since Saturday. I took the big kids to the ferry to visit their birth dad and she stayed at home with my husband. They slept in but then it was still a few hours before I met up with them (it's 2 1/2 hours each way, plus a 45 minute wait at the terminal) My husband had played with her to whole time and then taken her to see his Grandpa, she was asking about me but dodn't seem upset. I don't know if she's needing extra attention because of that or if its a milestone she'd be hitting anyway. She has been waking up in the night and talking my ear off for up to two hours lately, her sleep is all out of whack. And I think she's hit a growth spurt. Anyway, I'm not getting work done because we're being snuggly so much. All I did yesterday was dishes, a load of laundry and made pancakes for the kids after school snack, My son was like "THANK YOU!" when he walked in because it was a cold, wet walk home rom school.


Today we'll see how things go wtih Stephanie. I do need to do a more thorough cleaning of the kitchen, the hamper is full and the garbage needs to go out to the lane way.


I'm in Canada so we already had our Thankssgiving. We went to my parents cabina nd celebrated there with them. Aaaaand Stephanie is awake and wondering where I went...

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Today I think we will all do some relaxing. Like hate to admit it but I have resorted to tv this morning. Both kids have colds and I am so tired from the last few weeks of no sleep. I feel like I am suffercating in all the chores that should be getting done, I could just curl in a ball and cry.
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lovemylab~ it's okay, TV is good medicine for sick kids in my opinion. What they need is rest and anything that helps them get it is fine. It sounds like you really need a break. The chores will get done, it's just really hard with little ones to make it all happen. Once the little guy is old enough to really get around and play with his sister, you will have more time where you can get something done. When they are 2 and 4 they will keep each other busy for an hour at a time. I think we forget sometimes just how much work we are doing raising our kids. I mean,we know it's a lot of work but it's more than even we think. My mom, every time after she babysits a little one says "Wow. you really forget what it's like... you just don't get to ever stop, do you?" 

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