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I'm happy that your mother is able to visit! I've seen my mother an average of once a year since we moved half the country away.


My Christmas cards might turn out to be Epiphany cards (January 6, when we celebrate the wise men visiting Our Lord Jesus Christ). We ordered them late, they came in the mail last week, and I haven't had time to write in them yet because we've been so busy buying our new house.


Yesterday I used the central vacuum (yay) to vacuum the upstairs and downstairs carpets in the new house. What a workout! We have wood and tile floors in the house we're in now so I'm used to sweeping. Today I moved the fridge from the laundry room downstairs to outside the garage to air out because it's moldy and so that we can clean it out there.

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Our house guests left yesterday. It was a good visit, a lot less crazy than I was expecting. Christmas was great, too. Today I am hoping wejust have a relaxing day and I'm putting the house back in order bit by bit. I think I will open my new coffee maker and set it up FIRST. 

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The big kids are back at school so we're focusing on getting back into our routine this week. Hopefully Stephanie resumes napping at a normal time. She has been trying to stay wake until 5 or 6 and then crashing for a super late nap, then staying up until 1 or 2. Last night she was asleep by 10:30! I'm hoping for a little earlier tonight, with a little half-hour tune up sleep pretty soon here. Hopefully she wakes up when she hears the big kids get home.


So far today I've cleaned the kitchen and did a craft wtih Stephanie, then gave her a bath. I did some journalling and made rice for lunch too. We are sorting her toys but Stephanie thinks we're playing with them so it's slow going. She is addicted to Christmas songs, so I went on itunes and got her a new sesame street album to distract her from holiday music.

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I think we're on the right track! Stephanie slept from 10:30 last night until 7:30 this morning, and I think she'll take a nap today. It's Roland's birthday, he's 12 years old, so we are going to be baking a cake for him soon. I meant to pick up some M&M's to decorate with when I was at the store yesterday but forgot, so we've got a little walk to go on, too. Maybe I'll let Stephanie ride her trike, she's figured out how to pedal already! 


Caitlin had a friend over last night that I was dreading the visit. It's a girl who recently came back to Caitlin's school who used to live across the street from us. She is fine, but her mom is one of those people that you have tos et clear boundaries with, or she will walk all over you. We met when the girls were in kindergarten and she needed someone to bring her daughter home after kindergarten one or two days a week... within a few weeks she was calling me int he morning to pick the girl up a few days a week, I was walking her home every day, she'd asked me to keep an eye on her older daughter coming home at 3PM, and she had started asking if I had random grocery items on hand! Because we were neighbours she could see if our car was there, and she would call over and over if I didn't answer the phone (which I don't while we're eating supper, etc)

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We are looking at 3 places in the next 2 days, and we looked at a plpace on Saturday already that we should hear back about this week. Our basement flooded over the weekend (nothing was ruined, we keep stuff off the floor down there) so we've kicked it into high gear. Hopefully really soon we'll be moving to a place where things don't break every month. Two of the places we'll be looking at my daughter would have to change schools but my son won't, the other two neither of them will need to change schools. Anyway, setting up appointments is how I've spent a bunch of time today. Other than that I've just done laundry and poked around the kitchen a bit... it's still a disaster. The girls made peanut butter M&M cookies last night so the sink is full of cookie sheets and there are bowls to wash. I should jsut get on that it'll probably be done in 10 minutes, my motivation is just so low today. We got a late start because Stephanie is still trying really hard to be nocturnal... we were up late and she slept in. My sinuses have been bugging me, so I stayed in bed with her and did some reading until she woke up. 

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new year routine starting up here.... trying to figure out which weekday daytime activities to do with baby while boys are in school.  Mondays is an english-speaking mom group I started myself so I must go, in the mornings is a baby mommy toning class at the gym I belong to, as on wednesday mornings, and there is a nearby place offering a similar exercise class thusday mornings too, plus wednesday morning baby music class which my best friend goes to so I'd love an excuse to see her once a week at minimum, then I have a tuesday late morning coffee circle with other baby(mom pairs that live local to my neighborhood which is nice and lets me practice the local language.  So there's quite a few, I'm wondering if it's too full, my week.....

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Today I went threw dd clothes and had her try on some last year summer stuff and packed away things that are too small for this summer and some winter stuff that was getting too small. That took way longer then I thought it would! But now we know what she will need for next season. Plus in a few weeks she will have a birthday so if anyone asks I know what she needs. I need to do the same with ds.... He is crazy 7 months old and in 3t and even some of his 3t pants are tight in his thighs..... The rest of the day will go something like this: naps, snack, playtime, dinner, play then bed.
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Clothes sorting is a lot of work, but it's nice to get the extra space in their drawers and you won't have the frustration of realizing something is too small after getting her dressed... for a while.


We are working on a craft project today, and I'm going to make ham soup later. We'll probably have a movie night tonight. We're looking at a few more rentals this weekend. We have a place if we want it, but we are both getting gut feelings that we'll regret it later on. It's a perfect space for us, a great lay out and the kids wouldn't change schools... but they are asking a bit too much, the people downstairs are smokers (outside only, supposedly, but it would come in) and someone was banging on their ceiling while we viewed the place! 


This kid needs a bath! It's amazing how dirty she gets these days!

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We ended up making a batch of cookies this afternoon and dh surprised is coming home early!

Ah the weekend it's always nice having and extra set of hands!
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I was absent from this thread for a while. Been dealing with sick 2 y/o who is now better. Last day of antibiotics.

Hopefully this is the last of the sickness. I am tired of it.


Ladies, talk to me about kitchen counters. Why, why, does everyone always have to pile everything on the counters?

Its driving me INSANE.

Also, I am tired of laundry, and folding. Its the one chore I despise doing but keeps piling up.


Mummoth - You mention you walk everywhere before. Is it easy to walk where you live?

I walk 1 mile to my oldest son school bus everyday. We have great sidewalks, until we have to walk over the canal. The canal's sidewalk is so close to the major road we fly through there. Lol


Anyways. I was curious about your sidewalks. Random, I know. haha

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Originally Posted by EuroMama View Post

I was absent from this thread for a while. Been dealing with sick 2 y/o who is now better. Last day of antibiotics.
Hopefully this is the last of the sickness. I am tired of it.

Ladies, talk to me about kitchen counters. Why, why, does everyone always have to pile everything on the counters?
Its driving me INSANE.

Boy I totally know what you are saying! We don't have a mudroom, you walk right into the kitchen. So gloves, hats the mail oh and lunch boxes all get piled in. Drives me crazy. I have had moments of just taking my arm and clearing the clutter.... But then I have a mess on the floor. Gurr.

Hope the little one feels better.
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If I find it on the counter/kitchen table/floor too many times it goes in the garbage. End of story. One thing that helps them remember not to leave their stuff around is to make them come pick up after themselves, and only remember to ask them to pick up ONE thing at a time,s o I need to interrupt them multiple times, preferably when a t.v show is on or they are haivng their computer time. 


There are lots of side streets where I live. Usually you don't ahve to go along the main road, there will be a laneway parralel to the big street. I don't like waslking down big roads, either. I use google maps to plan my route a lot. Once you are familiar with a neighbourhood you know where all the cut-throughs take you to (they are sometimes hard to see on a map because its just a sidewalk between two houses and they are often lined with bushes) Some of the very busy roads have a walking bridge over them, mostly where kids might have to cross on their way to school, but we don't go over one on any of our walks. The places we walk to are 1.5 to 2.5KM away, there's a hill one way, but not too steep.

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Yesterday I just took everyones crap and piled it onto their dressers. Lol

Today My oldest son is getting honor roll, actually this morning. Why do I always feel so chaotic when we need to leave the house. Doesn't help that i only got 3 hours of sleep because I couldn't sleep. Yawn.

What is everyones plan today? When we get back from school, I need to vacuum, and do dishes, take a nap and then walk to pick oldest from bus.
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Cleaned up the first floor a bit.... Still need to wash diapers and tighty the upstairs a bit.
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Today I did some crafts with Stephanie in the morning, she glued some puffs to paper to make a sheep. Then I started washing the floor but ripped my finger open on a nail that wasn't all the way in on the baseboard, so I don't wnat my hands wet for a while. I got Stephanie down for a nap on time and I'm about to lay back down with her with my coffee and book. We're having sausages, potatoes and carrots for supper. I was supposed to mail out some cards today but it's looking like that will have to wait until tomorrow. Caitlin was late to school this morning because she has a cold... I wanted to stay close because I thought she might call to come back home. Other than that, I spent some time looking for my marriage license today, I need it to change my name on my Visa, which I've been putting off for a few years now. I took the picture down of the kids with Santa and gathered up the few place mats that got missed when we put everything away, to go into the trunk. I love the Santa pictures, I almost don't want to put them away yet.

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I'm sorry you ripped your finger open!


I still have Christmas cards up from 2012. We didn't get nearly as many in 2013 for some reason, so if I put those up I'll wait to do it in our new house next month, or just wait until Christmas 2014. I put the Christmas decorations away.


My husband and I went to the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami Beach this past weekend. http://btcmiami.com I sold magazines at the Bitcoin Magazine table and I would have heard Jason King speak but he wasn't there when it was time for his speech. He named Sean's Outpost after a friend of his who died, and that is the name of his program in which he uses bitcoin donations to buy food to feed homeless people in Pensacola, FL. The other speech I went to was by Elizabeth Ploshay, who works with me on Bitcoin Magazine. My husband's parents watched our children while we were gone. I could've done without the loud booming music almost everywhere we went in Miami Beach but boy was it great to be around adults all weekend!


My husband started working on taxes this week. What a headache! I'm so glad I don't earn enough money to have to pay taxes and I don't have to be involved very much in that process.


My younger three children finished their chore charts in the last week. I hope my oldest will improve her attitude and get motivated so she can join them; chore charts include schoolwork and she needs to do more than just read and play.


My exercise bike sounds like a frog. I sprayed it with WD-40 on Tuesday night because it was squeaking (high pitch) and croaking, and rode it last night. When I rode it for about 5 minutes tonight, it started to sound like a frog again so now that our guest is gone and I can get to the WD-40 I will spray it again. I found out that the exercise bike I bought at a yard sale last November, the VitaMaster Air Waves, is made by a brand that doesn't exist anymore so if it breaks I can't get parts. I hope it lasts a while longer though because it was only $10 and it works both my arms and my legs.


This month I turned 29. I like that I'm still under 30 and I can still feel sort of young.


I hope you all have a great last day of January!

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Today is going to be a long one... my husband won't be home until after the kids are in bed. I don't know what I'll get up to today, there's some unfolded laundry to do. The couches need to be wiped down. The bathroom needs to be cleaned. That's probably enough for a day when I'm not getting any help later.


We've put our moving plans on hold, we need to get an RRSP to push us into a lower tax bracket. Last year my husband was into a higher one by $150. so I got $6200. less on tax benefits that come throughout the year. We don't want that to happen again!

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I did laundry (still need to fold.) I wiped down cupboards, I vacuumed, mopped, dishes washed (not put away.)

Something scary, my ex-coworker who lives in the area I have to pick Michael up from of the bus, her husband was almost robbed the other day.

I know this can happen everywhere, but it leaves me with this uneasy feeling. I carry pepper spray with me, and I dare anyone try to hurt my kids & I.

Dutch Fu Panda will kick some major ass. ;-)

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On Tuesday we took our 4-year-old son to the doctor while my husband's dad watched our other three at our new house. A nurse practitioner (?) diagnosed scabies, so on Wednesday I picked up prescription lotion for all of us and last night my 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter and I went to Walmart to buy mattress covers. They are Mainstays, which I believe is a Walmart brand, and both of the protectors I put on my sons' beds ripped already. They were small so I used packing tape to try to seal them and of course zipped them shut. I'm not happy about them ripping but I was covering them all by myself; hopefully my husband will help me with the other beds when he wakes up. I didn't see any alternative brands at the store that might be of better quality - just Mainstays.


I need to wash all of my sons' clothes (hopefully not all of our clothes, that would take hours upon hours) and I'm not sure if I need to do that now, or wait to start until tonight when we all put lotion on, so I am waiting until my husband wakes up to find out.


The tile and carpet company has been putting floors down in our new house this week. I don't have an update from yesterday or today, but I'm guessing that they're all done in my children's bedroom that will be split up for the boys and girls, and the laundry room, maybe my and my husband's room, and possibly the hallway. When I was there yesterday they were starting with the laminate upstairs in my husband's office. I don't know when the carpet will arrive for the living room, upstairs hallway, and guest bedroom upstairs. So far I've carried four boxes of books in (the bookshelves that came with the house are not ready yet, away from the wall in my bedroom until the floor is done and can hold their weight), some food in the pantry in the kitchen, sets of dishes we're not using because they're only for grown-ups (breakable) that Mom gave me, and a few other things in kitchen and garage. I'm excited for when the floors will be done and I can pack up, unload, and put away more. It certainly gave me something to do on these rainy days when I don't have as much energy or motivation as on sunny days, at least until E.'s scabies was diagnosed.

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Ugh that sounds like a lot of work! The kids got lice a few years ago and it took 3 treatments to finally get rid of them, and I don't even know how many loads of laundry.


We had Family Day on Monday, so it's a short work week. Stephanie is hard-core teething and I think having a growth spurt because she's drooling up a storm, eating like crazy and her sleep is all out of whack. Yesterday she napped from 8PM until 9:15 and then was up until near 3AM. I am exhausted! I woke yup at 5:30 when my husband went to work, 8AM to get the kids off to school. I went back to bed in the hopes of getting more sleep, but then the phone rang 4 times between 9 and 10:30 when Stephanie woke up. During the little bit of sleep I did manange to get, I dreamt that my husband came home and woke me up... restful!


One of the phone calls was that Caitlin forgot her speech, could I bring it to school for her? And another other one was Roland's principal calling to say they are cracking down on him today until he completes his speech. He doesn't get nut break or lunch (he can eat, just not play) and they are prepared to keep him until 4:30 if I agree (I do) So hopefully he gets with the program and does his work. Stephanie and I had breakfast and then went to the store and bought Doritos for Caitlin, and brought them and her speech to school for her. She cranked out her speech with about an hour of work, it's 2 1/2 minutes long and she thinks she's going to get picked to represent her class and do her speech in front of the whole school! Her topic is "My Baby Sister" and it's pretty funny.


I think the only work I'm going to do today is clean th kitchen and make supper, maybe one load of laundry. I don't have energy for much more, especially considering we're probably going to be dealing with a very grumpy boy tonight. I have a much harder time keeping my cool when I am tired, and if he's going to be in button-pushing mode, I want to be ready for that. Supper is going to be a big pot of rice with veggies and pork mixed in... I tend to think everyone will balk at that kind of meal, but then they chow down. I hated that kind of thing when I was a kid... but maybe that had soemthing to do with my dad, who called it "Dog food!" He meant to be funny, but I always wondered if there actually was dog food in there and had to gag it down.

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