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Thank you.  I know.  I've not had hypermesis but I can't imagine dealling with that on top of the depression and everything else.    I have to wonder how much of the physical symptoms are effecting the mood and emotions.


DanDMommy--- good ideas.  I will suggest that.  If nothing else, I can do the prayer myself.

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Hyperemisis is miserable! The poor woman.


Zofran is a very safe medication, in fact much safer than continued vomiting or avoiding food or dehydrating continually. It allows the mother to continue eating and remain hydrated, which is much safer for the baby than the nausea and vomiting.  I would support her as you can, without giving advice, and if she didn't ask for herbal suggestions, support her in taking the Zofran. I had hyperemeis during my last pregnancy, due to chronic migraine,  and none of the herbal or homeopathic remedies worked. I dreaded moving, especially if I was lying down, and spent much time in my first trimester lying around, only to have to go on bedrest during my second and third trimester. It was not a pleasant pregnancy by any stretch.  I had to resort to Compazine and wish I had been given Zofran (it was new then and I didn't know about it) as it doesn't cause anxiety as Compazine can. I took as little as I could to get by, but I told no one I was taking it... mainly because I didn't want any suggestions on what might be "more natural." The medication worked and I didn't have the strength to defend my choices at that point.

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Thank you.  I appreciate your response.  Actually, she seems to be better with the nausea...she's at least eating here and there.  Right now the problem seems to be more emotional.  She's still trying to determine what to do and has looked into the possibility of adoption.  All I can do is listen and pray.

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You are such a supportive friend!

I'm not sure if there is a free program for counseling from the hospital or health unit where you live? I was able to get free therapy because I was pregnant and depressed, and it helped a lot. Maybe your friend could go see a therapist as well?
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I will be honest with you, I had 3 pregnancies with hyperemesis that resulted in multiple hospital admissions for dehydration.  During the 2nd I decided it would be my last.  I would really struggle if I were to get pregnant again, so I definitely understand her situation.  I highly recommend that she seek out a therapist.  That could help her process her own feelings and help her (and her DH) to make decisions.  If she is married (and in the US), she can not give the baby up for adoption without his consent.  Most insurance companies have coverage for mental health.  If she does not have health insurance, you can look up your closest Fedreally qualified Health Center (FQHC) they are non-profit clinics that have a grant from the federal government and offer services on a sliding fee scale based on income.


I would like to point out that this is a situation where I would recommend a LICENSED therapist, not a "counselor."  

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