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just saying hi

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Hi im Megan McFarland


im the mother of 4 kids

Madison 6 yrs 

Logan 4 yrs

Lindsay 2 yrs

Hannah 1 week 

ive breastfed all my kids

i breastfed my oldest for 5 yrs, & im still currently nursing my 3 younger kids

im a passionate advocate of long term breastfeeding, attachment parenting & all thing natural mothering

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Hello and welcome!

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hey im new here and i need help well my baby is 7m0nths old and his weight is 6.8 is it n0rmal weight for his age?
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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


@Meganmomof4 Check out our Childhood and Beyond Forums, and our Breastfeeding forums!  You have so much experience to share, you will be a great addition to our community!


@Siphokarzie Hi and Welcome!  I'm not sure if that weight is normal or not, but the best person to check with would be your doctor about that.  We are just a message board, but not qualified to give medical information.  Our Baby section might give you more insight to what other members are saying though.

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