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Yes! So true! Only during the initial engorgement is it not possible to feed from both breasts without flipping you&babe to the other side. Once breasts soften, it only takes a bit of an upper body twist to nurse from the other breast, no biggie.
I'm surprised you can't sleep at the same time, ciga...the oxytocin hit knocks me out like a light and I fall asleep so fast.
It's amazing how aware of your baby you are when cosleeping but what great rest you still get.
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You must have to have decent size breasts to not have to flip over. Lol. I am barely a B now that my milk has settled. People have literally asked me how my babies are eating. Lol. My breasts are barely bigger than my prebaby size. I exclusively breast feed and have more than satisfied my children while building a freezer supply. But I definitely cannot nurse on both sides without flipping. Haha
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Mine are a large b or small c depending on the bra, before pregnancy but now they are EE but will settle to DDs in time.
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that's us in bed, tummy to tummy, side-lying nursing.  the blue pillow props her from behind and my legs have blankets and pillow between knees.

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That's how I slept much of last night. But we have to completely turn over to switch sides.
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I do, too.  Unless I'm really desperate to not switch sides (middle of the night and want to stay between babe and daddy), and in that case I'll start with the top breast with a torso swivel, and then after the first letdown (and pressure is relieved) from the top breast, I straighten out and go back to the bottom one.

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